Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Conditions of Fear

M: I feel what you teach causes me more stress. How can I ever meet the conditions you ask for?

J: I teach that it is your conditions that are cause of “stress” and all I ask is that you discard them.

M: How do I discard the conditions of life? I must eat, breathe, sleep, etc. If these conditions are not followed, I will die.

J: Truth has no conditions and requires nothing from you. Any conditions you believe necessary are entirely yours. TRUTH is of the mind and your “conditions of life” fail to alter IT in any way. It remains with you always.

However, if you believe your conditions are “true,” then clearly your “life” cannot be TRUE, because your mind was CREATED without condition. A mind conditioned on the needs of the body “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc.” However, a mind that learns that it is ORIGIN of the body eventually learns to be free of even these conditions.

This is absurd to you, because you have yet to learn this and therefore, you “must eat, breathe, sleep, etc” and have become very comfortable with doing so. These conditions do NOT concern me, nor do they concern you and for now, you must continue to compromise with TRUTH until you learn that TRUTH accepts NO compromise.

Your only task, and the reason you have called on me, is to discard the conditions born of FEAR. Until you do you will only remain victimized by your own conditions, because conditions are imposed from fear in order to LIMIT awareness. Awareness is entirely a function of mind and has nothing whatsoever to do with a body
M: So there’ll be a time when I will no longer require these conditions?

J: There can never be a “time” when this will be experienced, as long as time conditions your life. The body can never be free of time, because it adheres completely to those conditions. However, the mind IS always free and need not be chained to the conditions of time, but only when freed from the conditions of a body. However, your mind can never understand this as long as ALL thoughts are determined by fear. NOT one thought of your “self” is free of fear.

This is why you have always found my teachings preposterous, because NOT one thought you have is free or capable of FREEING you. A mind conditioned by a body in time must fear its own thoughts.

My thoughts are yours, but you are very frightened of what WE think. Yet, this is dissolving and awareness can only expand as fear recedes. Expanded awareness accelerates learning, because what I teach abolishes fear.

M: So I need to be completely free of all fear first.

J: In a world conditioned by TIME, there must be a “first” in order to realize a “second” and then a “third,” so that you can proceed further along the path of learning. This is also a condition you have imposed, but I’m quite willing to work with YOUR delusions for the sake of dissolving fear. Therefore, you are correct in that “first” you must be free of fear in order to learn effectively.

You have NO comprehension of a mind completely free of fear, because everything you comprehend is a product of FEAR. Your ideas of freedom are limited to your preoccupation with the body. How can a mind steeped in fear and preoccupied by a body have even the slightest understanding of FREEDOM?

I would suggest that you NOT seek to dissolve the conditions you demand to experience your ‘self.’ However, you may wish to identify the conditions you impose on others, since it is this, that has determined your own victimization from FEAR.

Recognize that any attempt to control your “reality” is an attempt born of fear. Allow TRUTH to be itself and do NOT interfere or impose upon that infinite purity.


  1. Fear is my guide. How do I give up the only signpost I have ever known. If I am truly choiceless, am I doomed to fear. What is the trick to letting go? Hah. I so badly want to let go... but maybe I really do not. Maybe what is more true is that I want to be God, and control so that I do not fear. That way I can be Michael and control fear. Nothing need change, except I dominate in life.

    What a joke life can be. Frustrating work, this letting go stuff.

    Much thanks.

  2. "What a joke life can be. Frustrating work, this letting go stuff."

    Indeed, Michael.

    It's like an infinite game...