Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Logic of a Dream

M: I’ve been waiting a long time.

C: Do you know what you wait for? Your delusional perceptions demand you see a repetitive tale requiring “time” to be told and by that you will only resonate with what conforms to that dreaming. All else you reject as absurd, easily filtering out and not SEEING. Yet, it is what you think “absurd” that must be SEEN.

The selective judgment of a dreamer prides itself on accurate judgments that lead to "right" choices. Make no mistake; every choice made in a dream, no matter how "right" or wrong," only confirms the dreamer as most assuredly asleep.

M: So I’m only going to repeat the same patterns?

C: By insisting on “choice,” repetition is inevitable because there is NOTHING you can choose from in a dream that does NOT reinforce dreaming. This is the dream logic that has hypnotized shadows into believing that they are, in fact, real.

M: So how do I break free from the repetition?

C: Note how your question asserts the answer before an answer is given. This insures you will only accept from me the answer your question has framed.

M: So then there’s no way to break free?

C: You allow for two choices. Which are you willing to accept?

M: Either one! Tell me I can’t break free and teach me to cope or tell me I can and teach me how.

C: Your logic would dictate this perspective as accurate. But it is the logic of a dream. The dreamer’s logic demands a choice be made between opposites. Yet, the only opposite to dreaming is to awake and that is NOT available in a dream.

M: (Sigh) yea, I remember…any choice made in a dream is no choice at all. I’ve heard this one before.

C: It is a “choice” by your logic and your logic demands that choices be made that are “right” and not “wrong,” “good” as opposed to “bad,” and the suffering of your "days" is entirely contingent on how well you judge the difference. This is why you continue to expend much time and effort in studying the details with NO understanding of the whole.

The only difference that need be discerned is that between dreaming and awake. Yet, these two do not obstruct or oppose one another, nor is the existence of one contingent on the other also existing. If one exists the other cannot have EVER existed because there can only be ONE. This is the logic of God, which does not appeal to your logical fallacies, because there is NO need to make a choice that has already been made.

Nevertheless, this does not equate with the logic of dreaming, in which asleep and awake are opposites. If you claim to be dreaming and not yet awake, the next logical choice would be to seek the way to awaken. This could only be illogical if the claim were false.

I teach that what you claim is false and, therefore, the “logical choice” is completely illogical and invalid. Hence, the “choice” need NOT be made, because there is no logical reason to make it.

M: But we’ve been down this road before as well. It makes no difference if we label it “real” or a “dream,” choices still must be made.

C: Feel free to make any choice you wish. Your awakening will not be based on any choices you make or have ever made. Do you believe that sharing in God’s Love is in any way dependent on choices made in a dream? Would God withhold the Joy of Heaven from the dreamer simply because he dreams of an imaginary hell?

Ask these questions of yourself, but be cautious in the framing, because a dreamer only identifies with that which makes the dream logical and NOT one belief in your dream has swayed you from that obscure and deluded direction.

Your world makes no sense at all. Yet, by your logic you MUST refuse to accept it as nonsense and always struggle to make sense of it.

M: So just do anything at all?

C: Again the question is framed to make sense of nonsense. It asserts that “doing” occurs, has been “done” and will continue to occur. Such is the nature of dream logic, which states a premise as if fact and demands the answer conform to that fact. There are NO facts in a dream including the very dream itself.

M: I thought you said before that every choice I make brings me closer to awakening.

C: And with that comes the realization that no choice need be made nor was ever made.

M: Okay, but I have an experience of ‘doing’ based on choices I make. It is disingenuous to deny that I experience doing things.

C: A dream is only “experience.” But that whole experience is “disingenuous.” It has no concrete form and all its properties are variable, thereby, making it whatever you wish it to be. There is no “experience” outside of you and, although you apply external coordinates from fear, you cannot deny ALL experience is within your mind, residing nowhere else in the world because “there” is where the world resides.

M: So I should manipulate my experiences to what I desire?

C: What would you change when all “desires” are based on experiencing a mind that is victim to an external body buffeted by the whims of an external world? What adjustments would you make to that logic? What new “desires” would change that experience? Would you seek to experience increased wealth or possessions? Would you seek to experience more love? Would you manipulate your experience to that of world peace and the end of all suffering? Would this content you as long as the foundation of everything you have ever experienced is nothing more than the fragile reflection of a “world” outside the mind? Does the mind KNOW anything other than the individual “desires” you have taught it to experience and the fear inherent to not having those desires met?

Such is the logic of a dream.

M: So I should experience the world as inside my mind?

C: Do you not?

M: Well, yea, but what do I do with that experience?

C: The logic of the dream necessitates “doing” and your wishes conform to that. The logic of God teaches that nothing need be done. Simply KNOW the full nature of what is within you and do nothing. Be at peace with every experience, because it is your wishing otherwise that constructs the experience of conflict.

When the NEED for “manipulation” has left your mind, you will experience a PEACE that surpasses all understanding, because it is the TRUTH that will set you free from an illogical dream of death.


  1. I love this post, thanks Mike!

    And I love this oldie:

    If you call on me but continue to maintain and adhere to your own beliefs as to what you “need,” then you acquire no value from what you have called on me to provide. This makes no sense, although history attests to your repetitive attachment to nonsense.


  2. Thanks Werner,

    And yep, I remember that one.

    Dang, 2008 and it's still an issue!


  3. I've been wondering if the "need do nothing" is really meant as "must do nothing", but I guess it's more of a "doesn't matter what you do."

    I guess when you realize you're not Mike, and you're not in the world, then it just doesn't matter what this Mike does in the mind.


  4. Seems about right Werner....