Monday, September 19, 2011

Dissolving Conditions Preemptively

M: I do not have the ability to love unconditionally. There are some people I just flat out don't like. This stuff you teach is impossible to apply in the world.

J: I teach only your mind, for “there” is where all conditions reside and not in a “world.” You must first dissolve the conditions derived from your own fear, before your world will demonstrate peace. Any grievance held against another merely applies further conditions to what is not "there."

M: So the world is in my mind?

J: Where else do you experience it?

M: But I have very little control over those experiences, because they occur outside my mind.

J: Nothing leaves the mind. Full control is contingent on your learning this above all else. Until then, you will believe you are under the control of what is experienced, allowing a denial of responsibility. There is nothing outside your mind. Nothing enters and nothing leaves. Everything remains firmly within you, waiting for YOU to see it as such. See the wholeness of that and be relieved of the suffering experienced from separate parts.

M: What do you mean “see the wholeness”? How do I do that?

J: Accept the WHOLENESS of what you experience by relieving it of what it means to you and see the interdependent connection between all the parts of your dream. It is the meanings you apply to the images you experience that denies you the freedom of seeing it all at once. Such a sweeping vision will leave you breathless, but only for the moment it takes to realize that truth is not a part of your dream.

Do NOT dismiss even the tiniest, most insignificant experience to show you this wholeness.

If you look to the parts to explain the dream, you will misinterpret your ‘self’ as other than dreamer. This is why you now SEE your dream as REALITY.

M: How can I possibly be aware of everything?

J: You need NOT seek out. I merely ask that you NOT DISMISS. Every miniscule speck that seems to arise into awareness by chance, comes to you of your own volition and it was DECIDED long before the experience appeared. This is how you have made your world.

Nothing comes to you by accident and nothing you experience is victim to chance. 

M: How can I not judge what I experience in order to make decisions? Things have to be decided.

J: This is why you must decide BEFORE experience. The goal MUST be decided prior to every situation.

Your mind must be trained to dissolve conditions preemptively.
Otherwise, your experiences will continue to demonstrate that you are victim to “chance,” because ALL goals you determine must take chance into account. Do not consider chance any longer. It does not exist.

M: I have no idea what’s going to happen until it happens and even when I do hope for something to happen a certain way, it rarely ever does happen as I hope.

J: Hope that is victim to chance is a weak idea with little power to alter the dream. Because you believe in chance, your “hope” must always be victim to those conditions. Hence, there is always the belief it may not turn out as you would like and this merely gives CHANCE the power to prove itself in CONTROL.

There is nothing that happens in your world by chance. Believe this and take responsibility for every opportunity to HEAL. This allows you the ability to achieve a sense of peace in your dream that will only alter the conditions you have imposed.

Your goal is merely to fully engage your dream in the recognition that chance plays no part in your experiences. Do NOT allow the ego to teach you by remaining aware of the goals you “hope” for, simply let them go. They were built on the foundation of ever shifting sands, that only chance can provide.

M: You’re just saying that everything happens for a reason.

J: Just not any “reason” you could choose.

M: So I should live my life with no hope of anything?

J: Hope of awakening to your salvation brought me to YOU, because it is derived from CERTAINTY, although you continue to see it as merely a chance possibility, if possible at all. My voice lends credence to that certainty because I am a product of it. Your hope of anything other than this must remain victim to CHANCE.

M: Well, if you know everything with certainty, then why don’t you just tell me what to do all the time?

J: This is what you have called on me to do. Why then, do you fail to LISTEN?

M: Because I don’t believe in the certainty of you.

J: But it is certain that you will, because it is the only certainty you will ever KNOW. Your only goal in every situation is to rely on that alone. Your ultimate FREEDOM rests upon this foundation because it is much stronger than anything “hope” could ever bring.

The freedom inherent to God’s certainty is insured and grants the power to move mountains. This power rests with YOU and it is certain you will KNOW it when you surrender your HOPE for what you think you NEED instead of what is ALREADY given.


  1. Hope grows with every [tiny] surrender/baby step to this Certainty. I am grateful to be reminded as you are posting these "re-MINDers" that, having come to the branch in the road, and having chosen the only sane Helper, how important it is now, to let go, and follow instructions! Muchas gracias, Mike..... :-)