Monday, February 28, 2011

You Limit Yourself

M: What way should I live, behave or act in this reality I supposedly created?

J: Living, behaving and acting have no influence on your "reality." Therefore, your question is really how should you THINK, since only that determines your reality. Your thinking will always be based on BELIEF and belief is always determined by what you teach your self. This makes the teacher very significant to understanding Truth.

You are choosing to BELIEVE that I will provide you the knowledge you need to transcend what you have always thought and no longer appreciate. And since this is what you want, this is what your talking with me must eventually do because it is certain. Nevertheless, you continue to doubt that certainty.

M: So by talking to you I will transcend myself?

J: You will transform your thoughts about your “self” and begin to THINK of your “self” in other ways, which will result in those ways defining you and, therefore, you will SEE DIFFERENTLY. This process may continue on for some time, because of your delaying, but the result is certain.

M: Why don’t you just tell me who I will become and save me the time it takes to have these discussions?

J: The answer to your question is based on time and when you discard your concept of "self" you will subsequently discard time, which includes the "time" this is taking to know "who I will become." Therefore, I cannot describe for you what the future will be since the language that defines "you" is entirely based on time. What you "will become" is currently beyond your reach and requires that you learn first what YOU ARE NOT. This is what you have called on me to teach you and I teach nothing else.

M: You're really blowing my mind!

J: Only due to the fact that you believe you are a mind that believes it is limited by "time." Otherwise, all of this is natural and based on freedom from the laws you conceived to limit you IN time.

M: Wait a minute, what laws did God create?

J: God does not create laws, as laws LIMIT. Laws assert, “you must…” God would not make such assertions because God is not LIMITED in any way and "commands" nothing. Perfection needs no "control." You, however, believe you are imperfect and LIMITED, and that is how you have decreed "you must" be. LIMITATION is your law, NOT God's.

M: So I have created laws that limit me and cause me not to want to be limited?

J: You limit your Being through the application of belief in a limited “self.” And this has always required you desire freedom from your own limitations, although you continue to deny your role in applying the very limits that keep you captive to a "world" outside your mind. Freedom is contingent on understanding that you limit yourself. Nothing more than that need be learned. Nothing more than that do I teach.

M: Why can’t I have unlimited freedom?

J: Once again, you can have whatever you want, whenever you want it.

M: I don’t believe that this is helping me, nor do I believe it could help anyone else, since the only answer you can provide is based on my choosing some course or decision, that is related to the “time” concept. But when it comes to anything outside of time you are of no help because I can’t understand anything outside of time. So why even have this discussion at all?

J: That is an appropriate question but, again, it has already been answered.

Because you seek to transcend your own limitations. In essence, what you are seeking is to be God, which, as I said before, you ARE.

M: But how can I be God, because God created me, I didn’t create God.

J: God gave you the gift of BEING, however, you missed the point of that Gift and substituted your delusions of what you wanted instead. Yet, now you believe this substitution a curse and seek to know why you did NOT accept what God extended. If only you could understand that this curse is simply your guilt at failing to accept, although the Gift could NOT have been refused or it would have NOT been offered. Your BEING proves your acceptance TRUE. Yet, it is your guilt that leaves you feeling as though you are still absent of what could never have been refused.

There is no need to differentiate between God's Gift and what you substituted. Simply by extending God's Gift, you will finally confirm, TO YOURSELF, your acceptance and the Gift will again be experienced as YOURS.
God does not differentiate, as that would negate perfection. You differentiate and, therefore, clearly demonstrate your belief in imperfection. This belief limits you and requires judging your self-imposed limitations, not on infinite freedom, but on conceptual freedom, which is NO freedom at all.

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  1. When you say law, what law is inferred, do you think? Natural Law? Or constructed law? Isn't the former inherent? A terribly dramatic example would be, a child playing hide-and-seek and who closes himself in an abandoned refrigerator, does not believe, hence, does not consider, the inherent morbidity of lack of air in short order. So, it is not always what one believes about reality in order for inherent reality to exist. The ruin of the gulf coast is not belief, but reality. An oil spill will kill...but money, and the hope of money, salves the wounds...except for the very real victims.

    Does the human being only believe what he/she believes due to to archetypes of civilization? Because, if the human being were in a natural, feral state like the wolf or tiger, as no doubt the human being once was, would he/she ask: do I have soul? Then, one random night, looking at the cosmos above, turns the question around to say what/who am "I" in relation to that vast expanse? Is there relief to grief? The inherent sense of loneliness because one is encased in a conscious body...a body both subject to inherent limitations (you do not bleed when I cut myself)...and a mind subject to none...this contingent upon imagination. Imagination is not universal. And it can wane with the age of the body.

    Such is the birth of shamanism...imagination against the vast expanse and soothe the grief of loss (death).

    So, are there not two things going on when one speaks of Law?

    I have been thinking of non-limitations v. inherent reality, random fortune and misfortune (from Natural Law--contingent on atmospheric/landscape conditions---and "civilized" law where if you don't do this, you will suffer that. It's just more complicated in the latter...perhaps needlessly, but still exists).

    Doesn't it all just boil down to outlook? The attitude given inherent reality and constructed reality (rules)? Do we look to Aesop or Descartes? Or no one? Jesus and Buddha are only antiseptics one might hope holds hope.

    Thanks :)