Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Infinite and Unimaginable Joy

M: If this is a “dream” why do I have so many problems to deal with? It’s like I just go from one problem to the next.

J: A dream can have NO problems, being ONLY a dream.

Failing to see this is your only problem. Seek out every “problem” you can find and immediately recognize it is solved.

M: You want me to look for problems?

J: Is that NOT what you do? Do you not superimpose the past upon a future in fear of the present? You lament those you claim as “addicted,” but find you own incessant need to repeat your suffering completely acceptable.

M: Problems just pop-up. I don’t seek them out.

J: FEAR compels you to make repetition REAL and the world never fails to demonstrate what you wish to SEE until you NO longer wish to see it. The power of your mind is beyond imagining. Yet, when everything it imagines is founded on fear, what you imagine “real,” you will NOT LOVE. Imagine what you could SEE if fear were completely banished from your mind. Imagine what your world would then show you. Imagine what LOVE could give you when you extend beyond what you now imagine as “popping up.”

Nevertheless, at present, you continue to endure your own self-imposed moratorium on imagination. From large intractable problems to inconsequential and petty annoyances, life is a tedious repetition, interspersed with episodes of hope that "things may one day get better." Unless you choose another guide, fear will accompany you to the grave, because its only purpose is to take you “there.”

Make no mistake, in any moment that you do not experience UNIMAGINABLE joy, then you have IMAGINED fear as guide and everywhere you look, fear will show you ONLY what it teaches, and you will learn ONLY that. 

M: Unimaginable joy??? So I should feel joy when I’m sick?

J: It is never too late to double back and correct what was DECIDED in error, since clearly sickness is indicative of a poor choice. Just as cause precedes effect, your goals MUST always precede what you experience. Sickness is only an effect of the goal that caused it. Recognize your goal is in error and simply correct it.

However, you MUST first recognize the error, because there is NOTHING that comes to you against your willingness that it be received.

M: I still cannot comprehend that all the recent shit that has piled up on me is purely of my doing. That is beyond my ability to understand.

J: Presently, understanding is not necessary, but the acceptance born of FAITH is crucial to changing the dream. You do NOT understand the world you have made “real” but, ironically, you do have faith in it being “real.” Faith arising from error made it real, but only for you. I ask that you have faith that you have perceived in error.

What you have imagined “real” is astounding and beyond ALL logic. Yet, it only attests to the incredible power of your THINKING. You have imagined real an entire “world” and then made that world the cause of your imagining, simply as means of denying GOD.

You have made your ‘self’ God, then punish yourself for your arrogance and impunity by demanding the world claim guilt for your “birth.” This is insane. Yet, you DO believe it.

M: You want me to have no desires, no dreams, hopes or goals. You want me to live as if I were not me. This is impossible!

J: Have you not yet tired of your choices? Choices that lead no closer to freedom each and every time one is made? Are you not yet exhausted from your repetitive efforts to achieve some sense of consistent “happiness”? Have you not yet learned that you have no basis for which to make such choices?

What you accept as “natural” is completely absurd. There is nothing natural about your world because there is nothing natural to a mind severed from TRUTH. It is deluded and what delusion sees cannot be TRUSTED and you will NOT love what you do NOT trust. You do NOT love your world. If you could only recognize the infinite peace that will overcome you once you give up your DISTRUST.

Let your world come to you of its own accord and accept what you receive in the realization that you could NOT decide otherwise. This will provide you the opportunity to experience change.

The experience of a complete and total break with all forms of fear is beyond your ability to imagine, only because every FORM you experience is imagined from fear. Fear has determined the FORM of everything in your “world.” Form has NO other purpose but to impose limits and your world demonstrates nothing but limitation.

Understand that the forms cannot touch you, for you have only imagined them.

M: So I can run out in front of a Mac truck and it’ll pass right through me?

J: If you could ONLY imagine it, then it could ONLY be true. What you experience is a poverty of imagination that can look NO further because it is stifled by fear. However, as fear recedes imagination yields to ever greater awareness which only perpetuates ever greater degrees of joy. Your joy is not yet infinite and continues to be limited by the FORMS you imagine “real.” You identify your ‘self’ with a poverty of imagination, born of a mind that fears itself.

