Saturday, August 13, 2011

Only a Dream (pt.2)

M: It’s damn near impossible to interact with the world as if it were a dream.

J: So the ego informs you, as it MUST. It cannot possibly see it as ONLY a dream, because its very existence is contingent on the dream being “real.” The eyes of the body cannot help a “self” that demands the body define IT. Your goal is to see beyond what the body’s eyes show you, because what the eyes see is not “there,” nor are there "eyes" that SEE.

It must no longer matter, because the body is as much a dream as the eyes that seem to prove the “world” REAL. If everything that you are aware of is ONLY a dream, all must be included and nothing excluded from that WHOLE. If the world is ONLY a dream, your body is also a part of that and, hence, the “self” that believes it is a body is itself ONLY a dream.

M: So how do I interact with a dream? If my life is a dream, how do I then live it?

J: Fear makes it REAL. There is NO reason to fear a dream, simply because it is NOT real. You have NO idea of what you would experience if you were free of all fear. This is impossible for you to comprehend because your “self” is nothing more than an aggregate of fearful THOUGHTS.

Therefore, to be absent ALL fear would result in your experiencing an absence of “self” and this is terrifying to you. I teach that God did not create a void. You voided what God created in your mind and replaced it with the meaningless. I assure you that when you dissociate from ALL your meanings you will not experience emptiness, but will be filled with indescribable joy.

M: I just dreamed up my children?

J: The ego manufactures experiences in the dream that support its being more than ONLY a dream. YOU must learn that it is ONLY a dream and this includes all the parts you have invested meaning in. You invest in many attachments and associations as meaningful. You must see them as ONLY a dream. Otherwise, you will sabotage your efforts to awaken by remaining victim to what is ONLY a dream.

The parts you “love” will hurt you and you will seek revenge and retribution, because love is not possible in a dream. Yet, it is much easier to forgive, when it is ONLY a dream. When the dream is forgiven in its entirety, you will awaken to your REALITY.

You are invulnerable to attack when it is ONLY a dream. You are free to engage all parts without fear, because, when you have come to realize it is ONLY a dream, you will no longer FEAR any part of what is NOT real.

When you understand that it is ONLY a dream, you will dance joyfully upon the stars until the sun rises and you reach out to embrace it. It is your dream, my brother, and it can be whatever you choose, because it is ONLY a dream.

M: Then how do I manipulate the dream to make it what I want it to be?

J: You can rule the dream, simply by allowing no part of it to rule YOU. Nothing more than this is necessary. You must see that no part of the dream can hurt you, nor have you need to protect from attack in what is ONLY a dream.

M: So when can I stop paying taxes?

J: When the whole is denied, the parts are free to victimize. Parts detached from the whole have lost purpose and engage in meaningless, chaotic pursuits. This is what your dream shows you. See it in WHOLE and the parts will fall away from your own awareness, because they are no longer detached from the whole and no longer need suffer through the purposeless activities that you have assigned. Until you see the whole as ONLY a dream, you will be antagonized by the parts in the mistaken belief that they can affect you.

M: Nobody else in the world acts as if this is a dream.

J: God did not create separate, disconnected parts. Only that which THINKS it can detach from TRUTH could “dream” of such a thing. Yet, it is ONLY a dream and TRUTH remains unchanged by your dreaming. When you awake, that will become immediately apparent. The only true joy you will ever experience IN  your "world," is in realizing the TRUTH that you are not “there.”

M: So nobody is real? I dreamed them all up?

J: You are not “real.”

A mind dreaming it can be victimized by other separate minds, must learn to SEE what is NOT there in order to free itself from what it dreams can be done TO it. This is how it learns that everything done TO it is done BY itself.

M: Then why even bother posting this stuff on the internet, if my mind is the only mind?

J: To teach your “self” that the thoughts “you” think are no more “real” than the body you believe contains you, the world that you inhabit or the “people” that make up that “world.”

Thoughts that seek to represent and describe a dream world are as much a part of that dream as the images that seem to move around in it. The dream is no less whole than the TRUTH that you will awake to. The only difference is that the dream is NOT TRUE, but ONLY a dream.

I ask that you see the dream in its wholeness, so you are no longer victimized by disparate parts that can only oppose one another. Until you do, your thoughts about others are no more real than the images you see and claim as representing other minds. You are not “here,” nor are your thoughts, images, beliefs; nothing is “here,” because it is ONLY a dream.

A belief in “your” mind, as separate from the wholeness of truth, is as delusional as the belief in “other” separate minds thinking separate thoughts. Believing that your mind is “the only mind” is no less delusional than believing in other minds. There are no other minds, nor is there a mind that belongs exclusively to you.

M: Whatever happened to “I think, therefore I am”?

