Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Your Mind

M: How do I deal with boredom?

J: Extract from your world the expectation that of itself it holds any value that you would seek to possess. It holds nothing and can give you nothing, but what YOU provide and ask for. If you give it joy, then that joy is yours. If you give it pain, pain is what you will find when you look for it. “Boredom” is when you ask for what you have NOT given. To “deal with boredom,” simply give the world what you want and YOU will have it. NOTHING leaves your mind.

M: But I want joy.

J: Look on your world. If you do NOT see it, then you must be confused in what you want and ask for something else. Make no mistake, the reflection is always perfect, but if you are confused then this is what you will SEE. You see what you want, but rarely do you know what you want and this is why you see chaos.

M: You want me to deny reality!

J: You cannot “deny” what you made REAL. I merely ask that you accept that you ARE maker. God is not a part of your “reality,” because you MADE it to exclude TRUTH. The Reality of God is infinitely inclusive and, although you believe you are “here,” in TRUTH, you have never left THERE.

In accepting your role as maker, you accept complete invulnerability. What can harm the weaver of the dream, unless he was to weave his own death into the tapestry? But why would he, in knowing it is HIS to do as he please. This is exactly what you have MADE and, because it is yours, you embrace it as “REAL” simply by denying its origin. There is no need to differentiate between real and illusion in God’s world. Only TRUTH can ever BE, which is inherent in you by nature of your BEING. Yet, you do not KNOW who you are in TRUTH, but only who you IMAGINE yourself to “be.” If it is not TRUE, how can it be REAL?

M: Okay, so I made death. What about love? What about all the good things in this world?

J: It is all yours. Value none of it!

It is nonsense to consider HEAVEN co-existing with HELL. How can one who has come to expect moments of HELL, ever experience infinite joy? Your brief episodes of diluted pleasure are a poor substitute that has NOT sustained you and can NOT sustain you. Have you NOT learned this yet? How many more centuries of suffering must you endure before you LEARN.

Your “love” is conditioned on the expectations of HELL, demanding you tighten your grip in ever greater control of what MUST eventually slip away and be NO MORE.

Yet, you believe that within HELL you can experience brief episodes of HEAVEN and so, HELL becomes the home you imagine REAL.

M: So I should NOT value love?

J: Your “love” is not the gospel I intended. Your love includes only to exclude and, thus, it must ALWAYS exclude YOU. It seeks control through conditions which, if not met, demand guilt and punishment to the offender. This is NOT God’s love, which is what you were Created FROM and is what you ARE. Exclude any part of the whole and you will have banished yourself from EVERYTHING because everything that is IN God is IN you. Be grateful that you could no more depart from Creation than the stars fall from the sky.

Nothing you value can be of any assistance to you, no matter how you wish to twist your “reality” to make it fit your dreams of “happiness.” Value anything at all and you keep yourself victim to what you MADE. Open yourself to KNOWING the value of TRUTH by releasing yourself from what you made valuable.

M: But then how would I function in the world, if the world meant nothing to me?

J: Infinitely FREE!

You are trapped in a confusing labyrinth of your own distorted meanings and, therefore, You do NOT know what anything means. You are so deeply fixated on your delusions that you fear learning THAT you are deluded. Nevertheless, there is a part of you that senses a deeper TRUTH. That part looks on the world and wonders how anything it sees could possibly be REAL. That part called on me and LISTENS to my message in the desire to LEARN the meaning of TRUTH.

I teach that you value nothing simply because there is nothing there. This is what you must learn by listening to ME.

M: Nothing there? Why do I experience it as real then?

J: Because the power of your mind is beyond what even you could imagine and EVERYTHING you do imagine denies and nullifies the power that God gave you. It is not OF you, it IS you.

By making a part of your mind value inadequacy, you make delusions that you value only to prove you are AS weak as you believe. This is what you believe you are and so, it is what you look for and find. It was NOT “there” until you sought for it and, by giving it TO your world, you “discovered” proof that your delusions were real. The proof was there before you found it, because you put it there by wanting it be found. Your mind MAKES it real and nothing is free of your mind.

The power of your mind is literally beyond belief. Yet, you MUST believe, otherwise, the TRUTH will elude you and you will continue to fabricate proof of what you ARE NOT and "discover" it everywhere you look.

Discover NO more delusions and allow your ‘self’ be taught by the part of your mind that desires KNOWING.

There is where you will find ME and the message I teach.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Imagining TRUTH

M: It just seems impossible to do these things you ask me to do

J: For centuries, this has been your grievance, ignoring that I have asked that you do nothing. Yet, this you say you cannot DO. Therefore, what you DO fails to help you.

