Monday, August 16, 2010

Uncontained and Unlimited Content

M: I don’t know how to help these people. What do you suggest?

J: Allow them to help YOU.

M: Unfortunately, that’s not what they come for.

J: You have no idea what they come for, nor do “they,” and when you THINK you do, you are always mistaken. Fortunately, mistakes can be corrected when they are finally SEEN for what they are.

M: So how do I allow them to help me?

J: Look for your ‘self’ in them.

M: How would that help?

J: It will aid you in seeing them as beyond a body, which will aid you in recognizing your ‘self’ as more than you THINK. This is what they come for, because this is what you seek from them and so, this is what they seek from YOU.

M: How could I communicate with someone who is NOT a body?

J: On the contrary, you have yet to communicate WITH bodies, although you believe otherwise. This is because bodies cannot communicate. True communication is formless and to communicate through form communicates nothing. Of course, you do believe you “talk” to one another. Yet, if you remain deluded then clearly, nothing of value has been communicated.

M: But how would I know who I’m talking to if there wasn’t a body to reference and to speak to?

J: There is no “who,” but YOU.

M: That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! So I should speak to people as if they were me?

J: Other than the bodies which hide them, what makes you believe “they” are NOT you? How have you determined that “you” are NOT Them?

M: They obviously think and do things differently from me.

J: Certainly, bodies can seem to do all manner of things within the limits expected and this does “appear” to demonstrate differences. Yet, when I ask that you see your ‘self,’ I pay no heed to the body.

Forms, by nature, must change. Yet, content is infinite and therefore, never changes. No matter “who” you choose to perceive as different in form, the content is always equal. This could be experienced if “who” was NO longer considered.

“They” feel what you feel, think the thoughts you think, suffer as you suffer, fear what you fear, hurt as you hurt and desire happiness the same as YOU. Time may seem to break it up into exclusive moments, each one appearing separate from another, but “time” is delusional and their delusions are yours. They perceive the world you perceive and experience the same chains for which you seek to be free. They wish for release as do YOU, because THEY are YOU.

Release them!

In a million languages YOU speak to me. Yet, you do NOT listen, because the eyes and ears demand forms be true.

Only on the level of content can freedom be experienced, because only “there” is perfect equality and NO differences. Forms change and die, but there can be NO change to content, which is infinitely eternal. This is why you cannot die.

It is content that I teach and your body has no role in that, except in attaining obsolescence.

Content does NOT come from you, while the forms you imagine “real” are solely of your mind. In your world, because forms are different, it seems there are different fears and so you believe there are different ways to love. Forms demand fear, because differences are perceived. God’s LOVE knows NO such conditions.

M: A ten-year-old boy cannot have the same feelings and thoughts as a sixty-year-old man.

J: In relation to forms, this must be true, because you cannot relate to bodies without judging differences. Only content exists as perfectly equal and, therefore, TRUE. If a sixty year old man SEES a ten yr old boy, certainly he can only experience inequality if he judges by form. If he could experience beyond what the body judges by SEEING, he would experience a content of perfect equality with NO difference whatsoever. This is what you are HERE to experience, relationships SEEN only through content. SEE your ‘self’ in another and experience the perfect equality of that content.

M: That seems impossible!

J: Only when blinded by form. Forms multiply differences through complexity. The body’s only purpose is to act as a reference point for which to look beyond to what is completely UNCONTAINED and UNLIMITED. It serves no other purpose but that.

M: It’s just that people seem so completely different from me. What about beliefs? People believe differently than me.

J: Again, in relation to form, they must. Beyond the different thoughts of fear and your numerous conditions of love, the truth resides. Beliefs taught by the world are fixated on forms and are contained and limited by form. These beliefs must be different simply because you believe in different forms that do different things and, so it seems, must think different thoughts. They must BE different because they are NOT based in TRUTH and if they are not based in truth they thrive on INEQUALITY and cannot BE at all.

Truth is the same in all situations and in all circumstances and that is its one and only condition. That which does NOT meet those conditions is simply NOT true. Nevertheless, truth is the content of every mind, contrary the forms that serve to deny this.

Seek your truth in them, because you will NEVER find it alone. This is what they come for and what you seek from them. Anything else is victim to form and only seeks to hides content, because IT is feared.


  1. Good stuff, J character in (my) mind!
    Thanks for publishing, M character in (my) mind!
    I've mostly been staying away from trying to communicate *this*, as it seems that no *body* wants to hear it.
    Now the M character has the advantage that the people who come to this site are more interested in it than the average person, so it's more likely that they really do want to hear it.
    But I'm also getting, to some extent, that what we usually call communication is not what is called for. So maybe words need not be used (unless it becomes awkward otherwise :)
    I've been happily communicating with my self in animals around me.
    They (I) like it.
    I've done it with humans as well, but maybe I've been to chicken to stick with it.
    To chicken to talk to myself, ha!

    Werner Christ

  2. "But I'm also getting, to some extent, that what we usually call communication is not what is called for. So maybe words need not be used (unless it becomes awkward otherwise :)"

    Indeed, there is always something more, or so it seems.

    "To chicken to talk to myself, ha!"

    Yea, it freaks me out too, sometimes. But I'm getting used to it.