J: You have yet to THINK and, until you do, the thoughts you now worship will continue to demonstrate to you that you are delusional. You are dreaming and your thoughts are part of that. In fact, they are ALL of it. There is nothing else.

M: Well then, this discussion is a dream also. If my mind is delusional then so are you.

J: I am just your attempt at remembering amidst a soon to be forgotten dream. when you awake, I will be gone, because you will see that WE are one. When you awake, none of this will matter. None of it will have even “existed,” since there will not be a “time” when it could have been real.

The dream is exhausting you. You are very tired of dreaming that you ARE what you could NEVER be. Waste not a moment more of your precious mind on dreaming. Wake up and SEE the real world that God created in your name.

You are still there and God is waiting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Only A Dream (pt.1)

M: I worry that learning all this will paralyze me into complete inactivity.

J: You are learning that what you “do” has NO value. The “self” that demands value fights vigorously against this as a viable choice, because if its world has NO value, then neither does IT.

A dream can be whatever you want it to be, but NO part of it is valued, because you recognize it as ONLY a dream. To be “paralyzed” in a dream means you have failed to recognize it as ONLY a dream and, as a result, the dream controls you.

I simply teach that although you choose to be controlled by a dream, it is still ONLY a dream and you can choose to SEE it differently.

As I have said before, you can do anything you choose. However, every choice asserts VALUE and what you value you will idolize as “real” and forget that it is all ONLY a dream.

In a dream, there is no right or wrong choice, simply because ALL of it is ONLY a dream. No choice is more or less important than another, because every choice is made IN a dream.

The only real choice to be made is to awaken.

M: Well, this world may be nothing more than a dream but, in my dream, I have to make choices.

J: Make every choice in a dream, prove to you it is ONLY a dream.

M: I can’t just make valueless choices. In my "dream," I have to work to pay bills. My body has needs and must be fed and kept healthy. I have responsibilities and certain duties that I just can’t ignore.

J: You have idolized these choices as “real” and, hence, the dream controls you.

M: If I knew I were dreaming, much of it I wouldn’t do at all. I would simply change the dream.

J: Then why do you not do so?

M: Obviously, because I don’t believe it’s a dream. The world is real!

J: Indeed, choices become valued as necessary in a world interpreted as “real.” Your only option is to alter that interpretation. You have tried to make perception fit your plans.

You have given great value to specific parts of what you perceive, while attempting to devalue other parts. You have tried to deny and ignore. You have applied progressively greater control to what you perceive, often through anger and attack. You have cried tears of despair and begged the world to give you what you need. You have used chemicals to numb yourself to what you perceive and have sought to overhaul your constant suffering through idolizing pleasurable experiences.

Nevertheless, nothing has yet mitigated your suffering. None of these measures have worked and, if they have provided any relief at all, only a brief time elapses until your misery rises again to consume your mind. What more can you do? What other “choices” are left to you?

ALL of the options you have so far chosen demand your world be “real.” You have done many things to end your suffering in the dream, except realize it IS a dream and this is the only option left to you. I recommend you choose the only option that is guaranteed to work without fail.

M: So I should just tell myself every day that it is all “only a dream”? How will that help me to change the dream?

J: When you know it is ONLY a dream, the dream no longer controls you. Yet, you must recognize it ALL as ONLY a dream. No part of what is ONLY a dream can be of more or less importance than any other part. Otherwise, you will idolize specific parts as valuable and what is assessed as valuable becomes more “real” for you. This is the dream you now believe, and suffer accordingly, as “real.”

M: So I should not feel happy about some parts or sad about others? You want me to live a flat and emotionless existence.

J: On the contrary, I ask that you engage ALL of it with great joy and in deep abiding peace. I ask that you recognize that you do not “exist” IN a world. The world exists IN you.

M: So I should be joyful about war?

J: I simply recommend the means of escaping enslavement to what you believe “real.” You made war “real” because, in your dream, some parts are to be feared and hated. In your dream, some parts must be destroyed, else you believe they will destroy you. In your dream, you CAN be destroyed.

Accept it all as ONLY a dream and realize your infinite invulnerability.

To fully understand and SEE this is to experience a JOY that is beyond anything you have experienced or could even imagine experiencing. It is a freedom that offers infinite peace and a love that will encompass every part of your mind. For in this VISION is the realization that ALL suffering has never been “real” and, in understanding this, you can NEVER suffer again.

Yet, there is still another world for you to see. However, no “eyes” will show it to you because IT IS REAL. Words from the dream cannot describe its utter beauty and, hence, I cannot tell you what you will experience because there are no “dream words” that fit such a description.

Although, your dreaming does not suffice to keep you much longer from this experience. Because you REMEMBER, and have NOT forgotten, you have asked me to teach you again what you have always KNOWN.

It is only a breath away from you and waits patiently for you to accept its VISION.

But first, you must accept it is ONLY a dream and that is all that is needed to AWAKEN.