Friday, November 2, 2012

What is Your Purpose?

M: I can sense the truth, yet I resist it. Why do I resist?

C: What you experience are changes occurring to your belief system creating a "sense" of disorientation with regard to participation in the world and this is to be expected.

You must recognize that learning is always proportionate with your readiness to learn and, therefore, all learning is indicative of the growing faith between student and teacher. This is the only effective way learning can be facilitated. Lack of faith in the teacher impedes and delays the transfer of knowledge. This results in needless protraction of the learning process, which matters not in eternity, but annoys you because of lost "time."

If you examine our previous talks you should note your own advancement in the ability to understand these concepts and take value from recognizing your progress. This has occurred only due to your growing faith and trust in me and will continue to occur as understanding grows.

If you require the gift of inspiration in order to remain motivated, do not resist when it is handed to you or else you will experience guilt in your refusal and this is proportionate to your fluctuating faith in the giver. 

M: I do not feel as if it is being handed to me. In fact, it seems more like a struggle.

C: It is this "struggle" that you give to yourself, since struggle denotes sacrifice and sacrifice is what you believe necessary. Truth without sacrifice is alien to you. Therefore, you experience intense confusion in projecting onto me your need to sacrifice for God and this is how you have always misinterpreted my message. Our current talks are making it clear to you that this was NEVER my message. Still, this is what you resist because it makes no sense to a belief system that was constructed entirely around the concept of sacrifice.

M: It seems to me that the problem has to do with what is unconscious or unavailable to consciousness. I continue to believe that what you say makes sense, but I cannot fully adapt to your teachings. Even though I urgently want change, I continue to keep myself from it out of fear as to what it means to my participation in the world.

C: The world’s lessons are deeply impressed upon your mind and it is true that these beliefs often seem unconscious to you. But even this idea, as real as it may seem, is part of that same belief system.

What the world has taught is not the truth and you have sensed this for a very long time. Allow joy in that belief alone, for it takes great fortitude in understanding just that and nothing else. 

M: But I don’t have joy in that “belief alone.” In fact, simple everyday functioning is at times difficult. It requires that, although I do understand what you teach, I must continue to conform to what the world teaches. This has resulted more in conflict then joy.

C: Make no mistake, conflict is attack and thus, if attack is continued, what I teach has not been understood and this only witnesses to the "attack" you require the world continue to teach.

The conflict exists in the judgment of how you should participate and not the participation, in and of itself. Your incomplete and fragmented "self" has plans for your participation, based on what it "knows," with the goal of finally achieving completion. But a fragmented and incomplete ego could never devise plans that take into consideration the totality of your BEING.

Essentially, I am asking that you surrender your plan and accept my plan for your future which is wholly based on your completion having already occurred. God's plan for your salvation is complete and in that completion it is an absolute CERTAINTY.

Thus, you need do nothing. However, you are free to DO whatever you choose, if in the choosing we agree on the purpose for what is chosen.

Conflict is immanent when DOING is not in agreement with BELIEF. I can help you BELIEVE in everything you DO once we agree that everything you do conform to ONE purpose.

The ego will happily employ what I teach for its purposes alone and anytime you experience conflict rest assured that this is what is occurring.

You have a purpose for everything you do, yet all you do brings you only brief interludes of pleasure with no permanence to happiness whatsoever. Your numerous, ever-changing purposes reflects your chaotic participation in the world.

We must integrate your varied purposes into a composite and, as such, all doing will reflect that all-encompassing purpose, no matter what you choose to do. Essentially, you will come to find that Perfect Peace is your only purpose and that purpose is God given.

I teach that Perfect Peace is possible, in fact, it is your right to partake of, since it is undeniably what you were created to experience. If you continue to disagree with this advice, then you will continue to follow your "self." I merely wait for complete agreement and you will not argue that in your moments of clarity you DO agree. This agreement is the fuel that maintains this dialogue.

As I have stated earlier, you have no idea of what you should DO, so why rely on your own guidance. In following my guidance, you will understand that everything you are doing is what should be done. This makes sense in understanding that nothing need be done and, if this is true, you are free to participate in the world in Perfect Peace.

You cannot employ the body in the understanding of God since the body was manufactured to teach the exact opposite of that understanding and the world exists solely to insure the continuation of the body and the lessons the body teaches until it is no more. Your current weariness with this curriculum is apparent, else we would not be presently speaking.

If you are not engaged with joy in all that you do, then all that you do is in the service of the body and neither God, nor I, have been considered in this choice. What I teach has no other goal then the consideration of God. Current consideration of me will lead to that goal, as I consider nothing BUT God.

M: But how can I consider what you teach when the world demands otherwise. This merely serves to indicate that extracting myself from the world in some form of isolation would be beneficial. I should join a monastery and involve myself in extended meditation practices. I just don’t see how I can possibly participate in the world and practice what you teach?

C: What the world demands is of no concern. What you demand of the world must be the focus, since only this, will the world provide. There is nothing outside of you.

“Extracting” yourself from the world only serves to give greater credence to what the world teaches. As I have pointed out previously, you have long ago determined that asceticism is not your path. Nevertheless, you may choose differently at anytime, since “choice” is always available to a fragmented belief system. However, when you decide that delusion is no longer a viable choice you will choose to learn from me, as all who desire the peace of God MUST.

M: You are saying that your way is the only way. What about Hindus or Buddhists? Most adherents to other paths do not seek your guidance?

C:  "Ways" within the delusion must be diverse simply because the delusion of diversity is what you believe “real.” I stand at the end of all delusions of incompletion, impermanence and division, regardless of what path brings you to that end. There is only Christ Mind, and though you may affix a diverse array of “labels” to this complete experience, that in no way negates the fact that ALL must go there. Only in a world of opposites does "labeling” have significance. What label you attach to Perfect Peace is inconsequential once Perfect Peace is realized. This you must learn by "experience."

Essentially, the path you choose for our meeting is inconsequential to our meeting. Yet, in that meeting we go the rest of the way together. I simply wait for you to decide in the loving certainty that you will choose correctly.

At present, your mind can only consider me in form. You continue to hold to an “image” of Christ. Nevertheless, I say to you, no image you could ever conceive, no countenance that your eyes could ever behold, is as splendid as what WE will see together.

Therefore, in considering your destination you demand it take a form opposite the forms as taught through other paths. Yet, it is the content that you seek, which is formless. All paths that illuminate this content, discard form simply because it can no longer be seen. The content of what I teach has been taught in countless forms since "time" made form necessary.

But, take caution in your desire to differentiate between forms, since this will only distract from the content which is, essentially, what you want.

There is only one universal curriculum as taught through many forms, each resulting in ONE universal content. Still, as of yet, this has been learned by very few. Nevertheless, the universal curriculum demands that ALL learn it, otherwise teaching must continue until learning is assured for everyone.