Monday, November 14, 2011

Interpreting Salvation

C: You interpret a need to suffer again?

M: I can’t help it. Things are not working out well.

C: How do you know that?

M: It’s what I experience.

C: Egocentric exclusivity demands ALL experience demonstrate a separation from your world. Inclusive oneness does not simply incorporate “other people,” but ALL that the mind perceives itself apart from.

Your salvation is based entirely upon interpretation, because you have the POWER to interpret yourself SAVED from the suffering of exclusivity into an inclusive whole and from that interpretation you ARE saved. God waits for you to make this decision and it is certain that YOU will.

M: So I just need to interpret myself saved and I’m saved?

C: Nothing more is needed. You interpret yourself in hell and, hence, this is your experience. If everything your mind shows you is THOUGHT, and I assure you it is ONLY that, then “hell” is simply an interpretation that you are separate from your own THINKING. You have invented THOUGHTS that you interpret as beyond your control. But how can this be if it is ALL your invention?

M: I still don’t see how this helps me.

C: Recognize that nothing in your world is what you have interpreted it to be and discard your interpretations as meaningless. You have learned nothing from them, except to unravel ever more absurd meanings from erroneous perceptions based on false interpretations. All previous interpretations are completely useless to you NOW.

The original interpretation that you are separate from God and, hence, from everyone in your “world,” made all subsequent decisions patently meaningless. You must correct the original interpretation before you will interpret your world correctly.

The dream unfolds as nothing more than an interpretation on you. The “world” conforms to what you interpret your “self” to be and not what the world determines you ARE. You interpret the world as oppositional to you when, in fact, you only oppose your “self.” You hate what you are, but seek a way to “love” yourself and this “loving hatred” is reflected back to you. Everywhere you look you perceive a world of other minds hating what the mind seems to show them, but desperately seeking for a way to love what they fear. This is how you interpret your “self” and, thus, it stands to reason that you would SEE your world this same way.

There can be NO peace to a confused mind split between interpretations of love and fear. Eventually, you must choose only one, because there is only one. This is what you have called on me to show you. Do NOT deny the purpose you give me.

M: If I made the world, why is it not the way I want?

C: The disorder and chaos of your world simply reflects the meaningless disorder of your mind. Yet, you continue to claim that it is “out there.” You refuse to accept your role and what is “out there” only reflects that refusal. You adjust your inner state to what you behold “outside” and inevitably suffer internally from what you make externally “real.”

You have sought out many situations as a means of finding “happiness.” Each situation brings you NO closer to what you seek, because you will not FIND it in a “world” that you have made as a means to HIDE it. Why insist on seeking what you have arranged can NEVER be found?

These situations must be interpreted in a way for PEACE to return. There is nothing that need be sacrificed for this to be LEARNED in every moment. If you could experience the Joy of God inherent to TRUTH, you would know this without doubt and peace would be experienced in every moment.

M: But you want me to surrender everything I believe in.

C: What GIFTS have your beliefs bestowed upon you? Have they alleviated your fear or ended your suffering? Have they given you infinite joy and peace? Have they provided you with a love conditioned on nothing, but love itself? Do your thoughts dissolve all conflict or merely further reinforce opposing conditions? Have you ever experienced JOY from what you believe and is that JOY transferable to your "world”?

If not, then why would you wish to keep “believing”? What purpose do your beliefs serve except to perpetuate what came before and why would you wish more of the same?

It is inherent to your God given free-will to believe whatever you should choose and how you respond to your world immediately demonstrates what you have chosen. I merely teach that there is another choice available, because this is what you ask of me.

Do not determine your role in any situation. Make no decisions on what you wish to happen or on what outcome you feel is best. Make no judgments on what you want and await what will be shown to you because YOU have asked for it. Understand that if you feel deprived or discouraged in any moment, then you have decided in error and ask for correction.

Your feelings can be used to measure your distance from TRUTH. When you allow TRUTH to guide you, you will feel measurably INCREASED beyond anything you have ever experienced. Nothing from the PAST can insure this increase. Hence, believe that you DO NOT KNOW and believe nothing else, because no other belief has the power to save you from the hell you have made by what you believe.


  1. WOW....thank you Mike. Reading that is an early Christmas present and is getting me through my moment to moment awareness/interpretations....Muchas Gracias!!!

  2. You're welcome!

    Happy Holidays,

  3. Reread this great post and I can feel a loosening of some inner beliefs. I suppose I would release them all in an instant if I wasn't afraid of moving at the speed of light. Ahhh expansion.

    The last line sums up the entire article and its going to be cut and pasted for frequent viewing.

    Thank you again.

  4. You're welcome Annie. Glad you enjoyed...

  5. having read both of your blogs for a few months now, it does seem to worry me in some way that you still suffer and aren't 'enlightened.' I feel like a shmuck for even saying that, but it seems you've been considering trying to dissolve alienation with others/ overcome fear as a means to awakening for quite some time, an idea which really resonates with me, but you still don't seem to have 'succeeded'. this tends to make me a little untrusting of things you say, and I worry opening up and becoming vulnerable will lead to even worse anxiety/discomfort/suffering. why don't you just awaken already so you can tell us the way with confidence and i can idolize and trust your teachings to awaken myself! (and maybe have someone to blame if it doesn't work out..)

    also, in slight contrast to the previous paragraph, I realize, even if you claimed that, i'd still experience difficulty, discomfort, and fear in trying to open up in my close relationships.

    Also, this comment was not meant to attack you, in fact, I often get the feeling that you're a genius and like I said, a lot of your bog entries really seem to hit home with me

  6. So "enlightenment" is the end of suffering? And there is an end point at which an 'individual" interprets "success"?

    "why don't you just awaken already so you can tell us the way with confidence and i can idolize and trust your teachings to awaken myself! (and maybe have someone to blame if it doesn't work out..)"

    I admire your honesty! (and no, I don't feel attacked).

    Unfortunately, I may not be what your looking for. Because, it may be vulnerability that we need to fully engage with to "awaken."

    But I don't know...I only have a hunch.

    Thanks for the comment!