Friday, June 24, 2011

Free Your MIND From What "Matters"

M: How can I possibly function in a meaningless world? If the world is meaningless, as you say, why do anything at all?

J: Nothing is ever done. Nevertheless, you often take pride in your accomplishments. It makes NO difference what actions you make the body perform or what behaviors you deem superior to others. You may choose to fully engage or disengage entirely from certain aspects of your “world,” but both decisions must result in suffering, simply because neither decision can give meaning to a “world” empty of ALL meaning.

Suffering originates from the choice to seek meaning where NONE could ever exist. Your world is the result of chaotic actions that have done nothing to alleviate the meaningless and only continue to reinforce what is NOT there. You give it all the meaning it has for you and never do you consider that you could be mistaken in your attributions. 

It makes NO difference how you function in a meaningless world, since each engagement with the meaningless must be equally as meaningless as the next.

M: So how do I engage a meaningless world?

J: By realizing that it makes NO difference.

M: But if it makes no difference whether or not I go to work, I would lose my job.

J: What you determine as meaningless in your world only reinforces some other aspect as more meaningful. I teach that it is ALL meaningless.

In a meaningless world, the choice to “work” is as meaningless as the choice NOT to work. ALL actions and inactions in a meaningless world can ONLY remain meaningless. You would not avoid specific actions if you did not feel your avoidance was meaningful. Yet, the choice to disengage certain parts of your world is as meaningless as the choice to engage.

You may continue to twist and bend the meaningless in order to extract some purpose for your ‘self,’ but this only supports your fabricated delusions of a “reality" that is simply NOT there. You will NOT find a purpose in NOTHING, although you have become quite adept at pretending you have made something out of nothing. It is still NOTHING.

M: So what do I do?

J: It does NOT matter. This is the realization that you struggle against every day, in all your attempts to pick and choose what matters to YOU and suffer through what does NOT.

You could choose to stop what you are “doing,” but that would only assert that the something you sought to avoid was meaningful enough to provoke an escape.
Such decisions need not be made and this is the freedom God grants, but you have yet to accept. You were not CREATED to make decisions, but to KNOW. The fact that you continue to make decisions indicates you do NOT KNOW and must continue to suffer through all your meaningless decisions. 

M: So I should just continue to do what I’m doing?

J: In a meaningless world, nothing could be done that would make any difference to that world.  Changing behavior only gives meaning to the  behaviors you discard.

Until you realize that ALL actions are meaningless, you will continue to do much, but will suffer through what is never accomplished. There is NO reason to suffer in a meaningless world when it is SEEN for what it is. Free yourself from your own meanings.

M: There are some things more meaningful to me than others. But, you’re saying none of it matters?

J: It is what “matters” that constructs the world you experience, but only in opposition to what does NOT matter. However, what does NOT matter one day, becomes extremely important the next, while what once mattered is suddenly left behind only to again rise to importance on a later date.

Your changing mind is what determines your changing “world.” Yet, you believe it is a changing world that victimizes you and fail to SEE your part in perpetuating that chaos. Make NO mistake; your part is the only part that IS meaningful. Nevertheless, because you do NOT know your part, you have minimized yourself into petty insignificance and thus, seek for a purpose outside yourself.

Your mind is more powerful than a billion worlds combined, because it is from your mind that ALL worlds are formed and ALL effects conform perfectly to their cause. Free your mind from what “matters” and free your world.

M: But wouldn’t my indifference make things worse? Isn’t indifference the problem with the world.

J: Indifference is impossible to an egocentric mind intent on determining what is right or wrong by demanding thoughts compete against each other.

Indifference means no choice need be made, but you choose between opposites and then claim you are indifferent to one, but always against another. War is IN your mind and not IN your world. By holding one thought in opposition to another, one belief as opposed to another, one image against another, you experience a “world” in chaos. Only one choice can be superior to its counterpart and so, achieve your attention. This only asserts both as “real,” but only when pitted against each other. This is NOT indifference, but ignorance. Ignorance finds meaning where NONE exists and fights to assert its choice as the RIGHT choice. Meaning in your world is always an attack based on opposing choices.
Surrender your right to choose and every choice will be the right choice.

M: But I have to make decisions every day. How can I possibly not make choices?

J: By realizing you do NOT know and allowing the choice be made for you. If you could only let go your demand to decide for your ‘self,’ TRUTH would envelop you like a warm wool blanket on a cold winter day. Set aside the belief that you know right from wrong, what should be done or not done, what is meaningful as opposed to meaningless. Give up the battle and allow yourself to be guided to peace.
You need NOT have faith in what I teach to learn it is TRUE. Simply test it by surrendering faith in what you KNOW as “true” and see what happens. No matter where you are or what you are doing, discard what you think matters and experience the infinite Peace of God.