Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Curse of Perception

M: Why does this hurt so much?

C: If you add what does not belong you will suffer from what you insist is “real” but can never be TRUE. Discard what does NOT belong and free yourself from what you impose upon the experience of “you.” Make no mistake, the “world” is nothing more than the experience of your “self” from which you push away ALL that you have determined as NOT “you.”

Such attempts to control a delusional reality from within the delusion are destined to fail, because it only reinforces the power to be controlled by that which you determine as separate from you. There is nothing apart from your mind. Nothing leaves your mind and you are “there” as is everything you perceive as divided from you.

All fear merely attests to the fear of your own thought.

M: What doesn’t belong?

C: Everything you demand as “real” only blocks TRUTH by keeping the experience of your “self” in scattered pieces rather than WHOLE. Forcing “reality” to conform to your expectations creates defenses against the TRUTH of the whole by attacking the parts that you deem as separate from that wholeness.

What you determine as NEEDED can only defend against TRUTH, because TRUTH simply does not conform to the chaos of your separate and divided thoughts. Nothing you THINK reflects wholeness, but merely perpetuates the weakness inherent to the parts that you have expelled. You will expect attack from that which you banish and your thoughts currently reflect that constant preparation. Yet, what is a part of you cannot attack when it experiences the wholeness that only YOU can provide.

What belongs will be apparent by the fact that YOU have no need of it. This makes it free and clear of your conditions and you will experience the WHOLENESS inherent to that absence.

You will ONLY be increased by what comes to you without condition. 

Conditions are nothing more than your preparation for defense against that which you have expelled. You have expelled everything and that exclusion is evident by the very act of SEEING.

Your needs are the conditions from which awareness of “reality” is sculpted into chaotic pieces having NO purpose whatsoever. This does NOT reflect TRUTH, but results in “perception.” Yet, you fail to realize that the very act of perception slices up the whole into separate disparate parts. Therefore, you must understand that you can never experience wholeness through perception. Yet, you can give wholeness TO perception and be renewed by that unified experience.

M: So I should just give up all my needs?

C: You will ALWAYS suffer from what you evaluate and "perceive" as LOSS. In a world through which you must defend against the parts, there is NO capacity to perceive the TRUTH that is right before your “eyes.”

There can be no loss in TRUTH, because it takes nothing away and ONLY increases. Only perception looks for and sees loss.

But you fear you will be deprived and so you fear what TRUTH will give you. Through perception you demonstrate your fear of having everything and losing nothing. Hence, perception has cursed you with the need to judge between parts by what the parts contain. This weakens you because there is nothing in the parts but what perception provides by “seeing” it.

Yet, still, you do not believe “perception” a curse, but idolize it as a means of “survival.” You will “die,” but only because you “perceive” death and perception makes it true.
M: So I just have to recognize that I have NO needs? Again, another impossible task!

C: Indeed, for one who perceives NEED, the task appears insurmountable. Deprivation makes TRUTH seem unavailable, lost and in need of discovery. Why else would you have called on me if not to aid you in correcting this error?

M: So what about this particular situation?

C: What I teach applies to all situations. Your belief in “particular” situations is why you have yet to understand TRUTH.

There are no situations or events separate from TRUTH. There is only what you choose to experience either through TRUTH or through perception. If you encase TRUTH in the concepts you “perceive,” you will be controlled by an “outside” world.

However, you are free to change your thinking at any time and this “particular situation” can be of incalculable value toward that goal. But you must take direction from one who knows that value.

You have been here before many times over. Yet, of your “self,” you can only repeat the past, because your perception is a product of that past and you will only see what it teaches you.

M: So what do you want me to do?

C: Nothing

M: What do you mean “nothing”? I have to do something or things could go wrong.

C: Are you not yet weary of all your efforts? Have you not yet realized you have no basis for perceiving right or wrong? Are you not ready to let down your defenses in the realization that they have not served you?

Perception is a defense against TRUTH and your reliance on it fails to increase you. When you are ready you will give me ALL your experiences and I will show you how to see it ALL in TRUTH. I will show you that right and wrong are not part of TRUTH and you will be overjoyed with the understanding that you need not rely on perception as the means of making CHOICES. You will experience freedom beyond your wildest imaginings in the realization that you need do nothing at all.

Your mind languishes in a hell of your CHOOSING. What more could freedom be than an END to this?

In this "situation," do not decide you know what is best. Make no choices based on perception without first asking me what it means. Do not be afraid and have faith that you will learn and what you learn will naturally increase you as only the TRUTH can. You are already suffering because your egocentric perceptions mislead you into making choices that decrease you, causing you to experience weakness and loss. This wastes time and is completely unnecessary.

M: You want me to deny reality.

C: I ask that you deny the reality you have made, because it was made to be perceived apart from TRUTH.

God created TRUTH because God is TRUTH and so MUST you be. Nothing you “perceive” can change that FACT simply because what is separate from God cannot exist in TRUTH. You are NOT separate from God but your incessant need to “perceive” your world denies this FACT from you.

I teach only the TRUTH as it was placed within me and nothing else. I am the TRUTH and I AM in you as you are in me. You cannot “perceive” me, nor do I perceive you. We are joined as ONE through the mind that gave us life and that life cannot be experienced through perception.

Yet, the experience of that LIFE can completely alter perception and what you “see” will astound you, but only until the moment TRUTH dawns on you and perception ceases its hold as all remnants of the past evaporate like fallen raindrops in the hot midday sun.

This freedom awaits you my brother as it awaits ALL that you “perceive.” Perception can only whither and die under the magnificence of TRUTH.

No longer will you be troubled by choices that fail to summon TRUTH before your eyes. This is your inheritance and delay no longer in accepting what is yours, as it was given you upon your Creation. This dream is not your home. But it can serve to show you the way when it no longer serves any other purpose BUT that alone.


  1. This post is similar to the previous. However, it was required that I add some additional info as the understanding increases.


  2. I like the stuff your write Mike, it's pretty awesome.

    I have a question, when C or J say stuff like "Make no choices without my counsel" what are they referring too?


  3. It refers to the voice within that is NOT "you."

    Merry Xmas,

  4. Wow that was quick, thanks a lot Mike
    Merry Xmas and Happy 2012 to you

  5. does it seem like finding truth will lead to a new and improved, happier experience? (and still an experience of self) so like, a happier improved form of 'you'?

  6. I speculate that, due to time constraints, there is gradually "a new and improved, happier experience."
    And yes, due to the fear that comes from time constraints, it is still "an experience of self."

    But eventually, as the time constraints fall away, so do the experiences of the "self."


  7. any speculation on what happens after the experiences of self fall away?

  8. I can generate all manner of speculation regarding that, but most likely it would only be egocentric BS from the past.

    So, I'll have to take a rain check on that one...