Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Always Get What YOU Need

M: I feel so deeply alone, that it actually feels physically painful.

J: If you continue to rely on your ‘self,’ you will continue to miss the opportunities to heal your pain. All experiences invite healing. Do not decide for your ‘self,’ because you have no idea what you NEED and what you WANT has always failed to heal your suffering.

M: But when I really need you, you’re not there.

J: The union we share is infinitely indivisible. We can never part. I am always “there” and you will know that without doubt when you choose to listen. When you do NOT choose to listen, you will ALWAYS make the wrong choices in the belief that the correct advice was not available. Your world cannot give you that advice and nothing it has ever taught you can help you now.

M: You know why I hurt so bad.

J: Your incessant resistance makes you very hard to love, but your creation made you infinitely lovable. Do not decide for your “self” what any relationship means for you, because of your ‘self’ you could not KNOW and, repeatedly, your suffering is ONLY the belief that you DO. Until you KNOW, every choice made is the wrong choice, because it comes from fear. Fear knows NOTHING but itself and can only chronically replicate what it teaches. It has provided the same lesson for centuries and can teach nothing else.

Love knows NO proximity. No space or time. What it teaches is eternal, because it has no finite boundaries and is conditioned upon nothing but your decision TO love. When you think of her, do not think of what you gave up or lost, but think of what you gained and you have gained more than you are prepared to recognize at present. Yet, have faith that I see what you currently cannot. It will be shown to you when you are ready to SEE.

What you determine as loss, is always a success. However, what you claim as successful, merely keeps you lost. Those who cannot make such determinations on their own require guidance.

M: But that won’t bring her back. That won’t correct the mistakes I made.

J: No mistakes are made, only failed interpretations of success. I told you before that your every move is certain. There can be NO mistakes in the certainty of TRUTH and nothing that is REAL, is ever free of that condition. Why resist what is certain? Wouldn’t you rather learn from it?

It is certain that you would be here now and suffering through that which you have suffered through countless times before. Each situation seems different but, if you look closely, you will recognize that the suffering is ALWAYS the same.

You are getting closer to the full realization that you have no idea what you NEED. This will open you up to guidance. However, because of your resistance, we are not quite there yet, as you continue to guide your ‘self’ believing I am absent.

I am always with you. Seek me out before any decision is made, so that I can assure you of its certainty.

M: I cannot tell the difference between you and my own ramblings.

J: You will know my voice, because your heart will sing from every message given. Yet, it may not come as “words.” Messages await all your senses, when you are open to guidance. But do not await the message you look to receive. Receive the message that is given you to SEE. When you are fully open to guidance, such are the messages you will rejoice in.

M: Right now I’m sitting out a hurricane. What message is that?

J: That soon your suffering MUST end. Do you see that?

M: No.

J: Then you look to receive a message that cannot be given, because it is NOT what you WANT. What you think you WANT is never what you NEED. This MUST become apparent to you before you will actually ask and receive what you WANT.

You must know what you want before it can be given. The reason you have yet to know what you WANT is because you have NO idea what you NEED. As a result, when you find what you NEED, and you ALWAYS do, you throw it away, thinking it is NOT what you WANT. Only then do you realize, not long after, that it was indeed NEEDED.

You are at this juncture once again and you will be here many more times, until you decide that you DO NOT KNOW. When that decision is made, everything will come to you as NEEDED, because it is what you WANT.

All you have ever wanted, above all your mad chattering, is to find the deep and abiding peace of God. You have not found that peace because you mistrust those who show you the way. You believe it is NOT what you want and so, you are deeply in NEED of it right now. Accept that you do NOT know the way and the way will be shown.

M: Will I ever find love

J: If that is what you NEED, then you will have what you WANT. But there cannot be opposition, else one can only negate the other and you will have what you have now. Is love what you need or have you lost sight of it because of what you want?

M: I thought it was. Then I thought it wasn’t, but now I believe it is. I guess I really don’t have any idea what I want or need.

J: Hold firmly to the thought that you DO NOT KNOW.

Contemplate it fully and consider it very deeply. When you finally give up deciding, the knowledge will come to you. However, if you do NOT yet know, then you still believe you can decide on your own and, hence, understanding will escape you entirely. KNOWING comes very simply from recognizing that you DO NOT KNOW. There is NO other way to accept God’s message than to decide that immediately. When that decision is finally made, and made fully, everything you NEED to know will become instantly apparent and your world will show it to you and you will rejoice in what you see.

M: So I just need to believe that I don’t know what anything is for? That’s it?

J: Yes, it is a very simple thing. Nevertheless, this simple task you resist with the gravitational force of ten trillion suns.

M: But it means giving up control of my life!

J: It means giving up control of your suffering. This is all your “life” has ever been, a dream in which the dreamer dreams he is at the mercy of forces beyond his control. A dream in which, decisions made, only keep the dreamer dreaming the mad idea that awakening is impossible.

M: So I shouldn’t decide to take vitamins or eat right? I shouldn’t decide to go to work or pay my bills?

J: Do anything you decide, but make no decisions out of fear. You must learn the difference.

M: It still hurts…

J: Do NOT run from your success by seeing it as failure. You do NOT know the difference. You have asked to learn. Do not decide for yourself what need be taught.

M: So I will always get what I need?

J: Always, without fail, no matter how you define it in the moment it comes. See everything as NEEDED and learn from the lessons that are meant ONLY for you