Monday, January 3, 2011

An Invitation To Truth

M: This is driving me crazy. I’ve no idea what will happen next.

J: Insane expectations, by their very nature, demand insane experiences, which are worthless and of NO value. "What will happens next,” is also based on your expectations, unless you decide to invite TRUTH.

Until then, you will always get what you expect.

M: I didn’t expect any of this. This took me completely by surprise.

J: It must have been expected; else it could NOT have been experienced. You have yet to truly experience “surprise.” However, when you do, it will mean that you have discarded your expectations, thereby, declaring an end to CONTROL and extending an invitation to TRUTH.

Not one experience you have ever encountered has been free of YOUR expectations, based on the chronic preparation that comes from your incessant need to predict YOUR future. Hence, not one experience you have ever encountered is TRUE. Truth, by its very nature, does NOT conform to expectation. Contrary to all the many ways your “world” seeks to prepare you to expect it, TRUTH cannot be prepared for, which means YOU need do nothing.

M: The truth of this situation is that my marriage is ending.

J: Delusion has NO beginning and what has no beginning can have no “ending.”

Love contained and limited by delusional boundaries, may have value in a delusional world, but how can a delusional “world” be TRUE? And can your "love" then be true if nothing else is? What does NOT invite Truth has NO value and serves no purpose in “time.”

Delusion, by its very nature, is not REAL. But there is still time to realize this, since the delusion of time exists until TRUTH is invited. Although you deny this as fact, such is the purpose YOU have given to “time.” It has no other reason to exist, but to make its existence obsolete. You made it REAL for this purpose alone. God does NOT know “time.”

M: Unfortunately, there is no time left.

J: How can one who knows NOT what time is for, accurately evaluate how much is “left”? You have yet to use time for its intended purpose. To do so will obviously result in time diminishing as eternity enters to take its place. Time must naturally collapse upon itself, when eternity unfolds in awareness. There will come a “time” when eternity is ALL you realize and time will be no more. The idea that “time waits for no man” is an obvious fallacy. For, indeed, time waits for YOU, because time is a construct of a mind encumbered by limitations that result in finite delusions. You are infinite ,as am I, and I assure you my brother, although your delusions make you feel hopelessly alone, we are in this TOGETHER. I will guide you to the others that wait for you.

However, this means that time is at your disposal, since you demand it, and only you will eventually dispose of it completely.

Dispose of your purpose for this relationship and every relationship and you are, thereby, using time for its intended purpose. Without the meanings you apply to your world, through which time is experienced, time can no longer contain you because you have no reference point from which it can be encountered. Without your meanings, “time” simply cannot be experienced.  Let go of every meaning you have for every relationship you experience and use time to your advantage.

M: I’m pretty well forced to let go of my meaning for this marriage. I have no choice in that and I suppose that’s the problem.

J: You feel betrayed because your meaning is rejected. Yet, although it was reliable, and you remained loyal to it for many years, you still must determine if it was valid. To rely on that which is invalid is insane and this is why you currently feel that what you experience is “driving me crazy.” As long as you remain fixated on your expectations, or invalid meanings, your expectations will determine your state of mind and that will always reflect insanity. Free-will allows you a “choice” in this. You always have a choice.

M: If she wants out, then I have NO choice in that.

J:  You chose it. This may not seem valid to you at present, because you are so incredibly short-sighted, but make no mistake, all that you experience has been chosen by YOU. If you could see as I see, you would know that your delusional “life “is but a brief insignificant moment in time, simply because time does not exist.

Therefore, what seems to be a series of choices, has always been the same choice. The choice to deny TRUTH. A choice that seems to be made over and over again, but was really only made ONCE. Now, all that is required is that you choose differently.

M: But how does this pertain to my situation?

J: This “situation" only requires Truth. Invite TRUTH to come and suffer no more from what “time” seems to bring.

M: But how do I invite truth?

J: Fully understand that you have NO idea what IT is. No more than this is necessary to finally understand IT and apply that understanding to every “situation” you experience.

When you think you “know,” you then feel obligated to apply this meaning to the meaningless, always ignorant of the fact that this is what made it meaningless in the first place. 

Be still and allow me to show you what it means, because “I am the way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me.” 


  1. If you look at yourself in your moments of pleasure or pain, you will invariably find that it is not the thing in itself that is pleasant or painful, but the situation of which it is a part. Pleasure lies in the relationship between the enjoyer and the enjoyed. And the essence of it is acceptance. Whatever may be the situation, if it is acceptable, it is pleasant. If it is not acceptable, it is painful. What makes it acceptable is not important; the cause may be physical, or psychological, or untraceable; acceptance is the decisive factor. Obversely, suffering is due to non­acceptance.
    Q: Pain is not acceptable.
    M: Why not? Did you ever try? Do try and you will find in pain a joy which pleasure cannot yield, for the simple reason that acceptance of pain takes you much deeper than pleasure does. The personal self by its very nature is constantly pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain. The ending of this pattern is the ending of the self. The ending of the self with its desires and fears enables you to return to your real nature, the source of all happiness and peace. The perennial desire for pleasure is the reflection of the timeless harmony within. It is an observable fact that one becomes self-conscious only when caught in the conflict between pleasure and pain, which demands choice and decision. It is this clash between desire and fear that causes anger, which is the great destroyer of sanity in life. When pain is accepted for what it is, a lesson and a warning, and deeply looked into and heeded, the separation between pain and pleasure breaks down, both become experience -- painful when resisted, joyful when accepted.

    (I Am That)

    And on a personal note: I've found that situations that seemed to be a total disaster, later turned out to be a blessing (the Story of the Taoist Farmer illustrates that nicely.)


  2. Hey Werner,

    Yes to quote the good book...(paraphrased) often what we consider a success is often an abject failure, while what we perceive as failures are our greatest successes.