Saturday, October 15, 2011

Your Commitment to Symbols

M: Now that my marriage is over, should I seek for love again?

C: Seeking for “love” through a symbolic reality can only end in failure because symbols are not real.

M: Well, I’d rather not live the rest of my life alone.

C: Would that be any different from what preceded? You have surrounded yourself with bodies, but only to further symbolize your estrangement from TRUTH because you fail to use the symbols to realize TRUTH.

All the symbols of your dream serve the purpose of either waking from the dream or remaining victimized by it. Your current actions demonstrate the choice you have made. However, your FREE-WILL offers you the ability to choose again.

M: So I should not commit to doing anything?

C: You are FREE to “commit” to whatever you wish in a “world” you demand symbolize “reality.” But what is the purpose of committing to symbols?  Would you rather not commit to REALITY? 

You must also recognize your ‘self’ as symbolic of what is past and, therefore, only capable of repeating what was learned. In that recognition, you will understand that you have NO idea what you want, nor could you ever. 

Choosing between symbols seems to demonstrate differences. Nevertheless, the symbols merely serve to hide the fact that NOTHING is there, but what you demand be present.

You are “committed” to your LOVE of symbols and believing in what is NOT real is the very foundation of your suffering. 

However, the pain of this recent experience, which you symbolize as failure, has the capacity to successfully accelerate your learning by symbolizing a greater openness to guidance. You are beginning to contemplate the notion that you do NOT KNOW what any of your symbols really mean. 

Nevertheless, you still remain resistant and staunchly “committed” to choosing a symbolic representation to SAVE you. Symbols cannot save, but only victimize.

M: So the people in my dream are only symbols?

C: Do you not see that you have made a purpose for everyone you encounter? You believe that purpose was there before the encounter, but this is clearly in error. You have set the purpose for everyone you meet and if they seem to rebel from that purpose, you have asked for that as well.

M: I suppose I just want things to work out right.

C: And always based on the delusional idea that you could even KNOW the difference between which symbols are right or wrong. I teach that they are neither, being only symbolic.

The only goal to accept for every situation is that you do NOT KNOW. This allows you to learn HEALING from the symbols you call on, in the understanding that ALL experiences are provided by YOU and can symbolize whatever you wish for them. 

There is a deeper part of you unknown to the surface desires of an egocentric dream. A part that is aware of the whole, because it IS whole. Through a more effective use of your fragmented symbols, it will help you experience that wholeness.

M: It does seem that I forever go over the same problems, the same anger and resentments, the same reactions, time and time again. It all gets repeated over and over.

C: The problem is always the same IF you continually seek an answer from what only symbolizes a PAST and, make no mistake, without a past the “self’ you believe real could NOT be known. Although the dream seems to show you changing circumstances and situations, the chaotic foundation of the self never changes. It is always chaos and from this you make decisions that merely perpetuate that foundation.

Let go of every purpose you would establish for every experience you encounter and learn the TRUTH that it will reveal ONLY when you surrender what you think it SYMBOLIZES. You have yet to recognize the deep peace that will envelop you when you engage the symbols of your dream without expectation, without hope and, hence, without fear. Expectations and hopes born of fear merely perpetuate suffering by repeating the past.

YOU were NOT created to formulate expectations from what you would hope is “true.” You were created to experience the pure certainty of TRUTH. Yet, nothing you now hope for will allow that light to shine on you, because “hope” born of the past fears, keeps you shrouded in darkness. You have the God given potential to SEE. Yet, nothing can be seen in darkness.

In your “world” you invest your hopes in a reality which only symbolizes the fragmentation born of FEAR. There is nothing you need hope for in God’s world, because everything you need is provided in pure certainty and nothing in your world will show you that until you accept it as TRUE. 

Surrender all your hopes and have FAITH only in certainty.



  2. " recognize the deep peace that will envelop you when you engage the symbols of your dream without expectation, without hope and, hence, without fear. Expectations and hopes born of fear merely perpetuate suffering by repeating the past."

    Ain't it true, though.

  3. It does seem that way...

  4. i am sorry but who is "J" in all of these posts? I would assume "M" is you..

  5. Now it's 'C.'

    No 'J.'

    But yes, 'M' is Me...

  6. my bad... so who is 'C'?

  7. Not real sure yet...

    So i don't wanna say till I'm certain.


  8. This entry rocks!
    It helped me understand one of Slavoj Zizek's theories in the documentary The Pervert's Guide to the Cinema