Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Planned Obsolescence Of Your World

M: So if I’m sick, I shouldn’t go to a doctor?

J: The meaning you have applied to the body prior to sickness, subsequently determined sickness as a viable choice for the body.

The cascade of choices that now burdens you, evolved from the choice to make the body define what you ARE. Therefore, because of that fundamental choice, hence, you now have NO choice, but to be victimized by the body.

M: I don’t see any way that choice can be changed.

J: When you no longer SEE other bodies, you will learn to look beyond your own.

M: How can I interact with others if I do not see their body?

J: You have NOT “interacted” at all if a body is what you SEE. You have given meaning to images in your mind and that is what you interact with based on your specifications. Your superficial association to these concepts, has done nothing to save you from a hell of your own making.

However, you have encountered the spark of clear vision before. Yet, it was incomprehensible to a mind that demands only bodies CAN communicate and so, obviously, it was missed completely by your mind.

Until you see this spark in “them,” you will not experience it in yourself. 

M: So Bodies should be meaningless to me? Including my own?

J: Little brother, your world only “exists” for you to see BEYOND it. It serves NO other purpose. Free “them” from the body and you free yourself. How can you claim “freedom,” while still seeing them in chains? Your mind holds them bound to what you would have them be FOR you.

You cannot experience heaven and still SEE hell.

M: How do I see this “spark” you talk about?

J: Look for nothing else.

M: But I don’t know what I’m looking for.

J: But you do SEE what you expect and this is what you always “look for.” Expect MORE and you will receive as you ask.

It is what you now look for, and SEE, that obstructs vision entirely. Surrender what “they” mean for you and vision will return. You are blinded by your own meanings. You fear the meaningless and immediately press your meanings into what you believe would be emptiness if you did NOT give it meaning.

God did not create a void and you need not fear chaos from what is devoid of ALL meaning. God filled the void with the meaning of TRUTH and that is YOUR meaning. Do not waste it, by associating with the meaningless.

The TRUTH is “there,” waiting to be revealed and all you need do is dissociate from what you believe “true.” This task is so simple that you will be utterly amazed at the freedom experienced when you FINALLY surrender what you think it ALL means.

The horizon is completely shrouded by your chaotic meanings. When you free yourself from these "beliefs," you will see beyond what you now imagine as “real.” It awaits upon a clear horizon, but you must first clear it of the meaningless in order to see the meaning that lies behind what you think is “true.”

Everything you SEE is meaningless and you MUST have faith that, once you let fall away all your shallow meanings and purposes, TRUTH will be made known to you. Infinite freedom is absolutely guaranteed by nature of your CREATION. This is what “Trust in God” really means. God gave you meaning and purpose. You replaced that with many purposes that are ALL meaningless.

You continue to trust in your own egocentric delusions, regardless of the fact that they let you down consistently. You were never meant to live this way. Deep down, beyond all your meanings, you KNOW this to be TRUE.

Your world is meaningless in every detail. Have faith in NONE of it, because your faith only hides the meaningless you superimpose upon the images of your mind. 

M: I thought you said that relationships were meaningful?

J: Not as “you” define them and you define them as demanding bodies, because this is what you believe you ARE. If you do not know your purpose, how could you possibly understand the purpose of your relationships? I would suggest that when you think you KNOW, immediately recognize you are WRONG and wait for my answer to guide you.

M: I suppose there is a fear of not being able to function in this world if I come to believe the world is meaningless.

J: Why would “functioning” not improve upon learning that you are NO longer victim to the meanings that you have chosen to victimize you? When you are controlled by the meaningless, you obviously lack purpose and that which lacks purpose must believe in chaos, thereby, consigning itself to oblivion.

Believe that you are now…nowhere. NOTHING can exist, while being nowhere. Yet, you can free your “self’ from where you believe you ARE, if “where” you are no longer means what you thought it meant.

Your only escape from hell is to see it not “there.”

M: Everyone else believes it’s true. Everyone else acts as if the world were real!

J: Indeed and these are the images you believe you SEE. However, this allows you the opportunity to finally recognize there is only ONE MIND and a “world” perceived differently by six billion minds could NOT possibly be TRUE. It stands to reason, if it is not TRUE, then it cannot be “real.” Give NO meaning to “their” bodies and free yourself from your own.

You give your “self” many opportunities to understand that what you have made meaningful is simply NOT TRUE. How can what is false be “real,” merely by your giving it meaning? It must continue to be false regardless of what it MEANS to you and when it is NO longer meaningful, you will SEE that clearly.

SEE this and end ALL victimization from a “world” that you have given ALL meaning. It victimizes you because you have given it that purpose and it never fails to let you down.

M: If I step into moving traffic, I will be killed by a car. There is no other way to spin this.

J: I suggest you closely examine the instrument you use to measure an “outside” world. If the instrument is invalid, then what it measures must be equally WRONG. You employ a “body” to measure your victimization, but fail to see how the body is as delusional as that which it defines as “real” and perceives as meaningful. If the body is NOT real, how can its measurements be accurate?

M: There is absolutely no way I could possibly live as if the body were not real.

J: There is NO denying that the body is very meaningful to you. However, you have made it meaningful in ways that it cannot help you. Use the body for the planned obsolescence you intended.

See it fade before your eyes, because you no longer interact meaningfully with bodies, but with ONE MIND. There are NO relative meanings because there is NO relative world. To engage a relative world, as if you know what it means, is simply to engage nothing at all.

Is it any wonder you feel so deeply and utterly alone? As equally as the body does NOT exist for “them,” it does NOT exist for “you.”

When I gave up the world, TRUTH came to me without a moment’s hesitation. However, I gave up the world by blessing it wholly and completely. This meant that I no longer had anything to fear FROM it and so, it simply disappeared to be replaced by REALITY.

You continue to FEAR annihilation…while I offer you eternity.

M: How do I interact with ONE MIND?

J: Never accept a thought for yourself, because NOT one thought you THINK is true. Carry out your “days” with this ALWAYS in mind and be amazed at where it takes you. Do not fear the meaningless, because it is only your fear that gives it meaning.

Open your “self” to God’s meaning and the meaningless will simply pass from existence and be NO MORE.

Its obsolescence is planned and YOU are part of that plan.

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  1. After reading your conversation, there is simply nothing left to say. Thank you. Carol