Monday, May 2, 2011

The Certainty of YOUR Uncertainty

M: I cannot ignore the demands of the body and the body will often interfere in receiving your message.

J: Such is the problem as you have arranged it. Yet, Christ Consciousness is simply not affected. In fact, Christ Consciousness SEES the problem ONLY at its cause and ONLY this dissolves the problem instantly. The body is cause of NOTHING. Yet, you see it as cause of everything.

If you could only realize how close you are to the certainty of TRUTH, you would laugh at ALL your bodily complaints.

M: Sorry, but I don’t in any way feel close and I don’t have any idea what “Christ Consciousness” is.

J: This is only because you remain transfixed by your uncertain “ideas.” Make no mistake, your body is nothing more than an idea in doubt and it need not be a problem to your mind, unless you so choose. Christ Consciousness makes NO such choices and thus, experiences NO problems. Christ Consciousness experiences everything as IDEA. It is in complete control because it recognizes itself as SOURCE and ONLY from that recognition, no control is necessary. When you no longer doubt what you are, all problems dissolve instantly. How could they not?

M: So what must I do to achieve Christ Consciousness?

J: There is nothing that need be DONE because there is nothing to “achieve.” Therefore, there is NOW no need to choose.

M: What? How could I do that and continue to function in this world?

J: Allow ALL choices be made for you from CERTAINTY. Christ Consciousness makes no choices because it lives in absolute certainty. In certainty, there is NO NEED to choose. Every thought you think MUST be in the mind, because it has always been certain that you would think it. Therefore, obviously, it follows that every action is performed as it MUST. Certainty is infinite, regardless of your choosing to be uncertain through a delusion of finite “time.” There is no disparity between the certainty of your mind and the body’s acting in accordance with that certainty. In the certainty of Christ Consciousness, no choices NEED be made, because all choices have been made as only they could have been made.

Every choice you have ever made rests as purely in that certainty as the words you type on this page.

M: So if every choice I’ve made was certain, why should I now cease from continuing to make choices?

J: It is certain that you will come to a point in your learning in which choices are seen as unnecessary. NOW it is no longer necessary to make choices, even though unnecessary choices were made before this was certain. However, it is also certain that you will reject certainty and continue to make unnecessary choices in resistance to IT, because you have no comprehension of NOW. Christ Consciousness is certain because it is NOW. Yet, for NOW, you remain uncertain and this is apparent by the choices you THINK you make. 

Nevertheless, these choices are NO LESS certain, since certainty does NOT conform to "more" or "less." TRUTH is not absent just because you THINK it is and, because of certainty, you are never… not NOW.

M: So I have to be in the present moment to be in Christ Consciousness?

J: A “present moment” is contingent on there being a “before” and “after," which is no different than "more" or "less." Certainty makes no such distinctions. Therefore, Christ Consciousness can never be a “present moment,” because choices require “time,” while certainty has NO need of it. Delusions ONLY occur when certainty is resisted and your ‘world” is clearly a product of uncertainty. 

Yet, the paradox that your uncertainty cannot collapse is that there is NO uncertainty.

M: What if I choose not to resist certainty?

J: It is certain you will make such a choice. Just not… NOW.

M: So when will I be certain?

J: Upon recognizing that there could NEVER be a “time” in which you were uncertain.

M: But I thought you said I was uncertain before now?

J: Uncertainty is delusional and, by nature of that, it does not NOW exist.

M: So I’m delusional?

J: Certainly.

M: These word games of yours are confusing.

J: The “words” are yours and confusion is a product of the uncertainty your “words” symbolize. Your words only take you so far, because they MUST ALWAYS symbolize uncertainty. God’s certainty has NO need of words and, therefore, neither do you.


  1. I feel like I have a rough idea of what J is talking about with certainty vs. uncertainty, but trying to no longer make choices just seems frustrating and impossible. It seems that choices must be made by the very fact of your existence. It seems to me that his discussing certainty is an attempt to get you to try to break free of the dream by giving you faith that it will result in knowing god rather than being crushed by fear..

  2. Yes, choices must still be made. But the jist of this post seems to address the idea that you have no basis for which to make them. Hence, leave it to one who knows.

    "It seems to me that his discussing certainty is an attempt to get you to try to break free of the dream by giving you faith that it will result in knowing god rather than being crushed by fear.."

    I agree...