Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dark Forest of Conceptual Despair

M: There is nothing new here. You give me the same answers over and over again.

C: My answers must always conform to your questions. It is the questions that remain the same.

M: Okay. So how do I manipulate the dream?

C: First you must SEE it. Until then, the dream must “manipulate” you, as this is what blindness requires. When you SEE, you will SEE no need for “manipulation.”

M: Well, as hard as I try I still can’t see it as a “dream.”

C: As in the dreams that arise in sleep, there is nothing outside to find. I would suggest you cease looking. “Eyes” made for dreaming see only dreams.

M: So the world is in my mind?

C: Where else COULD you experience it?

M: But the experience tells me it’s outside my mind. So how do I correct that?

C: Only your fear keeps it “outside” you, demanding you see it “there.” Your fear has many disguises, but always seeks to control for an outcome of your desire.  

Fear NOTHING by requiring nothing from what you “see.” Allow the dream to be as it is, because it is your resistance that keeps it “real.” When I resisted nothing, I understood everything and NO further learning was necessary.

M: So I just have to totally accept everything. The good and the bad?

C: What can be "good" or "bad" in a dream?

M: So, essentially, you’re asking me to surrender to the dream?

C: You believe it will crush you and this is why it must be kept “outside” and why you continue dreaming.  

But a dream cannot destroy its maker, although its maker can fear what he has made and, in an attempt to escape, seek to destroy the imposter he constructed to represent him. Such is the ONLY purpose of “death” in a dream.

Watch closely your “emotions” for they are the building blocks of a dream. There is no neutrality in dreaming, else it simply could not be experienced at all. Although nothing is there, you “feel” its reality and that gives it all the existence required. Feel nothing and nothing will affect you. Look closely at the patterns of your “life” and note the repetition of feelings and how they bring back to you what you thought you had left behind. Make no mistake, they came before any appearance, because they gave it life.

M: Why do I get the experiences I have? You keep telling me that I make my world? Why do I have experiences I do not choose? Why don’t I have the experiences I wish to have?

C: What you must come to understand is that a “wish” to alter the dream MUST automatically make you a part of it and, as part of a dream, you will ask only the questions a dreamer could ask. This is how you MAKE your "world" real. All parts of the dream must conform to the parameters set forth by the very act of dreaming and 'choice" is the grandest illusion all dreamers share.

That which believes it is part of the dream cannot be the dreamer. Know the dreamer. Nothing can make sense until this occurs and so, you will continue to repeat senseless questions. 

M: So there’s another part of me that is dreaming this up?

C: There can be only ONE part of Creation and IT is everything. All else is a dream and dreams end upon awakening.

M: So I am not real?

C: This is what you have asked me to show you. The nature of a dream is to question its "reality," because in a dream you simply cannot KNOW anything. You know only a distorted mirage, shadows in darkness, a fog that never lifts and this makes you very afraid. The idea that it could all be gone in the blink of an eye, and I assure it could, horrifies you because you still believe "something" is there. But fear not, because nothing will ever leave you but the "thought" that anything COULD ever leave you.

M: But you’re in my dream too!

C: Lose interest in what you demand from the dream and it will show you that it is ONLY a dream.

This is what you have called on me to teach and you will one day lose interest in me, because we will share KNOWLEDGE as one. Yet, as are you, so must I be only a dream. Soon you will realize that you are teaching your “self” to awake from a dream in which help is required.

M: So if every freakin’ thing is part of a dream, how can you be real?

C: Not the world, the body, the mind and its thoughts, not any experience the mind holds, has any reality in Creation. Therefore, nothing I teach is of any value, except in a dream. Such is the nature of dreaming. I can take you only so far, after which, in our parting, we will eternally join.

M: Why is this taking so long?

C: Questions that rely on time demand impatience. Yet, trust that what is required will not be withheld, because nothing up to this point is without purpose. Everything has, and is, occurring exactly as it must. You need DO NOTHING because God could NOT forsake you. This is all that need be fully understood for peace to envelope you completely and forever right this very MOMENT.

I have asked repeatedly that you NOT rely on your “self” and that you look to me to direct you. However, you believe in continued self-reliance and this is what disturbs you, not my answers to your questions

Make no mistake, every choice you have made, every decision you have acted on was directed toward awakening. Hence, every choice made was made by God, because you are not separate from that WILL and God WILLS you awake. Although this is the hardest concept for you to understand, believe this fully and realize a peace well beyond your present understanding. 

M: Ha! Well then, God has done some pretty rotten things if that’s so.

C: God does not WILL that right should combat wrong or that good shall overcome evil. God simply does not participate in the moral duality concocted by a dreamer. But God does participate in the awakening from that delusional experience, because it is God's WILL. Even in a dream of being lost in your dark forest of conceptual despair, the WILL of God must prevail in showing the way HOME. This is why nothing need be DONE and why nothing has ever been DONE that was not God’s WILL.

Release all guilt that anything other than this could ever occur.  Allow your moral virtues to dissolve into dust, for they were taught by a dream and can have no value except to one lost in a dream.

M: So God wills for death and destruction?

C: It is “you” that seems to traverse a nightmare, but it cannot be the YOU God Created. Yet, it matters not the least, for what God does not WILL cannot exist, even if you dream that it does. A dreamer does not THINK… but only dreams that his "thoughts" are real. Dreams are not worthy the Son of God whose WILL is no different from his Creator.

Think only with God and you must think AS God. Not one thought you have experienced yet comes close to the magnificence that is your Creation. Yet, each thought realized for what it is, brings you that much closer.

M: If my “will” is God’s will, why am I still dreaming.

C: (laughter) this is the most outrageous idea for you to comprehend, my brother. For if your WILL is God’s, then clearly you must be awake NOW. How could it be otherwise? What thought in your troubled mind could trump this idea or overwhelm it with paranoid delusions?

Yet, you continue to persevere in your attempts to overcome the WILL that is infinite and it is this tiny lingering belief that you are “still dreaming” that makes TRUTH seem inaccessible. 

Surrender the “you” that believes this could be true. Like a dream, it too is not REAL.


  1. Dream questions recieve dream answers. right?

  2. "Dream questions recieve dream answers. right?"

    That does seem to be the case. Just not sure what question would not be so framed. Oh well, maybe later...