Monday, March 19, 2012

What is Really Necessary?

M: You want me to live as if nothing is true. As if nothing matters. How can I possibly live like that?

C:Without any effort at all.

M: What does that even mean?

C: Live without the constricting belief in necessity.

M: Some things are necessary.

C: Only TRUTH is necessary and that requires NO effort at all. Very simply, that which requires effort due to its necessity is not TRUTH. Egocentricity can only avoid truth, because egocentricity requires great effort to be sustained. You have expended much unnecessary effort and are very weary because of it.

However, you have not yet fully exhausted your "self" from the incredible effort required to interact with a dream and, hence, still believe it necessary to do so.

Those who do not realize they are dreaming believe death a necessity and this demands life be suffered, but not LIVED. Truth is effortless and has no necessity. Your suffering is merely the result of believing the impossible is necessary. Truth does NOT require this belief.

M: How can I live in a meaningless world?

C: Why ask a question you have already answered? Although, you must learn that the answer is incorrect because you do not yet live. You cannot live in a dream.

M: Then who am I?

C: The meaningless fabrication of a sleeping mind. A wisp of nothingness, spinning madly in a vortex of useless activity. You are a THOUGHT that has no purpose but to believe it exists and from that one thought a billion more rally to support the delusion of a “life.”

Do not take this thought seriously any longer. It would be better served with laughter. No thoughts you now think are in any way necessary for the mind to hold.

You are beginning to realize it matters NOT what you DO. Such a realization naturally ends all victimization within a dream of necessity. However, you continue to struggle with the meaningless as indicated by your desire to make it mean something.

M: If it doesn’t matter what I do, then why do anything at all? I should just do nothing.

C: You keep returning to this idea of "nothing." You have NO comprehension of NOTHING and feel bound to every choice you make, because every choice merely reinforces a dream in which choices are necessary.

Truth is not a choice. Nevertheless, if you look closely at your “life,” every choice ever made has not sustained you and only requires further choices be made to extricate yourself from what must always be judged as unsustainable.

Not one relationship, not one choice of vocation or activity, not any possession ever obtained or even one single, solitary belief has ever sustained you.

The thought of “you” is completely unsustainable because it was designed to make choices in a dream. “You” have no other purpose but to perpetuate lies and this is not the purpose of your creation, but a CHOICE you make and continue to believe as necessary.

How many more choices must be made before you surrender the capacity to choose in the realization that the "self" cannot be sustained by any choice IT ever makes?

Nevertheless, you are correct. You should do NOTHING and allow me to choose for you.

M: That’s all well and good, but right now I have to choose whether or not to quit my job.

C: Choices made out of necessity must of necessity fail to sustain simply because they are founded on a dream being “true.” Does it matter what choice you make, if all choices “you” make are unnecessary? Why choose at all if it makes no difference to future choices, since every choice only asserts a past? This is why I ask that you allow me to choose for you. There can only be one choice that need be made and that choice is to surrender your NEED to choose.

When you feel the desire to choose, ask me and wait for my answer. Do not decide how the answer will come to you. Only be certain that it will come and only prepare yourself to receive. Make no mistake, if you are waiting for the answer you demand, you will not receive my offer, because you have shut it out.

M: Why can’t you just tell me now?

C: You look to a dream to teach you what you are. I ask that it now be used to teach you what you are NOT. You are NOT the victim of a dream. See that answer everywhere you look.

You are beginning to recognize the meaningless nature of you. You are beginning to see what is unnecessary. This should be cause for joy since it denotes absolute freedom. But egocentricity equates it with death and, therefore, you will experience suffering instead. The ego claims that if what you are DOING does not matter, something more meaningful must be found, because there cannot ever be NOTHING.

Eventually when absolutely nothing is necessary, absolutely nothing will be required. Yet, because you fear this moment, you will move from one meaningless fixation to the next.

Egocentricity cannot live in a meaningless world, for if the world is meaningless, that which lives IN the world must suffer that same fate.

M: Why can’t I see it as a dream?

C: Do not look for a dream outside the mind, because it cannot be seen with “eyes” made for dreaming. The dream is product of the belief in “you.” This is First Cause and all else followed in support of that one “idea.” Yet, it is only an idea and ideas can be changed when it is learned that they have no meaning and are unnecessary.

M: So, in order to see the dream, I have to see myself as meaningless?

C: Dreams are unnecessary and, as that belief in necessity dissolves, all else naturally falls away, not by control but simply by the lack of necessity.

If the protagonist loses significance in the drama, supporting roles can no longer retain their purpose and fade from view. Nevertheless, as long as “you” continue to be necessary, all thoughts in support of that belief must play their part. Recognize your roles are meaningless. You have no purpose in a dream, but to awake.

A dream need only be seen as unnecessary for you to realize it is nothing more than a dream. Nevertheless, the roles you have allowed yourself must first be seen as without purpose and unnecessary. Otherwise, you will pick and choose the parts of the dream that suit your preferences as necessary and those parts will conform perfectly to the roles you have scripted.

M: How can I see myself as unnecessary?

C: Have NO serious intentions that seek for an outcome and look for NO results associated with your actions. Allow the dream to expose itself to you, by surrendering control of any purpose it might serve as necessary.

You must have faith that NOTHING matters to that which has NO meaning and is unnecessary, since only TRUTH is necessary.