Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You are Fully Committed to Nothing

M: So if I give up all expectations, all dreams, desires and goals. If I completely give up thinking I know what is best for me. What then?

C: In that void the TRUTH will naturally rush in to meet that invitation.

M: So maybe I should just sit and meditate for long periods. Isn’t that the same thing?

C: It is impossible to understand TRUTH while continuing to maintain goals for your world. The mind does not cease from its commitment to making the dream “real.” Your world unravels within you, even when you believe your thoughts are inconsequential and account for nothing. Seeking to quiet the mind, while still attached to what the “noise” offers only reinforces sacrifice because you believe something will be LOST. Truth requires no loss at all.

M: So nothing should matter? I should just not care about anything?

C: When “care” is a direct product of fear, it serves only to magnify that which gave it birth. Fear always seeks to CONTROL what it “cares” for and your constant vigilance toward controlling your world is utterly exhausting. Your need for control only informs the mind that the threat of LOSS is “real,” insuring the result will be as asked and LOSS will be real. What you ask for, you always receive. Make no mistake, what you CONTROL as a result of “care” you will lose, because you have insured this FACT by nature of your control. This is exactly how the “world” you experience is constructed.

M: It is very hard to let go when I have an idea of what I want.

C: You have many “ideas,” but you have NO certainty. This is why you have called on me because I am always CERTAIN. Certainty controls nothing because there is simply NO need.

M: I get what you’re saying. But the desire to make things happen the way I want, is often irresistible.

C: If you are NOT perpetually increased by your “desires,” know that you have limited yourself by applying conditions that only inhibit freedom. You clearly know the feelings that come from fear. But you have no experience of the joy inherent to a complete absence of fear. As long as you seek to control reality, your fears can only multiply perpetually. To desire a specific outcome naturally seeks to bend reality to the conditions necessary to experience what you desire.

Fear and control are in DIRECT relationship with one another. There is NEVER one without the other. The more fear you experience, the more control you apply and the more control applied the more fear must naturally increase. You cannot break this cycle by addressing FEAR, simply because you fear everything. But you can give up control by transferring it to me. Until fear is banished from your mind, choices must be made to control the dream from within it, rather than from within YOU. I can make choices for you, because I am absent all fear.

There has never been a moment from which you correspond with your world completely absent fear. Make no mistake in this one thing above all others, if you are not experiencing indescribable joy, then fear is what you have chosen to experience. You struggle to give up control, because your fear makes it necessary. Substituting my direction in place of your control is tantamount to “death,” because you equate control of your world with “life.” Your “pursuit of happiness” is nothing more than pursuing ever greater control of your world.

The only way you will ever release FROM fear is by understanding that there is nothing TO fear and you will realize this FACT by surrendering control of that which your fear constructed.

M: I should just let things happen?

C: Nothing “happens” without your asking. You paint the dream with broad strokes, but give attention only to details. It is absurd to lament your demise while dreaming of death. It is foolhardy to feel buffeted about in a dream of chance and still grieve missed opportunities and it is pure insanity to dream of hate and still seek to find the love you have insured cannot be “there.”

M: I feel that I’m spinning my wheels with all this and there never seems to be any joy to life, just one problem after another.

C: And every problem is always the same. You believe problems interfere with the joy you desire. But it is the lack of joy that is foundation to every “problem” the mind installs in awareness. Joy does NOT cause problems, but the absence of joy must experience problems naturally, because this is its purpose.

Hence, it stands to reason that lack of joy is cause and NOT effect. But you believe “happiness” is a product of the world and must be caused from it, rather than engaging a “world” that is product of the joy in YOU. To seek happiness in a dream that you demand reflect deprivation is insane. Nothing in your dream of can give you joy until you demand that purpose of it, because it will only conform to the purpose you set.

It will take time to revert from problem seeking to joy, because you have allotted much time to this “perception.” Nevertheless, this is the purpose you must learn and for which you have called on me to teach.

Your experiences are repetitive because you think the same thoughts and you do not yet believe that your thoughts make your world and so the world never changes but repeats your thinking.

M: As much as I try to be guided, ego eventually takes over and I’m right back where I started.

C: Although you are much closer than before, you are NOT yet fully committed. You still remain committed to parts of the dream.

M: I still have to participate in parts of the dream.

C: A body can only “participate” in parts. A mind creates in whole and ALL the parts participate in that unity. You are committed to participation and not creation and the parts reflect this fact. The goal requires ONLY your full commitment, after which, “all else will come unto thee.” This is no different than committing to the goals of a dream. However, you have not yet fully committed to what the dream offers either.

You are fully committed to NOTHING.

In a dream, what you receive is based on the level of commitment you apply, because a dream can have NO certainty. God is certain and therefore, requires full commitment for the goal of certainty to be achieved.

M: So every waking moment I must be fully committed to God?

C: Is it not a worthy goal to awake from your lack of commitment to an uncertain dream, by committing to the certainty of TRUTH? Or would you rather continue your serial commitments to the parts of the dream that have NO ability to wake you from a dream of suffering? Would it not be a more worthy goal to “participate” in parts, while fully committed to the whole? Or do you find suffering through the uncertainty of a dream more to your benefit than freedom from suffering through the certainty of the whole? TRUTH can be found even in the uncertainty of a dream, when certain of your commitment to seeing ONLY that. You cannot partially commit to the certainty of TRUTH and KNOW God. TRUTH is known in full or not at all and your commitment to parts demonstrates that you are committed to knowing NOTHING. Therefore, I ask only for your full commitment.

Your lack of commitment to seeing the dream causes you to suffer through your “participation” in the uncertainty of the parts. Full and unwavering commitment to God will alleviate that instantly. My hand has been extended for centuries waiting for the moment you take it. Have faith in that certainty and nothing will ever be the same again.


  1. Committ to nothing else.

    That may take some time, because we are committed to so many thing we don't even know we're committed to.

    Eventually, many do get there

  2. That has been VERY helpful....the mind/body/self I take myself to be is suffering from a part of this dream and your words have been very healing, a balm to help me set my course more correctly. Thank you!