Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dreams Do Not Leave The Mind Of The Dreamer

M: Actually, what I’ve noticed recently is that, since these conversations, I’ve been experiencing more stress in my life than before. I sometimes think trying to learn what you teach is causing me more problems because I’m trying to attain what is totally unattainable.

C: Your need to experience “problems” has not changed, because you identify with deprivation and every problem symbolizes an absence of what you insist will “save” you.

However, your desperation for freedom from your problems is obviously intensifying as you begin to learn that FREEDOM has always been available to the MIND, but never the body. There will come a time when you will think with me always, in the realization that the ‘self’ you rely on to make use of a body cannot free your MIND. Yet, you continue to believe it is a sacrifice to free your MIND of what the self makes “real.” You believe “happiness” is out there and must be found. Hence, you stand before the bridge, but fear crossing.

M: I feel I should be farther along than I am.

C: The idea that you are NOT yet “there,” is the one idea currently inhibiting progress. You are THERE and only one last step must be taken before you see what you have come to see. You may take that step now or wait a thousand more years, but it is certain you WILL cross.

You still seek for evidence of change to “appear” in your world. The world will always witness to your state of mind. NOTHING changes without your WISH, but you wish only for what you know and you know NOTHING.

Do not rely on “perception” to teach you that you know NOTHING, because perception will teach you that NOTHING is "something" and you will learn from the PAST. There is NO progress in going backward. I offer you a future absent all past and in that, you will experience a present never before known.

You have begun to use your “problems” to negate what I teach and deny TRUTH. You claim that since your problems have increased, I must be a fraud.

This idea only serves to support your weak imagination, which the dream can only reflect back to you, in contradiction to my teaching that your strength is beyond the weakness you now imagine real.

Weakness always distrusts what it sees and sees only what must be distrusted as means of reinforcing its weakness, which it claims as "strength." You are beginning to trust in ME and this can only increase your trust in THEM, because to FULLY trust in me, you must FULLY trust in THEM. This closes the gap that you imagine separates you from your world.

M: So I have to rely on others to awaken from my dream?

C: The dream of “you” is yours and there are NO “others.” God did NOT create divided minds to occupy separated and estranged bodies as means to oppose one another. It is your dream and therefore, what happens is always a product of your request.

When you no longer demand the past define the present, you will understand all your experiences as ONE and that ONE experience will naturally awaken YOU from your dream.

THEY can teach you that you are only dreaming, because it is what you will teach THEM. Every moment you push them away, every time you curse what the dream shows you, you keep them and yourself in HELL.

M: How do I teach anybody anything when I don’t know anything?

C: There is a part of you that can teach a different purpose for what you imagine as “real.” It is from “there” I came and it is to there we BOTH will return.

That part has never left God and is inextricably bound to TRUTH. That part is completely whole and is NOT aware of separate THOUGHTS opposing one another. It can only teach what it knows and it will teach you to see the wholeness of your dream, since the only means of awakening from a dream, is to see it ALL as you have made it.

A dream does NOT leave the mind of the dreamer.

Teach THEM that they are also dreaming and you will learn that from THEM. However, determine that they are right or wrong in any way and they will teach you to oppose them.

Think of everything you want and teach the opposite. This will aid you in corresponding with the part of you that is unaware of egocentricity and is, therefore, NOT dreaming of opposites.

M: The only part of me I know of is living and interacting in the world.

C: You look to your world to teach you what you ARE and you will learn what “you” have taught it. There is more to YOU than your world can ever show you, but you must show that to your world. Let go of everything you THINK you are and you will discover what you are in TRUTH. Do not be afraid that you will falter or fail because you do not follow the rules of the dream. Realize that you are ruler of the dream and the rules will dissolve before your eyes.

M: Why would I dream certain experiences and not others? Why is my dream specifically as it is? Why are certain people a part of my dream?

C: You wish to learn that there is nothing to fear in a dream made of fear. You are its maker and you have asked me to teach you this, because you know it MUST be true.

This radically alters the dream into a cause for rejoicing, because a mind completely free of fear cannot but rejoice because it is FREE. Make no purpose for THEM other than this and you will learn from THEM what you teach. Free THEM of your concepts and THEY will free YOU from the prison of your own. This is THEIR only purpose, because it is YOUR only purpose. What other purpose could you set for THEM but this? What other purpose could your world serve but to free it and yourself?

Nevertheless, you have specified many purposes for parts of your dream and this has only kept you from awaking. Separate thoughts can only conflict and oppose one another and your world reflects those opposing ideas.

Your experience of a “world” would be completely different if ALL ideas were equal. All ideas IN a dream are equal because they are ALL NOTHING. The “happy” times and the “sad,” the moments you have cursed in rage and those moments in which you THOUGHT you had finally found joy. Not one of them was real. Invest the dream with any special moments in time and you will NOT awaken from a dream world constructed entirely FROM the delusion of time.

This is NOT where you belong and you have never really felt as though you belonged here and that feeling intensifies. You are beginning to see the absurdity of your chaos. But you must take my hand else you will dream of your destruction and accept it as “real.”

You cannot die, but you can dream of death and, because of the absolute incredible power of your mind, you will believe it.


  1. Think of everything you want and teach the opposite?
    I wonder what C means by teaching...

  2. I think it's that... if it's a dream, then you are only "teaching" yourself, since all else is merely dream content. In other words, don't allow the dream to teach you, teach the dream.

    Or so it seems to me...


  3. C is very chatty. I wonder if J or C ever becomes CC, the quiet mind will soothe the savage beast of stresses and all this crazy world has to in the world, not of it, as it were.

    "In other words, don't allow the dream to teach you, teach the dream."

    I like that.

    Blessings, my Friend~

  4. Nahnni,

    Indeed, "very chatty." But there is a soothing sense to what is said, as opposed to my own incessant yapping.

    Blessings to you,

  5. I very much like reading your conversations, Mike, even the chatty ones. And that's the truth of it.

    This I read just yesterday in the Parabola newsletter:

    "Awareness of death is the very bedrock of the path. Until you have developed this awareness, all other practices are obstructed.”
    —The Dalai Lama

    I thought of you, somehow, because it is the one thing we have in common.


  6. HA!

    yes, death is always the end of the road, for the body and for any spiritual practices. But it seems to scare away peeps who get all nervous about it.

    Nevertheless, I feel a blog post on death slowly rising up in me (like rising up from the dead, one could say).

    Great quote, thanks!