Soon, however, you will let loose from your resistance and new experiences will happen very rapidly. You will imagine things beyond what has been THOUGHT “real” up to now. You are beginning to see how tightly you hold to your conditions. You are beginning to sense there might be another way. Yet, you are still haunted by the fear of sacrifice and clutch rigidly to what you see. There is much you have imagined that you refuse to let go.

M: I could let go of my attachment to many things. But there is still much that I don’t yet want to give up because it’s needed.

J: Only because you do NOT yet believe there is another way and another world in which NOTHING IS “needed.” You have the means of seeing differently, if you would only release yourself from fear. There is much I wish to show you. But you refuse to look and I cannot MAKE you see. As a guide, I can only show the way. You must choose to follow.

M: So how do I let go of fear?

J: First you must recognize that you fear EVERYTHING because, if EVERYTHING is not cause for consistent joy, then it must be fear within that looks out.

M: I don’t fear my dog.

J: Again, if what you perceive is not cause for consistent joy, then sight is afflicted by fear. This is the only “rule” necessary to understand the means of dissolving fear. You needn’t worry about the forms through which fear is experienced, as you have made them too countless to consider.

M: Well, I’m not exactly experiencing joy right now. But I don’t feel fearful either.

J: If fear is the foundation, then joy has nowhere to stand. Fear has determined your perception for much too long.

M: There’s just nothing for me to be joyful about right now.

J: Seeking a cause from the world only reinforces fear. Experience extracted from a “world” only denies your origin and makes you victim to a “world” that did NOT create YOU. I teach be joyful that it is ONLY a dream. Teach this to others and experience it for yourself.

M: How do I teach people this is only a dream, when I don’t believe it myself?

J: Teach it to learn it.

M: If it’s a dream, then what difference would it make what I did?

J: If the dream is yours, then what you do TO it, you do TO yourself. This must be understood before you can awake from the dream.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dissolving Conditions Preemptively

M: I do not have the ability to love unconditionally. There are some people I just flat out don't like. This stuff you teach is impossible to apply in the world.

J: I teach only your mind, for “there” is where all conditions reside and not in a “world.” You must first dissolve the conditions derived from your own fear, before your world will demonstrate peace. Any grievance held against another merely applies further conditions to what is not "there."

M: So the world is in my mind?

J: Where else do you experience it?

M: But I have very little control over those experiences, because they occur outside my mind.

J: Nothing leaves the mind. Full control is contingent on your learning this above all else. Until then, you will believe you are under the control of what is experienced, allowing a denial of responsibility. There is nothing outside your mind. Nothing enters and nothing leaves. Everything remains firmly within you, waiting for YOU to see it as such. See the wholeness of that and be relieved of the suffering experienced from separate parts.

M: What do you mean “see the wholeness”? How do I do that?

J: Accept the WHOLENESS of what you experience by relieving it of what it means to you and see the interdependent connection between all the parts of your dream. It is the meanings you apply to the images you experience that denies you the freedom of seeing it all at once. Such a sweeping vision will leave you breathless, but only for the moment it takes to realize that truth is not a part of your dream.

Do NOT dismiss even the tiniest, most insignificant experience to show you this wholeness.

If you look to the parts to explain the dream, you will misinterpret your ‘self’ as other than dreamer. This is why you now SEE your dream as REALITY.

M: How can I possibly be aware of everything?

J: You need NOT seek out. I merely ask that you NOT DISMISS. Every miniscule speck that seems to arise into awareness by chance, comes to you of your own volition and it was DECIDED long before the experience appeared. This is how you have made your world.

Nothing comes to you by accident and nothing you experience is victim to chance. 

M: How can I not judge what I experience in order to make decisions? Things have to be decided.

J: This is why you must decide BEFORE experience. The goal MUST be decided prior to every situation.

Your mind must be trained to dissolve conditions preemptively.
Otherwise, your experiences will continue to demonstrate that you are victim to “chance,” because ALL goals you determine must take chance into account. Do not consider chance any longer. It does not exist.

M: I have no idea what’s going to happen until it happens and even when I do hope for something to happen a certain way, it rarely ever does happen as I hope.

