Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Conditions of Fear

M: I feel what you teach causes me more stress. How can I ever meet the conditions you ask for?

J: I teach that it is your conditions that are cause of “stress” and all I ask is that you discard them.

M: How do I discard the conditions of life? I must eat, breathe, sleep, etc. If these conditions are not followed, I will die.

J: Truth has no conditions and requires nothing from you. Any conditions you believe necessary are entirely yours. TRUTH is of the mind and your “conditions of life” fail to alter IT in any way. It remains with you always.

However, if you believe your conditions are “true,” then clearly your “life” cannot be TRUE, because your mind was CREATED without condition. A mind conditioned on the needs of the body “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc.” However, a mind that learns that it is ORIGIN of the body eventually learns to be free of even these conditions.

This is absurd to you, because you have yet to learn this and therefore, you “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc” and have become very comfortable with doing so. These conditions do NOT concern me, nor do they concern you and for now, you must continue to compromise with TRUTH until you learn that TRUTH accepts NO compromise.

Your only task, and the reason you have called on me, is to discard the conditions born of FEAR. Until you do you will only remain victimized by your own conditions, because conditions are imposed from fear in order to LIMIT awareness. Awareness is entirely a function of mind and has nothing whatsoever to do with a body
M: So there’ll be a time when I will no longer require these conditions?

J: There can never be a “time” when this will be experienced, as long as time conditions your life. The body can never be free of time, because it adheres completely to those conditions. However, the mind IS always free and need not be chained to the conditions of time, but only when freed from the conditions of a body. However, your mind can never understand this as long as ALL thoughts are determined by fear. NOT one thought of your “self” is free of fear.

This is why you have always found my teachings preposterous, because NOT one thought you have is free or capable of FREEING you. A mind conditioned by a body in time must fear its own thoughts.

My thoughts are yours, but you are very frightened of what WE think. Yet, this is dissolving and awareness can only expand as fear recedes. Expanded awareness accelerates learning, because what I teach abolishes fear.

M: So I need to be completely free of all fear first.

J: In a world conditioned by TIME, there must be a “first” in order to realize a “second” and then a “third,” so that you can proceed further along the path of learning. This is also a condition you have imposed, but I’m quite willing to work with YOUR delusions for the sake of dissolving fear. Therefore, you are correct in that “first” you must be free of fear in order to learn effectively.

You have NO comprehension of a mind completely free of fear, because everything you comprehend is a product of FEAR. Your ideas of freedom are limited to your preoccupation with the body. How can a mind steeped in fear and preoccupied by a body have even the slightest understanding of FREEDOM?

I would suggest that you NOT seek to dissolve the conditions you demand to experience your ‘self.’ However, you may wish to identify the conditions you impose on others, since it is this, that has determined your own victimization from FEAR.

Recognize that any attempt to control your “reality” is an attempt born of fear. Allow TRUTH to be itself and do NOT interfere or impose upon that infinite purity.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Surrender Your Future And Be Free of the Past

M: Some days all I want to do is drink myself into a stupor. I don’t want to participate in anything and I just want to be numb to it all. I often feel very tired of everything.

J: Indeed, your world IS “very tired.” It has NOT, and it NEVER will, sustain you. Why seek anything more from it?

M: So I should just end it all?

J: Your world fails to sustain simply because it teaches that everything must “end” and beyond ALL else, this is what your FUTURE holds. Seeking to free yourself from the world’s suffering, through what the world teaches, merely prolongs your victimization and does not “end it.” I teach that you have no end. Learn this and be SUSTAINED. Death is nonsense, because it makes NO sense to God.

It would be better if you “end” reliance on what your world teaches, by realizing it has nothing more to offer you. 

M: So I should end my reliance on breathing, since living in this world requires that?

J: Not if doing so will result in your END. And this you DO believe.

Your egocentric mind is ingenious in its levels of “knowledge,” which only manufacture greater degrees of ignorance. Your world teaches that you must start from the bottom and work up to ever more complex “knowledge.” It demands that you first understand that you are a body that MUST eventually end. All subsequent “knowledge” is contingent on knowing this as FACT.

I teach that you start from the top and work downward. You must first understand that you are NOT a body and, therefore, you do not end. All subsequent learning is fundamental to this being understood as FACT and all complexity is easily dissolved as meaningless. Your complex levels of “knowledge” teach only chaos. What I teach is TRUTH. It has no levels of complexity.

Until it is understood, you will continue to remain victim to a chaotic world that demands your body suffer as a result of its eventual “end.” You are NOT tired of your world, but you are very tired of the suffering you believe your world demands of you.

M: So if I don’t die, what do I then become after the body ends.

