Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Purpose of YOUR World

M: You keep saying that I made the world. But how can that be when the world does not conform to what I want.

J: Do you KNOW what you want?

M: Sure. I want happiness.

J: If “happiness” is ALL you have wanted, then I assure you, your world would conform. Yet, if your “happiness” is delusional, then this will be reflected back to YOU, because you have extended it into the world and “there” is where you seek to achieve it. Make NO mistake, what YOU seek, the world must always provide. This is the ONLY purpose you have given it.

The world moves from one goal to the next, seeking salvation through what it possesses and accumulates, not what it shares. When possession is obstructed, “happiness” is replaced by depression and discouragement. You feel deprived and the world gives you limit and loss. You feel anger and the world shows you war. You experience guilt and the world demands punishment. You feel alone and the world is indifferent. You fear death and the world proves that you MUST die.

When you seek ONLY joy, the world must give this because you have allowed it that purpose. Yet, this has never been ALL that you seek and so, it is never all you receive.

You wish to be free of the world. I am teaching you to be free of your PURPOSE for the world. It will naturally follow YOU in its desire to be free. When Joy is ALL that you want, then by God, you shall have it, because it has already been given. Until then you will experience chaos and fear, but only because this is what your mind embraces. What you grab hold of as “truth,” will not leave you until the MOMENT you open your fist and let it go. Cling no more to the purpose you give to the world and the world will no longer cling to your suffering.

M: So you’re saying I don’t know how to be happy.

J: How could you, if you seek that purpose from the world? YOU have made a “world” that is cause of nothing, but has the ability to be origin of ONLY joy… if you so ordain it as TRUTH.

Yet, your world can NEVER make you happy, because this is NOT the purpose you give it. Its purpose is simply to deny you are cause and, therefore, this is the effect you seek, and always find.

M: So if I want world peace tomorrow, I can have it?

J: Instantly! In the blink of an eye. Whatever you want, and want completely, is yours for the asking. But it must be given completely to be received completely. You must want it completely and with NO doubt that both you and your world are worthy to have it. If you look to the world to teach what you want, you will want what you gave the world, which is incompletion and chaos.

The world KNOWS nothing completely. It is made up of parts, which are idolized as if they were the whole. It holds the function of salvation, but without the knowledge to save. Why do you deny it this KNOWLEDGE? Nothing in your world can save you because nothing in your world is saved and this is the purpose you have ascribed to it. Only when you extend salvation TO IT, will you be saved BY IT, simply because you GAVE IT that ONLY purpose. There are NO levels or degrees to TRUTH. It either is or is NOT.

M: So it’s just up to me. I’m the one who has to save the world in order to save myself.

J: Recognize that YOUR distinctions are delusional. There is NO “world,” nor is there a “you” IN IT. Making such distinctions is cause of your suffering. Yet, since the distinction is delusional, so is the suffering that attends it. Delusion, by its very nature, can easily disappear, simply because it was never “there” to begin with.

As long as YOU see salvation as separate from the world, will the world need salvation in order to save YOU. There is NO division, except in perception and perception was made to divide.

M: It’s egotistical to consider myself as some sort of “savior.” In fact, it borders on insanity!

J: It is the delusion of a separate ego that normalizes an insane world and finds what I teach preposterous. Yet an ego is what you THINK you are, but NOT what you ARE CREATED TO BE. A self separated from its world is useless and this is what you believe of your “self” and your erratic moods attest to this deep sense of inadequacy.

There is only ONE MIND and that mind has NO knowledge of an inadequate self. That mind is NOT delusional and, I assure you, YOU ARE that mind. Although you THINK you are confused and change your mind often, God’s thoughts ABOUT YOU are changeless.

M: What about other people or other minds?

J: You are NEVER alone and you cannot reach HEAVEN alone, but you can live in HELL by believing you CAN. Yet, neither do “they” understand what they ARE and so, they only support YOUR delusion as YOU support theirs.

I speak with you as I speak with them. Because I speak to only ONE MIND. There can only ever be ONE CHRIST.

M: I don’t experience the world as joined with myself. I experience it as separate from me. So how can I believe what you teach if I can’t experience it?

J: Belief ALWAYS precedes experience and what you believe is ALWAYS what you experience. A fallacy of reason believes that experience determines belief. ALL your suffering is hinged on this one central fallacy. But it is a mistake that can be corrected.

Your world persistently lies to you, yet you persist in seeking joy from IT by allowing it the capacity to deceive YOU. When will you learn the futility of this endeavor? When will you recognize that your exhaustion is a product of this seeking with no end? When will you SEE that the world has not the capacity to sustain you? And when will you give it that purpose?

I teach that ONLY God’s joy can sustain you and change your world forever. You do see this in my message, but you are so deeply entrenched in the ego’s fortifications, that your mind can concentrate only for the briefest of moments on TRUTH. You come in and out of focus, entranced by the world’s gift of momentary pleasure and for that substitution, TRUTH is all but a distant memory. Yet, make NO mistake, it is YOUR memory and it could no more leave you, then the stars could leave the heavens. It is certain you WILL remember.

Nevertheless, I am not dissuaded in the least by your mistrust. I will persist because the strength of my perseverance is given by God, just as God has insured the certainty of your remembering.

I merely ask that you test the message and SEE for yourself. Fully believe as I believe, only for a moment, and experience what awaits you.