J: Hope that is victim to chance is a weak idea with little power to alter the dream. Because you believe in chance, your “hope” must always be victim to those conditions. Hence, there is always the belief it may not turn out as you would like and this merely gives CHANCE the power to prove itself in CONTROL.

There is nothing that happens in your world by chance. Believe this and take responsibility for every opportunity to HEAL. This allows you the ability to achieve a sense of peace in your dream that will only alter the conditions you have imposed.

Your goal is merely to fully engage your dream in the recognition that chance plays no part in your experiences. Do NOT allow the ego to teach you by remaining aware of the goals you “hope” for, simply let them go. They were built on the foundation of ever shifting sands, that only chance can provide.

M: You’re just saying that everything happens for a reason.

J: Just not any “reason” you could choose.

M: So I should live my life with no hope of anything?

J: Hope of awakening to your salvation brought me to YOU, because it is derived from CERTAINTY, although you continue to see it as merely a chance possibility, if possible at all. My voice lends credence to that certainty because I am a product of it. Your hope of anything other than this must remain victim to CHANCE.

M: Well, if you know everything with certainty, then why don’t you just tell me what to do all the time?

J: This is what you have called on me to do. Why then, do you fail to LISTEN?

M: Because I don’t believe in the certainty of you.

J: But it is certain that you will, because it is the only certainty you will ever KNOW. Your only goal in every situation is to rely on that alone. Your ultimate FREEDOM rests upon this foundation because it is much stronger than anything “hope” could ever bring.

The freedom inherent to God’s certainty is insured and grants the power to move mountains. This power rests with YOU and it is certain you will KNOW it when you surrender your HOPE for what you think you NEED instead of what is ALREADY given.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I Will React For You

M: So how long do I have to experience this pain in my chest?

J: Until you recognize your complete and absolute innocence. Yet, as long as they are guilty, so must you be. Free them and you free yourself. Make no mistake, all emotional pain is your determination to bind someone to your conditions.

M: I don’t even know what I’m guilty of!

J: You dream of a world absent LOVE and such a “world” will always be guilty of proving what you demand be “real.” That is its only purpose and it will never veer from the direction you EXPECT. Such is the immense and infinite power of your mind. Yet, you have used that power to dream of ABSENCE and loss. You cannot escape the power of your mind, because you did NOT create it. However, you can learn to use it for its intended purpose.

God’s world proves ONLY love and ONLY the innocent can SEE it.

M: I will never believe I made reality.

J: You have “made” your dream a reality. You have split responsibility in two, giving to your world what you do not wish to claim for yourself. I teach that you are fully responsible for ALL of it.

You will only learn this by changing how you REACT to what you have denied. Not one part of your world is free of you, nor is any part of you apart from it. Accept every part as yours and free it from guilt. It is guilty of nothing because it provides ONLY what you are determined to see.

M: So how do I take responsibility for my reactions?

J: You believe responsibility lies not in the experience, but ONLY the reaction do you accept as yours. You have spent your life learning to perfect your reactions to chance. To learn that you are fully responsible for experience you must surrender ALL responsibility for reaction to ME.

The interval between experience and reaction you call “time.” IN time, your reaction has the capacity to teach you that your experiences are delusional, because there is NO separation between what you experience and how you react. Yet, only if you give ALL your reactions to me, can you learn this as TRUE.

You can only react through fear, because your fear made the experience “real” before the reaction entered your mind. I KNOW that ALL your experiences are delusional and, hence, I have NO fear. A changed reaction MUST alter experience, because you will no longer respond from what you think is true, but from what I KNOW is true. I know that, although NOTHING you experience is TRUE, NOTHING is based on chance.

M: In order to take responsibility, I have to allow you to judge my experiences for me?

J: In order to learn YOU are responsible, you must close the gap between what you experience and how you react. I will help you.

In a world you react to as “real,” there is no teacher free of your fear. I am not OF your world, because I have transcended the very fear that made it ALL possible. Why else would you have called on me, if you did not believe this were TRUE?

When you learn that ALL experience is a unified whole, ALL your experiences will be free of fear and you will react miraculously. 

M: I can’t trust you, simply because you’re in my head.

