Thursday, June 30, 2011

The World Will Save You. But First You Must Set It Free

M: You say that my thoughts of anger and attack create my experiences of the world. So when does giving up attack thoughts actually change those experiences?

J: Immediately. Without delay.

M: But that’s not what I experience.

J: Then you still believe holding anger and attack benefits you in some way and this determines what will be experienced. If you no longer embrace anger and attack as having a purpose, then absolute peace must result. Absolute peace is immune to fear and thus, does not experience what has NO purpose.

If absolute peace is not your experience then, although you may not feel angry in any particular moment, attack is held in reserve for when you decide it is necessary.

To believe that you can maintain your defenses AGAINST the world and still experience joy FROM the world is patently absurd. Nevertheless, this is exactly what you believe. You obsessively pursue your “happiness,” completely ignorant of the fact that you are seeking joy, while defending against it.

The world CAN save you, but first you must set it FREE.

This morning you woke with physical pain, which you believe necessitated anger, and reviewing your financial situation also provoked bitterness. Rest assured, you are the CAUSE of it ALL and your attacks can ONLY effect you. You look to various strategies in your world to help alleviate your suffering, but eventually all the “cures” you hope to distract from your suffering must fail, because they merely alleviate the effects while leaving the cause untouched. The effects only change form, but still continue to affect you until the cause has been changed.

I give you the only guaranteed cure. There is no other.

You cannot simultaneously experience war AND peace. You are either deluded or awakened. There is NO in-between state. Although you struggle to pick and choose what you believe will save you, it is ALL OR NOTHING. If there is NOT absolute peace, then there is relative conflict.  Believe you have a reason for anger and attack and the world will provide what you expect and you will fortify your defenses against the very foe you ask for and receive as you have asked.

Look at your world. Is it not prepared for attack at all times, even while incessantly promoting a claim for peace? Is this any different than the thoughts that direct you on a daily basis?

M: So you’re saying that the guy who called me a “dickhead,” because I was stuck in traffic and he couldn’t get by, was my fault? I almost yelled “fuck you,” but didn’t. But it was certainly my immediate intention.

J: When you remove ALL fear and attack from your mind, if an attack occurred you would simply NOT realize it. Hence, it would NOT exist for YOU.
This is another way of stating that, since you could NOT know OF it, it simply could NOT occur. Until then, the world will support your need for defenses by always providing what you seek to defend against. The world will serve every purpose you give it and if you wish for attack to be its purpose, it will conform to those specifications with complex exactitude. Every tiny detail you experience in your “world” MUST conform to your specifications as naturally as a field of wheat bends to the direction of the wind.
M: So you’re saying that if I banished all fear and attack from my mind, I could NOT experience them? Even if they happened?

J: Indeed, how could you experience what you are unaware of when, in fact, it is what you “know” that establishes your experience of a “world”? How could what does NOT exist “happen”? What you are NOT aware of could never “happen” for you, because you would NOT experience it.

Hence, everything you presently experience and “know,” is only experienced because you maintain diligent awareness of a delusional past and everything in your world conforms to this exactly as your MIND commands. When you know TRUTH, delusions will never again be experienced, because TRUTH does NOT conform to anything you “know” from a PAST, because you will NO longer be aware of such a “time.”

Fortunately, TRUTH is eternally free of YOUR delusions.
What you now “know” is war and this is what you have deluded yourself into expecting. Your thoughts conform to this PURPOSE and your world obeys accordingly.

M: So if I just change my mind, the world will change with it?

J: You find this incredible. Yet, just this simple equation has the power to instantly deliver you from your self-imposed HELL. There is nothing more than is necessary to know the Peace of God. There is NO need for complicated scriptures or convoluted ideological premises. There is NOTHING in your world that can save you, since your formulated you world to keep you in HELL. You have given it NO other purpose than that.

The only way to escape the suffering of your world is to COMPLETELY change your mind about it. 

Yet, this change must be complete and total, encompassing and embracing everything you SEE. Nothing can be left out of this equation; otherwise, you will pick and choose what suits your preferences and it is what you PREFER that has locked your mind firmly into the suffering you’ve come to expect and receive…exactly as you ask.

M: So I can have no preferences? I can make no choices?

J: Cease to make choices based on your deluded preferences and SEE what the world is really like. Your preferences have blinded you to TRUTH, showing you a deluded world that makes no sense and seems consistently against you. This makes everything you SEE meaningless. God did NOT create you to experience that which is meaningless. Nevertheless, this is what you base your choices on and your ONLY purpose in the world has been to prepare for the attack that you expect MUST come. How can this not be HELL? How can you not suffer from preferring the meaningless to the infinite meaning God has bestowed upon you?

Your “world” is proof that you have NO idea of your TRUE value, because IT holds NO value and you have unequivocally accepted that. I ask that you accept that it is ALL meaningless and be free from your self-imposed hell.

Set the world FREE from your meanings and awaken to the absolute peace of HEAVEN.

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