Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bless What You Made Real

M: Sometimes I get very tired of all this.

J: What I teach denies your egocentricity as TRUE and the self-concept you have come to rely on for EVERYTHING will strenuously resist that which denies its reality. This resistance completely exhausts you. Nevertheless, it will continue to fight against TRUTH until you are no longer AWARE of its resistance.

Then, you will NO longer rely on it for ANYTHING and you will be free of EVERYTHING.

M: It’s like now I find myself fucking up more than ever. I don’t believe I’m making any progress.

J: You still expect "progress" to demonstrate a reduction in some egocentric behaviors with an increase in others. Yet, this expectation is still contingent on a delusional self-concept that is totally ego-centered and looking for something that IT cannot find no matter how hard it tries. Hence, you have no means for which to measure progress. Allow me to measure it for you.

M: Well, have I made any progress yet?

J: In relation to your “world” none whatsoever.

In relation to God, your work is DONE.

M: But shouldn’t I see some results of being done?

J: The self-concept you invented demands “results.” Yet, because it is completely delusional, it will not SEE that your work is done and nothing more is needed.

It MUST always perceive a lack of progress no matter how much progress is actually made. No matter how far along you might be, every journey that begins IN your world must end IN death, because this is the ONLY progress your “world” offers.

Knowing this, does it make any sense in seeking truth IN your world? 

Your “world” has NO awareness of TRUTH simply because it was made specifically to deny God and every specific detail you see is proof of that denial.

M: But I thought you said that I will see change in the world as I change?

J: Accept that you have made progress and SEE it!

Give to your world the TRUTH that the work is DONE. There is nothing more for you to do, because there was never anything that needed to be done. Your journey was accomplished, long before it began and your world can show you that, if you did NOT refuse to SEE.

M: But you’ve said that I have made no progress in the world.

J: In relation to the purposes you have given the world, what progress would you expect to see in relation to TRUTH? Do you expect the world to demonstrate that it has NO meaning or purpose? Yet, this is what you MUST see, for only it is TRUE.

Demonstrate to your world that this is TRUE and finally SEE its purpose.

M: I need a sign. Something to show me that I’m moving in the right direction.

J: Then arrange for the world to provide for that “sign.” Change its purpose and allow for what you wish to SEE. Bless, rather than FEAR, your world and it will easily and joyously bend itself to fulfill that purpose. In fact, it does nothing less than begs for this purpose to be given it.

Until then, it will continue to meet the purposes you intend to expect, because you have arranged it so.

M: I don’t have that kind of power. This is crazy!

J: And your powerlessness is demonstrated as expected and everywhere you look you find proof.

In your world, communicating with TRUTH must be “crazy,” because not one ounce of TRUTH is “there” to be found and this is why progress is ALWAYS expected, but NEVER seen. In fact, you believe your world seems to demonstrate a “regression.” Therefore, this is what you SEE as expected. You have commented on this to yourself many times. Why should you not see what you believe "true"?

M: But it’s not what I want to be true.

J: You receive as you ask. Therefore, if you SEE it, it must be WANTED. But you must ask yourself, why would you want it?

M: The world is going to hell in a hand basket. I have nothing to do with that. I’m not a world leader, just one person. What power do I have??

J: Only the power granted you by God, which is more than your world can withstand without changing completely and at once. It is yours NOW and NO progress need be made to achieve or attain what was granted YOU through your Creation.

You were not "born" IN a world, the world was born IN you.

M: So all I need do is “bless” the world. What exactly does that mean?

J: Free it from every purpose you ever demanded from it and then held against it when it failed to meet your expectations.

The world has NOT failed you, only the purposes you gave it, and continue to demand, fail you. They are not its purpose, nor are they yours. The purpose of the world is to be FREE of it. This is its one and only purpose.

M: Yeah, when I die.

J: Death is a purpose you gave the world that enslaves you to it. All other purposes you invent are contingent on this one FALSE premise. Every action performed, ever behavior you carry out, every goal or objective, is directly associated with your belief in a finite existence. Your world would be very different IF there were NO death because, in your world, your ONLY purpose IS to die.

This is why you hate what you have made, refuse to bless it and, hence, see it destroying itself before your very eyes. The tears of the world are yours.

The world suffers from what you have made of it and nothing more than that. FREEDOM from what you have made is contingent on blessing what you have made…

…and nothing less than that can ever wipe the tears of the world from your eyes.

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