Monday, August 9, 2010

There is Only One Mind and They Await Your Return

M: You say that I choose suffering. Why would I choose to suffer?

J: You see value in that choice, because you believe it defines you.

M: But I want to be at peace. I want to be happy.

J: Yet, you look to the world to make you “happy.” A world NOT at peace can give NO happiness, particularly when the purpose you give it is suffering. You then make compromises with suffering in order to extract some residue of what you refer to as “happiness.”

What God gives requires NO compromises for that gift to be experienced. If you see value in the world, then you value suffering in denial of God’s gift. However, just as you perceive suffering in your world, you could as easily perceive God’s gift, which is how you will know it has always been yours.

M: I’ve always had a real problem with this “God” thing. Never really was much of a believer.

J: The problem you HAVE is with the world, not God. God has NO “problem” with your world, only because God has NO problem with YOU. God knows only you and nothing of your delusions. If God does NOT believe IN it, how could it BE?

Fortunately, if the world cannot BE, then neither can suffering. A choice to suffer is a choice to believe that what has NO effect is actually a cause. You may deny this by accusing God of creating your “world,” but this belief merely prolongs suffering by your own decision, not God’s.

M: I agree the world is a place of suffering. But, I have an experience of the world and, whether it is an illusion or not, I’m willing to consider it because I experience it. However, I have no experience of God and so that seems beyond my consideration.

J: You have no experience of God because you understand God as taught by the world. If you do not love the world, how can you love its “gods”? The “gods” of the world demand suffering and sacrifice, but only because you believe this is the world’s purpose. You cannot experience both what is true AND what is false. Either you experience Truth or you experience what you make “true.” You cannot experience your world AND God. One must always cancel out the other from your mind.

M: So what other option is there? How can I experience God?

J: By believing in me.

M: But I do believe in you.

J: We have not talked for some time and this is because you doubt my validity. This dialogue does not conform to the reality you invent and so is easily negated by a mind invested in that “world.”

M: Yea, I figured that I just made this all up.

J: You HAVE made it all up.

M: What?? Then what good is that?

J: What you have yet to understand is that there is a part of YOU that realizes what I KNOW. This makes us equal. The difference is that I KNOW of us as equal and you have yet to learn.

M: I knew it! I’m fuckin’ crazy after all. So I’m just talking to myself?

J: And the entire world is a reflection of that conversation and IT too, is undeniably “crazy.” However, if you do not like what you experience, then you may wish to change the subject matter. I would suggest we continue to discuss God and from that conversation experience is assured, because belief will be strengthened.

M: So if I continue to talk to myself about God, I will experience God?

J: And change the world. But you must talk TO me. To believe in me is merely to correspond with that PART of you that is ALL of me, although I experience it as ALL OF YOU and you do NOT. I experience God, as will you when that part is KNOWN by you as I know it. The difference is that I KNOW nothing else, while you believe in many things that make no sense.

M: But I’m talking to you now and I don’t experience God.

J: You have yet to believe IN me.

M: But I thought you said I just made you up.

J: Just as you made up the world. However, if the world is NOT there, then I never existed. Nevertheless, you believe it is “there” and that I was once a part of it. Therefore, as you made the world, so have you made me. There are many parts to what is IN your mind, but YOU are the whole of it.

M: But you said there is a “part” of me that I don’t correspond with, but that you do.

J: It is the only part that is TRUE because you did NOT make it up. Nothing you have made is real and that includes your “self.” However, you do have need of me, just as you have need of a ‘world.’ Yet, your world was made to keep you IN, while you made me to guide you OUT. This is why you must believe IN me, so that you will come to believe IN yourself as containing the whole of what I AM.

You are the Christ Mind as is every mind. There are no PARTS to TRUTH

M: How can every mind be the Christ Mind, if my mind is the only mind. I thought you said the world was my invention?

J: Everything you see and hear, every “sensation” you experience, you conceive to insure your ‘world” as real so that your “self” remains intact and this part we have referred to as EGO.

Yet, neither the EGO or what it perceives is in any way truth. Therefore, it is simply NOT there.

M: But are there other minds?

J: The paradox that separate “individual” minds can never understand is that there is only ONE MIND and THEY await your return.


  1. Synchronisity just showed me: "It is all That. We know this in our language. For instance, that is a chair, that is a cup, that is John. Take the words 'chair', 'cup' and 'John' away, and what is it? It is all That. There is nothing other than That. I am That. Thou art That. That is That."
    From "What's Wrong with Right NOW unless you think about it?" by Bob Adamson

    That Werner

  2. Thanks Werner,

    It is what it is...

    and what it isn't.

  3. It is what it isn't?

  4. "It is what it isn't?"


    and what it is...