Monday, June 4, 2012

Let Certainty Control the Dream

M: So it really doesn’t matter what I do? Nothing matters at all?

C: Nothing can matter to that which has no meaning.

M: I thought seeking truth was my meaning?

C: That too is meaningless. You seek for what you believe you will find. Therefore, you have made it all up.

M: I can’t grasp this. It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

C: Then let it go. Leave the senseless behind you and you will be propelled forward by a momentum not of ANY “world” for which you have found meaningful, because you insist it MUST be so. No longer insist it must be anything at all. Christ Consciousness has no requirements and thus, follows NO rules.

M: But your teaching has rules.

C: To those who insist something must be “done” in order that something be found that is lost, rules are necessary. For centuries, this is what you have asked. Yet, the one rule I have consistently taught is that you need DO NOTHING. This alone is your salvation. But this alone you ignore as preposterous.

Few come to the place where asking is no longer necessary. But all must arrive, because it is certain. Certainty, by its very nature, requires nothing be done. Only the uncertain demand that something is “done” to achieve certainty. Surrender your demands to the nature of certainty, because nothing occurs that does not conform to it COMPLETELY.

M: So speaking to you and writing all this was certain.

C: Beyond all doubt.

M: And every move I make, every thought I think?

C: You dream your “self” victim to chance, while the certainty of TRUTH unfolds ceaselessly without fail. Do you really believe the ambiguity of a dream could make any difference to the certainty of TRUTH? Do you really believe that what you "do" changes that certainty by even the tiniest degree?

Such a belief is always the origin of suffering. Certainty is the only aspect of TRUTH you need understand and it is certain you will. Within that understanding all else is immediately revealed, because you no longer have reason to hide from it. Understand this and only this and you will be set free from the chains of uncertainty and doubt that bind you to a dream of chance in which you are victim to conditions beyond your control.

M: So everything that happens in my dream was certain to happen? It could not have happened any other way? What about free-will?

C: Certainty unfolds in all directions. You are FREE to experience that if and when you WILL to experience it. But it does not change in response to your lack of WILL. You did not make TRUTH and, hence, it is not under your power to control but clearly under your power to experience. Denying certainty does not impede the experience. How you interpret that experience is your choice.

M: But then, my experiencing truth is certain?

C: Without doubt.

M: So then, why don’t I experience it now?

C: The question to be asked is how you could experience otherwise? If truth is certain, how could there be any one moment in which it is NOT experienced?

You are insisting what it must “do” in order to conform to what you believe it must “be.” TRUTH does not follow rules that claim it is NOT certain. Rules can have NO purpose to one who is certain.

M: So in certainty, things I do not want to happen will still happen?

C: In the certainty of TRUTH, nothing can happen that is NOT wanted. You find this difficult to understand in a dream of chance, but chance plays no part in the certainty of TRUTH. In certainty, what you want you WILL have, because the desire to have rests securely on certainty.

In a dream of chance, you suffer only from uncertainty.

Remove your “self” from the equation because “you” are the delusional product of a chance dream. Allow the dream to take you where it will as it is only a dream and that is certain.

M: But shouldn’t my knowing it is a dream be certain? Why don’t I know it yet?

C: When all “knowledge” supports the dream, this must only indicate an uncertainty of awakening. When all THINKING conforms to imaginary concepts that reinforce dreaming, you consistently prove to yourself where your allegiance lies. Time and time again your thoughts have bound you securely to the dream as a dream can have no other origin but you.

However, lately you have noted a reluctance to learn. You have felt a strong repugnance to acquiring “new ideas” except those that release you from your own THOUGHTS. This is indicative of your readiness to KNOW. You continue to engage your world, yet with less reliance on your usual goals and demands. You seem to care less for outcomes and this has resulted in decreased feelings of stress and tension. Although ideas of CONTROL continue to rise up, you are less attached and so they MUST recede because the only purpose served is to control the mind and keep it from AWARENESS.

You are now moving beyond what the world can teach you. You are now teaching yourself. This has always been the case. However, what is different now is that you are becoming AWARE of it.

M: I still feel the need to do things and to make choices. Are any of my choices valuable?

C: Why choose one aspect of an illusion over another? Why give value to parts of a dream? No part has ever freed you from suffering. No part ever will.

You are close to realizing this. You are beginning to see patterns repeat. But in your fixations you find it impossible to move forward and continue to make choices that only serve to repeat the past.

Allow the dream to choose for you and realize you are the origin of the dream.

M: So just sit back and let shit happen.

C: Have your choices ever changed that? Seek to control the dream and you ask to be victim, rather than SOURCE. You are the ORIGIN and no destination can be possible to what is always where it need be. Hence, there is nowhere to go and nothing to do. The ORIGINAL SOURCE does not change and is TRUE in all circumstances. Nothing “happens” when the source of all circumstances KNOWS itself as ITSELF. This is Christ Consciousness and it rests in the infinite freedom derived from the ORIGIN. Nothing else matters.

M: How do I learn I am that “origin”?

C: You are beginning to see that each choice is as meaningless as the next. Hence, the guilt your choices demand must recede. In this innocence, awareness will grow of its own accord. Do nothing and freedom awaits you.


  1. Brilliant, concise and clear. Appreciated.

  2. Indeed, very nice!

    And congratulations, Mike, sounds like you're ready to know!