Friday, July 8, 2011

The Surface Ripples of Your Mirage

M: If everything is meaningless, I still don’t understand why I should do anything at all.

J: If everything you SEE is meaningless, and I assure you it is, then it makes NO difference what you “do.”

However, make one choice over another and you have applied, and perceived, meaning where NONE exists…and you will always suffer from your choices. In fact, ALL suffering is nothing more than this.

M: So I should just go through the motions of living and not give a damn.

J: Has your “caring” make any difference to what you SEE? Do the meanings, you superimpose upon your world, make IT a “better place” for you? Do your preferences help or hinder you in extracting “happiness” from your world? Have your choices ever benefited you in achieving consistent “happiness”?

You have no idea of your purpose, but you desperately demand life mean something.

Yet, it is your meanings that have “damned” you to a purposeless life.

M: Sometimes things are good, sometimes not. That’s just how the world works. That’s just the way it is. I can’t change it, I just need to accommodate to the way things are.

J: You have “accommodated” to nothing but your own purposeless insignificance and your world obeys that command and shows you exactly what you ask to SEE.

Even now, you are filled with resentment in preparation for attack. You believe your attacks are justified and meaningful, because of what was “done” to you. However, you see only the surface and have not yet achieved the capacity to see beyond your little fears. If you could see below the surface ripples, you would be instantly relieved by how meaningless and absurd your beliefs really are, making ALL your actions on your “world”complete and utter nonsense.

Under the surface, you would clearly see that nothing could be “done” to you and that you are completely invulnerable to attack.

M: So how do I see deeper?

J: Recognize that nothing on the surface MEANS anything at all.

If you continue to allow the “reality” of surface conditions to distract you, you will not go deeper. As long as you give meaning to the surface ripples, you will fail to understand the deeper currents that originate from TRUTH.

M: So I should just pretend that the world doesn’t exist? Just act like it isn’t there at all?

J: It is NOT “there at all.” There is NO need to pretend. Your rendition of the “world” is entirely your own. Therefore, it cannot exist, because what you SEE is a product of FEAR. Your CREATION had absolutely nothing to do with fear, but it has become EVERYTHING to you. Your “world” can only conform to your request.

That is its only purpose.

M: But I see other people share in my “rendition.”

J: Why would they NOT conform to what you demand? You require fear and they obey your command. They may seem to fear in ways that are not of your choosing but, make no mistake, not one “person” in your world is without fear.

Exactly as you command.

M: But they can make up their own minds.

J: NOT in your “world.” In your world, they do as YOU EXPECT.

Have they let you down so far? Do they not meet your expectations?

M: So if I no longer expect fear, they will demonstrate that?

J: They will provide only what you expect. Nothing more, nothing less. If you no longer expect fear from them, why should they continue to provide it?

M: Because they make their own choices. I don’t tell anyone what to think! They do what they want!

J: It matters NOT what “they do,” because you only SEE what you expect to SEE.

What you expect to SEE is fear and “they” never fail to meet that NEED. That is the purpose you have given them and the meaning you seek to find. You always find what you seek, because your seeking demands it be THERE to be found.

The mind perceives everything IT makes as “real,” because it was made TO be perceived. You only PERCEIVE what you give meaning to and you gave it meaning in order to PERCEIVE it as “there.”

Even though it is ONLY a mirage, a thirsty man will perceive the oasis BECAUSE he desires water. If he was not dying of thirst he would SEE nothing, because nothing is “really” there.
The mirage you make real, was made to support death. When you no longer BELIEVE in death, the mirage you made to support death will simply vanish. What you will SEE then is beyond imagining, because what you now imagine is a world of death that has become very “real” for you.

You will not seek out the meaningless and so you make meaning were none exists. Nevertheless, images made from fear are made to fail, because fear is meaningless. What God Creates does NOT fail.

M: So I should not expect anything from anybody, because everybody is a mirage?

J: You can expect anything you desire. Yet, oddly, what you now desire is fear. Hence, this is what you SEE. Why choose to see fear and war, when you could just as easily choose love and peace?

M: I just don’t believe I have that kind of a choice.

J: And the world reflects this belief. In your world, “belief” is a useless commodity. Your only choice is FAITH, because ALL belief is delusional.

You made the mirage “real” and then determined the mirage created you. Yet, if it is a mirage then, just as there can be NO death, there could never have been a “birth” either.

It is ALL equally meaningless. Not one tiny molecule holds ANY meaning or purpose. SEE it as such and learn its purpose.

If the mirage did NOT create you, then your belief that it did is an error of epic proportions.

However, it is still an error that can be corrected if you will allow me to show you how. But first you must let go ALL that you find meaningful. You cannot pick out parts of a mirage as true, while others are false. It is the belief that you can, which keeps you invested in delusion.

You cannot determine true from false because the basic foundation of all you SEE is completely deluded and every guide you choose within the delusion is merely another rendition of your own mirage.

Only a guide from outside the delusion can lead you OUT of delusion.

Have FAITH in me, my brother…

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