M: How the hell does one “do nothing”?

J: By deciding you know NOT what need be done. Nothing more than that is necessary.

Here, in this writing, you do allow me to think WITH you because, by doing nothing, you are able to listen. You MUST learn to decide this naturally, else you will continue to make decisions on your own, contrary to your CALL for my help. You have called to me for centuries. Yet, when I answer your call, you are offended by what I offer, so deeply fixated on your need to DO MORE.

I am NOT offended. I only wait until I no longer offend YOU.

M: Writing this is different. I can sit still and listen. Life does not always allow for that time.

J: Life “allows” for what you decide and time is the means YOU have chosen for making decisions. You have given it NO other purpose. If you could only decide that “life” is nothing but an imaginary construct, that you are free to change at WILL, you would understand how easy it is to LISTEN. Yet, the NOISE you call “life” is what you insist on imagining. If you choose that instead, your choice makes it undeniably REAL for you. In 2000 years your imagination has given you nothing you NEED and in 2000 more it will provide the same unless you decide differently. Therefore, what do you wait for? When will you make the one decision that will FREE you from all decisions made and yet to be made?

Recall that when our discussions first began, we talked daily. But you turned away from ME, because you felt it was only YOU. This demonstrates how little you trust your ‘self’ while, ironically, continuing to fully rely on your ‘self.’

Such hypocrisy is NOT lost on you, but you have no idea how to correct it and so you continue to rely on that which you do NOT trust to correct that which your lack of trust makes REAL. I only provide another option, but you must still DECIDE. 

M: But it’s hard to tell which voice is me and which is you.

J: You KNOW the difference between TRUTH and noise and you have always known. Truth is NOT of your making. The noise has always been yours, because it comes from a “world” of your imagining. Long before you ever imagined anything to take its place, TRUTH was all you KNEW. Nevertheless, what you now imagine is so powerful, and seemingly, beyond ALL doubt that noise appears to be the only TRUTH you CAN experience. You KNOW so much more.

Because you decided that what you imagine is REAL, you will NEVER deny what you SEE. Therefore, it is now time for you to imagine TRUTH, otherwise you will never decide to see IT.

M: But I thought you said truth was not of my making?

J: Yet, you can imagine IT IS. Otherwise, if it is NOT yours, you will be offended and NOT accept what is NOT OF YOU. In fact, this you must do or you will only allow yourself to be directed by the noise that gives no direction but to chaos. You will experience TRUTH when the noise no longer distracts you, because you NO longer imagine it TRUE.

TRUTH is of God and is a combined effect of ALL Creation. Seeking to judge between what might be true and what might NOT, seems to remove you from this effect, making you cause of something else. Such judgments only make delusion real and that becomes your REALITY instead.

M: So how do I “imagine” truth?

J: By imagining nothing else.

M: But if I don’t know what truth is, how would I know if I’m imagining it?

J: You will know it, because it is NOT of you, but has always been YOURS.

M: So pretend nothing I see really exists?

J: It has been your “pretending” that grants existence to the fragmented pictures of your imagination. Why would pretending the inverse be more difficult? You pretend that fear, death and suffering are REAL. I merely ask that you pretend otherwise.

M: So I should just pretend my body does not exist? This is ridiculously impossible.

J: It must be “ridiculously impossible” to a mind that imagines it only “exists” by virtue of a body. The body is the reference point for every thought you invest in. Therefore, not one thought is free of the body’s claim for the mind’s reason for existing. The "ego" is NOT who you are, but you believe it is and that decision makes all the difference between God's joy and your suffering.

Consider your abstract inventions such as “trust,” “compassion” and “freedom.” These concepts are incomprehensible, except within the context of a body that can incorporate such beliefs through “behaviors” and “actions,” thereby, making them completely contingent on pretending that your experience of a body is REAL. This is why your “sciences” inform you that only 10% of the “brain” is accessed and utilized. Yet, even in this accurate evaluation, the body’s “brain” is inaccurately identified as source.

Nevertheless, the power of a mind, dissociated from reliance on a body, is a power granted by God. You can pretend it is NOT real, but this does nothing to alter the fact of its TRUTH. 

You have yet to assert your God given free-will, because such a WILL is unavailable to the mind that is victim to a body of its own imagination. Yet, although you pretend it is real, you can pretend the opposite. I am free of all bodily considerations and this is why I am the only teacher who KNOWS and can teach what is NOT KNOWLEDGE. This is all I have ever taught.

M: So how do I pretend the body does not exist?

J: By dissolving all FEAR of losing it. You cannot lose that which is a product of “pretending,” simply because it never existed in the first place. Your FREEDOM lies exclusively in this alone.