Friday, September 9, 2011

I Will React For You

M: So how long do I have to experience this pain in my chest?

J: Until you recognize your complete and absolute innocence. Yet, as long as they are guilty, so must you be. Free them and you free yourself. Make no mistake, all emotional pain is your determination to bind someone to your conditions.

M: I don’t even know what I’m guilty of!

J: You dream of a world absent LOVE and such a “world” will always be guilty of proving what you demand be “real.” That is its only purpose and it will never veer from the direction you EXPECT. Such is the immense and infinite power of your mind. Yet, you have used that power to dream of ABSENCE and loss. You cannot escape the power of your mind, because you did NOT create it. However, you can learn to use it for its intended purpose.

God’s world proves ONLY love and ONLY the innocent can SEE it.

M: I will never believe I made reality.

J: You have “made” your dream a reality. You have split responsibility in two, giving to your world what you do not wish to claim for yourself. I teach that you are fully responsible for ALL of it.

You will only learn this by changing how you REACT to what you have denied. Not one part of your world is free of you, nor is any part of you apart from it. Accept every part as yours and free it from guilt. It is guilty of nothing because it provides ONLY what you are determined to see.

M: So how do I take responsibility for my reactions?

J: You believe responsibility lies not in the experience, but ONLY the reaction do you accept as yours. You have spent your life learning to perfect your reactions to chance. To learn that you are fully responsible for experience you must surrender ALL responsibility for reaction to ME.

The interval between experience and reaction you call “time.” IN time, your reaction has the capacity to teach you that your experiences are delusional, because there is NO separation between what you experience and how you react. Yet, only if you give ALL your reactions to me, can you learn this as TRUE.

You can only react through fear, because your fear made the experience “real” before the reaction entered your mind. I KNOW that ALL your experiences are delusional and, hence, I have NO fear. A changed reaction MUST alter experience, because you will no longer respond from what you think is true, but from what I KNOW is true. I know that, although NOTHING you experience is TRUE, NOTHING is based on chance.

M: In order to take responsibility, I have to allow you to judge my experiences for me?

J: In order to learn YOU are responsible, you must close the gap between what you experience and how you react. I will help you.

In a world you react to as “real,” there is no teacher free of your fear. I am not OF your world, because I have transcended the very fear that made it ALL possible. Why else would you have called on me, if you did not believe this were TRUE?

When you learn that ALL experience is a unified whole, ALL your experiences will be free of fear and you will react miraculously. 

M: I can’t trust you, simply because you’re in my head.

J: If ALL experience is in your “head,” the most effective teacher must be there as well. How else will you learn to trust yourself, if not by trusting ALL your experiences to provide the TRUTH that is always with YOU? In the realization that ALL experience resides within you, there can be NOWHERE else to turn. This is an experience of great joy, because it means you are FREE.

M: But I thought you said it was only a dream.

J: And when you KNOW this, why would you NOT trust ALL your experiences to teach you this without fail?

M: What about my experiences of other people.

J: “Other people” clearly serve a profound purpose. Yet, you refuse to accept that purpose and so your experiences fail to teach the TRUTH. Accept that purpose and be saved. The reason you have NOT accepted me, is that you do NOT accept them. That is their ONLY purpose.

M: I believe they are more real than you.

J: Indeed. Yet, even this has not helped you to accept, which only demonstrates that “real” means nothing in your “world.” Accept THEM… and know ME, for I am free of delusion.

M: So their only purpose is for me to accept them?

J: How else would you finally KNOW yourself and why else would you now fail to understand who you are? This is a Law of Mind that you did not legislate and, fortunately, it is beyond your control to change. What you extend into the dream has the power to awaken the whole dream. But it MUST be extended to be KNOWN.

You have imposed conditions to a dream in which all must suffer. You do not wish for this, but you dream it is impossible to change and so, you have accepted this condition instead of those who have the power to SAVE you, because you granted it. Accept them without condition and awaken from the dream.

M: I cannot accept everything that people do.

J: And so guilt must prevail in a dream made mad BY guilt. Only total innocence can set you free to awaken.

M: You’re asking for unconditional love and that’s impossible. No one can do that.

J: No one need but you, because you imposed the conditions that make up your ‘world.” You have set the standards of what possibilities can be imagined and that is exactly what you SEE. If you have constructed the prison, then only you have the power to unlock the gates.

You believe your experiences are victim to CHANCE. However, if you look more closely you will see that every experience you claim to recall, as of a shadowy “past,” has led you to this point. Your learning has always been certain, but your denial of this fact is the sole cause of your suffering through the guilt of being LOST. You are NOT lost, because chance is only a condition of your dream. God’s reality is certain and hence, there can be no CHANCE of being LOST or of losing anything.

Conditions must be imposed when you imagine a “world” governed by the hopelessness of chance. Believe in your certainty and allow not one experience to be governed by the reckless and ungovernable. Recognize every experience as one of necessity and watch the conditions dissolve before your very eyes.

Your awakening is as certain as your CREATION. How could it be otherwise? Believe in that absolute certainty and take joy in what the dream provides, knowing you have granted ALL provisions. It will give you what you need, when you no longer give IT to chance.

M: So if my dream “provides” me with cancer, I should take joy in that?

J: There is no other means of dissolving the limits you provide except by realizing they do NOT limit you. You pick and choose what experiences you would learn this from and this merely delays KNOWING, because every experience holds the promise of awakening. I teach that all experiences have the power to heal centuries of limits when you allow me to react for you. Delay no longer. Each moment of a dream has the potential to wake you to a REALITY well beyond the farthest reaches of any “existence” you could ever dream as “real.”


  1. Yes, very helpful. Illusory time is the greatest obstacle, the "glue" that holds our individual "stories" together...Your fear is leaving, Mike, and so is mine...Thank you for your words.

  2. You're welcome.

    Glad you enjoyed the reading,