J: If ALL experience is in your “head,” the most effective teacher must be there as well. How else will you learn to trust yourself, if not by trusting ALL your experiences to provide the TRUTH that is always with YOU? In the realization that ALL experience resides within you, there can be NOWHERE else to turn. This is an experience of great joy, because it means you are FREE.

M: But I thought you said it was only a dream.

J: And when you KNOW this, why would you NOT trust ALL your experiences to teach you this without fail?

M: What about my experiences of other people.

J: “Other people” clearly serve a profound purpose. Yet, you refuse to accept that purpose and so your experiences fail to teach the TRUTH. Accept that purpose and be saved. The reason you have NOT accepted me, is that you do NOT accept them. That is their ONLY purpose.

M: I believe they are more real than you.

J: Indeed. Yet, even this has not helped you to accept, which only demonstrates that “real” means nothing in your “world.” Accept THEM… and know ME, for I am free of delusion.

M: So their only purpose is for me to accept them?

J: How else would you finally KNOW yourself and why else would you now fail to understand who you are? This is a Law of Mind that you did not legislate and, fortunately, it is beyond your control to change. What you extend into the dream has the power to awaken the whole dream. But it MUST be extended to be KNOWN.

You have imposed conditions to a dream in which all must suffer. You do not wish for this, but you dream it is impossible to change and so, you have accepted this condition instead of those who have the power to SAVE you, because you granted it. Accept them without condition and awaken from the dream.

M: I cannot accept everything that people do.

J: And so guilt must prevail in a dream made mad BY guilt. Only total innocence can set you free to awaken.

M: You’re asking for unconditional love and that’s impossible. No one can do that.

J: No one need but you, because you imposed the conditions that make up your ‘world.” You have set the standards of what possibilities can be imagined and that is exactly what you SEE. If you have constructed the prison, then only you have the power to unlock the gates.

You believe your experiences are victim to CHANCE. However, if you look more closely you will see that every experience you claim to recall, as of a shadowy “past,” has led you to this point. Your learning has always been certain, but your denial of this fact is the sole cause of your suffering through the guilt of being LOST. You are NOT lost, because chance is only a condition of your dream. God’s reality is certain and hence, there can be no CHANCE of being LOST or of losing anything.

Conditions must be imposed when you imagine a “world” governed by the hopelessness of chance. Believe in your certainty and allow not one experience to be governed by the reckless and ungovernable. Recognize every experience as one of necessity and watch the conditions dissolve before your very eyes.

Your awakening is as certain as your CREATION. How could it be otherwise? Believe in that absolute certainty and take joy in what the dream provides, knowing you have granted ALL provisions. It will give you what you need, when you no longer give IT to chance.

M: So if my dream “provides” me with cancer, I should take joy in that?

J: There is no other means of dissolving the limits you provide except by realizing they do NOT limit you. You pick and choose what experiences you would learn this from and this merely delays KNOWING, because every experience holds the promise of awakening. I teach that all experiences have the power to heal centuries of limits when you allow me to react for you. Delay no longer. Each moment of a dream has the potential to wake you to a REALITY well beyond the farthest reaches of any “existence” you could ever dream as “real.”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Always Get What YOU Need

M: I feel so deeply alone, that it actually feels physically painful.

J: If you continue to rely on your ‘self,’ you will continue to miss the opportunities to heal your pain. All experiences invite healing. Do not decide for your ‘self,’ because you have no idea what you NEED and what you WANT has always failed to heal your suffering.

M: But when I really need you, you’re not there.

J: The union we share is infinitely indivisible. We can never part. I am always “there” and you will know that without doubt when you choose to listen. When you do NOT choose to listen, you will ALWAYS make the wrong choices in the belief that the correct advice was not available. Your world cannot give you that advice and nothing it has ever taught you can help you now.

M: You know why I hurt so bad.

J: Your incessant resistance makes you very hard to love, but your creation made you infinitely lovable. Do not decide for your “self” what any relationship means for you, because of your ‘self’ you could not KNOW and, repeatedly, your suffering is ONLY the belief that you DO. Until you KNOW, every choice made is the wrong choice, because it comes from fear. Fear knows NOTHING but itself and can only chronically replicate what it teaches. It has provided the same lesson for centuries and can teach nothing else.

