Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Power of Your Mind

M: How do I deal with boredom?

J: Extract from your world the expectation that of itself it holds any value that you would seek to possess. It holds nothing and can give you nothing, but what YOU provide and ask for. If you give it joy, then that joy is yours. If you give it pain, pain is what you will find when you look for it. “Boredom” is when you ask for what you have NOT given. To “deal with boredom,” simply give the world what you want and YOU will have it. NOTHING leaves your mind.

M: But I want joy.

J: Look on your world. If you do NOT see it, then you must be confused in what you want and ask for something else. Make no mistake, the reflection is always perfect, but if you are confused then this is what you will SEE. You see what you want, but rarely do you know what you want and this is why you see chaos.

M: You want me to deny reality!

J: You cannot “deny” what you made REAL. I merely ask that you accept that you ARE maker. God is not a part of your “reality,” because you MADE it to exclude TRUTH. The Reality of God is infinitely inclusive and, although you believe you are “here,” in TRUTH, you have never left THERE.

In accepting your role as maker, you accept complete invulnerability. What can harm the weaver of the dream, unless he was to weave his own death into the tapestry? But why would he, in knowing it is HIS to do as he please. This is exactly what you have MADE and, because it is yours, you embrace it as “REAL” simply by denying its origin. There is no need to differentiate between real and illusion in God’s world. Only TRUTH can ever BE, which is inherent in you by nature of your BEING. Yet, you do not KNOW who you are in TRUTH, but only who you IMAGINE yourself to “be.” If it is not TRUE, how can it be REAL?

M: Okay, so I made death. What about love? What about all the good things in this world?

J: It is all yours. Value none of it!

It is nonsense to consider HEAVEN co-existing with HELL. How can one who has come to expect moments of HELL, ever experience infinite joy? Your brief episodes of diluted pleasure are a poor substitute that has NOT sustained you and can NOT sustain you. Have you NOT learned this yet? How many more centuries of suffering must you endure before you LEARN.

Your “love” is conditioned on the expectations of HELL, demanding you tighten your grip in ever greater control of what MUST eventually slip away and be NO MORE.

Yet, you believe that within HELL you can experience brief episodes of HEAVEN and so, HELL becomes the home you imagine REAL.

M: So I should NOT value love?

J: Your “love” is not the gospel I intended. Your love includes only to exclude and, thus, it must ALWAYS exclude YOU. It seeks control through conditions which, if not met, demand guilt and punishment to the offender. This is NOT God’s love, which is what you were Created FROM and is what you ARE. Exclude any part of the whole and you will have banished yourself from EVERYTHING because everything that is IN God is IN you. Be grateful that you could no more depart from Creation than the stars fall from the sky.

Nothing you value can be of any assistance to you, no matter how you wish to twist your “reality” to make it fit your dreams of “happiness.” Value anything at all and you keep yourself victim to what you MADE. Open yourself to KNOWING the value of TRUTH by releasing yourself from what you made valuable.

M: But then how would I function in the world, if the world meant nothing to me?

J: Infinitely FREE!

You are trapped in a confusing labyrinth of your own distorted meanings and, therefore, You do NOT know what anything means. You are so deeply fixated on your delusions that you fear learning THAT you are deluded. Nevertheless, there is a part of you that senses a deeper TRUTH. That part looks on the world and wonders how anything it sees could possibly be REAL. That part called on me and LISTENS to my message in the desire to LEARN the meaning of TRUTH.

I teach that you value nothing simply because there is nothing there. This is what you must learn by listening to ME.

M: Nothing there? Why do I experience it as real then?

J: Because the power of your mind is beyond what even you could imagine and EVERYTHING you do imagine denies and nullifies the power that God gave you. It is not OF you, it IS you.

By making a part of your mind value inadequacy, you make delusions that you value only to prove you are AS weak as you believe. This is what you believe you are and so, it is what you look for and find. It was NOT “there” until you sought for it and, by giving it TO your world, you “discovered” proof that your delusions were real. The proof was there before you found it, because you put it there by wanting it be found. Your mind MAKES it real and nothing is free of your mind.

The power of your mind is literally beyond belief. Yet, you MUST believe, otherwise, the TRUTH will elude you and you will continue to fabricate proof of what you ARE NOT and "discover" it everywhere you look.

Discover NO more delusions and allow your ‘self’ be taught by the part of your mind that desires KNOWING.

There is where you will find ME and the message I teach.


  1. What a great way to teach your readers and blog followers on how to utilize the power of our subconscious mind. Good job!