Friday, December 16, 2011

Truth is Known by Increase

M: Why does this hurt so much?

C: If you add what does not belong, you will suffer from what you insist be “real” but can never be TRUE. Discard what does NOT belong and be free from what you impose upon yourself.

What you superimpose upon experience diminishes you. 

Your attempts to control a delusional reality by manipulating your delusions must fail, because it only reinforces the power of what is not TRUE to control you.

M: What doesn’t belong?

C: Everything manipulated as “real" can only block TRUTH. Forcing “reality” to conform to your expectations demands you defend against TRUTH. What you determine as NEEDED defends against what is TRUE, because TRUTH does not conform to what you THINK and every experience is a product of your thought. Nothing is free of your mind and that is a law of God which you can NOT alter. You can deny it and this is the chief defining property of ALL your suffering.

M: So nothing I see, hear, touch or even think for that matter, is real?

C: It is ALL very “real” for you. Yet, it holds no TRUTH because it does NOT increase you.

TRUTH is known by increase. It cannot decrease, lose or take away. It cannot fade or change. It does not reduce, limit or obstruct. It does NOT suffer from deprivation because it is deprived of nothing. It is constant and has absolutely NO conditions because it is absolutely FREE. 

What belongs will be apparent by the fact that it is free of your conditions. Your conditions result from your belief in deprivation. You can ONLY be increased by what comes to you FREE, without condition. Your conditions are filters that channel awareness to what must be defended as separate from the WHOLE. Only what is separate do you refer to as “real.” Therefore, you know nothing as TRUE.

You believe constant increase is impossible and that everything must eventually decrease and die. Your needs arise from deprivation and are the conditions from which the “real” is constructed. The details are intensely imaginative and “real” for you, but completely delusional. “Real” is a delusional concept of your invention. TRUTH does NOT know of it, because TRUTH has an opposite.

M: So I should just give up all my needs?

C: You will ALWAYS suffer from what you evaluate as LOSS. In a world through which you experience deprivation, you have LOST the capacity to see the TRUTH that appears directly before your eyes.

There can be no loss in TRUTH, because it takes nothing away and ONLY increases. But you fear it will deprive you of your egocentric "reality" and so you fear what TRUTH will give because it will give you everything and you will lose nothing. That which is defined through deprivation will cease to exist when it has everything. Yet, if TRUTH increases everything then deprivation cannot possibly exist NOW, as that would be a lie. The logic of TRUTH is quite elementary, but is well hidden within the complexity of your egocentric concepts.

M: So I just have to recognize that I have NO needs? Again, another impossible task!

C: Indeed, for one who believes in deprivation, the task appears insurmountable. Deprivation makes TRUTH seem unavailable, lost and in need of discovery. Why else would you have called on me if not to aid you in correcting this error?

M: So what about this particular situation?

C: Your belief in “particular” situations is why you have yet to understand that TRUTH encompasses all experience. There are no situations or events. No episodes or moments. No days or months or years. There are no specific or particular experiences. There is, and can only ever be, one TRUTH, applicable in all cases.

If you lock away your experiences behind limiting concepts, you must only be imprisoned within the finite, conditional thoughts of your own mind. This is your “reality” and it is only your thinking that is deprived.

However, you are free to change your MIND at any time and this “particular situation” can be of incalculable value toward that goal if you so choose. But you must take direction from one who knows what that value is. You do recognize you have been here before and, of your “self,” you have NO recourse other than to repeat the past, because past thoughts have NO basis for existence in TRUTH.

M: So what do you want me to do?

C: Nothing.

M: What do you mean “nothing”? I have to do something.

C: Are you not yet weary of all your frantic efforts? What thought, concept or belief from the past will save you this time? Have you not yet realized you have no basis for determining right or wrong? Are you not yet ready to let down your defenses in the realization that they have not served you and, in fact, only perpetuate suffering? Does your “world” not demonstrate this to you?

When you are ready you will give me ALL your experiences and I will show you how to see it ALL as ONE. I will show you that right and wrong are not part of TRUTH and you will be overjoyed with the understanding that you need not CHOOSE any longer. You will experience freedom beyond your wildest imaginings in the realization that you need do nothing at all. Your mind languishes in a hell of your CHOOSING. What more could freedom be than an END to making the choice TO suffer?

In this situation, do not decide you know what is best. Make no choices without my counsel. Do not be afraid and have faith that you will learn and what you learn will naturally increase you, as only TRUTH can. learning that does not provide constant increase is ignorance. Is it clear to you now that, in all your years, you have learned nothing at all?

You have no means of accurate assessment. You are always wrong when you believe you are right and right when you are wrong. There can be NO difference in a dream of “reality” except what you decide and you do not have the means of deciding anything correctly because you have assessed it ALL as “real.” It is this evaluation that divides your world and tears it into opposing pieces and through these scattered pieces you define a “self” as part of the whole, thereby, denying that you tore it apart so as NOT to know the whole.

You are here to learn what YOU are and have called on me to teach you. Take rest in me and I will take up your burden and we will tread lightly together. Walk this dream with lightened steps and an ease to your gait, because you walk with one who knows the way out.


  1. Very just to sit and listen and wait patiently with J.....Thanks once again for the re-minder.