Love knows NO proximity. No space or time. What it teaches is eternal, because it has no finite boundaries and is conditioned upon nothing but your decision TO love. When you think of her, do not think of what you gave up or lost, but think of what you gained and you have gained more than you are prepared to recognize at present. Yet, have faith that I see what you currently cannot. It will be shown to you when you are ready to SEE.

What you determine as loss, is always a success. However, what you claim as successful, merely keeps you lost. Those who cannot make such determinations on their own require guidance.

M: But that won’t bring her back. That won’t correct the mistakes I made.

J: No mistakes are made, only failed interpretations of success. I told you before that your every move is certain. There can be NO mistakes in the certainty of TRUTH and nothing that is REAL, is ever free of that condition. Why resist what is certain? Wouldn’t you rather learn from it?

It is certain that you would be here now and suffering through that which you have suffered through countless times before. Each situation seems different but, if you look closely, you will recognize that the suffering is ALWAYS the same.

You are getting closer to the full realization that you have no idea what you NEED. This will open you up to guidance. However, because of your resistance, we are not quite there yet, as you continue to guide your ‘self’ believing I am absent.

I am always with you. Seek me out before any decision is made, so that I can assure you of its certainty.

M: I cannot tell the difference between you and my own ramblings.

J: You will know my voice, because your heart will sing from every message given. Yet, it may not come as “words.” Messages await all your senses, when you are open to guidance. But do not await the message you look to receive. Receive the message that is given you to SEE. When you are fully open to guidance, such are the messages you will rejoice in.

M: Right now I’m sitting out a hurricane. What message is that?

J: That soon your suffering MUST end. Do you see that?

M: No.

J: Then you look to receive a message that cannot be given, because it is NOT what you WANT. What you think you WANT is never what you NEED. This MUST become apparent to you before you will actually ask and receive what you WANT.

You must know what you want before it can be given. The reason you have yet to know what you WANT is because you have NO idea what you NEED. As a result, when you find what you NEED, and you ALWAYS do, you throw it away, thinking it is NOT what you WANT. Only then do you realize, not long after, that it was indeed NEEDED.

You are at this juncture once again and you will be here many more times, until you decide that you DO NOT KNOW. When that decision is made, everything will come to you as NEEDED, because it is what you WANT.

All you have ever wanted, above all your mad chattering, is to find the deep and abiding peace of God. You have not found that peace because you mistrust those who show you the way. You believe it is NOT what you want and so, you are deeply in NEED of it right now. Accept that you do NOT know the way and the way will be shown.

M: Will I ever find love

J: If that is what you NEED, then you will have what you WANT. But there cannot be opposition, else one can only negate the other and you will have what you have now. Is love what you need or have you lost sight of it because of what you want?

M: I thought it was. Then I thought it wasn’t, but now I believe it is. I guess I really don’t have any idea what I want or need.

J: Hold firmly to the thought that you DO NOT KNOW.

Contemplate it fully and consider it very deeply. When you finally give up deciding, the knowledge will come to you. However, if you do NOT yet know, then you still believe you can decide on your own and, hence, understanding will escape you entirely. KNOWING comes very simply from recognizing that you DO NOT KNOW. There is NO other way to accept God’s message than to decide that immediately. When that decision is finally made, and made fully, everything you NEED to know will become instantly apparent and your world will show it to you and you will rejoice in what you see.

M: So I just need to believe that I don’t know what anything is for? That’s it?

J: Yes, it is a very simple thing. Nevertheless, this simple task you resist with the gravitational force of ten trillion suns.

M: But it means giving up control of my life!

J: It means giving up control of your suffering. This is all your “life” has ever been, a dream in which the dreamer dreams he is at the mercy of forces beyond his control. A dream in which, decisions made, only keep the dreamer dreaming the mad idea that awakening is impossible.

M: So I shouldn’t decide to take vitamins or eat right? I shouldn’t decide to go to work or pay my bills?

J: Do anything you decide, but make no decisions out of fear. You must learn the difference.

M: It still hurts…

J: Do NOT run from your success by seeing it as failure. You do NOT know the difference. You have asked to learn. Do not decide for yourself what need be taught.

M: So I will always get what I need?

J: Always, without fail, no matter how you define it in the moment it comes. See everything as NEEDED and learn from the lessons that are meant ONLY for you