J: You become nothing more than what you are NOW, which is everything. However, you KNOW nothing of NOW, because you have hidden yourself in a body and so, believe in limits. NOW has no limitations subject to past or future. Yet, if you believe in limits, then all KNOWLEDGE must be limited by your own choice. The decision is yours.

M: I’m so sick of this “present moment” and “letting go of the past” bullshit. Sorry, but I heard it all before.

J: Which demonstrates your investment in the what came “before.” Yet, it is not the past that troubles you, but the FUTURE. Your investment in a future has chained you to the past. Both MUST only deny what is available NOW.

M: So I should have nothing to look forward to?

J: Everything that you could look “forward to” only moves you further backward, because you know nothing except the past.

M: So I should have no goals?

J: What goals could you have that do NOT rely on a future? All knowledge in your world is contingent on what was “known” before and this you call “progress.” You believe this self-evident and in “time” it MUST be. But only IF you are in time. IF you are NOT, then nothing YOU have learned can save you. Therefore, your progress takes you NOWHERE and you have NOTHING.

M: But, we have made progress. We’re a technologically advanced civilization!

J: Relying on “progress” demands you be victim to TIME. Do you NOT find it interesting that the objects you perceive as “advanced,” have done nothing to diminish your fear of DEATH. If this is the case, then obviously, “technology” will NOT end your suffering, and may even destroy you, but only because YOU believe in death. This you fail to see in your fixation with objects. Yet, in your fixation, this is what you suffer through.

Do NOT rely on what the mind APPEARS to perceive, but rely only on the mind itself. This is where we meet and this is where our joint effort will change perception for ALL eternity. Of yourself, you will only fixate on the objects you invent to keep you locked in time through your fear of death.

Leave the future to me and be free of your past.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hiding in a World of Bodies

M: I sense that I’m not asking the right questions.

J: You are careful that little of your ‘self’ is revealed. You are still victim to your world and your world is based entirely on guilt and punishment. You wish to remain innocent and so you are cautious to avoid incriminating information. You even seek to keep it from me. Nevertheless, I KNOW you without it and, therefore, it simply does NOT matter. It has never mattered. I know your innocence is infinite. You have yet to experience this.

M: I know I’m not innocent. I just don’t feel that airing my dirty laundry would be helpful.

J: The world IS your “dirty laundry.” Yet, this does not alter your INNOCENCE in any way. Innocence transcends ALL your delusions of guilt. However, since it matters to you, you MUST indict yourself guilty and suffer from the punishment guilt demands. In your world, “sin” must always suffer punishment and until you are completely innocent, you will DEMAND punishment in some form. Look at your world and SEE the many forms of punishment your world suffers through. This is your choice NOT God’s. God does NOT create from guilt, but you demand it.

I know you are innocent, because I KNOW God. YOU have yet to learn.

M: So I should reveal my past baggage to the world?

J: Do NOT be deluded into believing that anything in your world is NOW. The world you look at IS your past and its ONLY purpose is to demonstrate to you what you believe “true.” To believe in your world is to sacrifice the TRUTH of who you ARE, by substituting what you could never BE.

You were NOT Created to be contained in a past that chains you to a future. You have conjured it ALL up out of NOTHING to hide from what you ARE… which is EVERYTHING. You made the world a place to hide yourself from Truth. KNOW it as nothing more than that and finally stand revealed to yourself.

M: What would I see?

J: Nothing imaginable through concepts made to veil TRUTH and teach guilt instead. Do not use the mind to hide in your secret world of bodies. God does NOT know of it.

What you fear to reveal to yourself only serves to hide what you ARE in Truth. Look closely at the “dark shadows” that your world reveals to you and that you condemn the world for making “real.” There is nothing there. The world makes nothing. Know that you are CAUSE and brush it aside as you would an annoying mosquito. You have the God given power to awaken from your dream and KNOW the truth. The world cannot affect you when you realize you are cause. So, brush it all away and realize nothing is there.

M: I don’t cause wars.

J: Make no mistake, a mind NOT in perfect peace MUST be at war. It is futile to remove yourself from what the world shows you in order to maintain an innocence the world will never allow you, simply because you have NOT given it that function. The guilty of your world are YOU and if you believe in guilt, then it will be “there” before your SEE it. Look for it no more and you will NOT see it. THINK it gone…and it is. It was never there to begin with.

M: So all I need do is not see guilt in the world in order to dissolve guilt in myself?

J: Although it seems others merit condemnation, it is always YOU who stand condemned. Their guilt is YOURS or you would NOT see it. Do not become fixated on the innumerable forms through which the guilty are punished. You have constructed a complex labyrinth of dark alleys and passageways to hide IN. You believe yourself so well hidden that NOT even God could find YOU. Yet, God SEES past ALL that you have made to what you were Created to BE. God SEES only infinite innocence. This is what YOU were Created FROM.

Think away guilt from your world and SEE yourself as God sees YOU.