Monday, December 31, 2012

It’s Not The World You Seek To Escape

M: I can’t seem to get away from this inner tension. As if something is wrong, but I don’t know what and it seems to eat at me.

C: Correcting what seem like isolated problems is fruitless and you will inevitably get lost down a labyrinth of useless paths that only lead into one another. There is only one solution to dreaming and that is to awake. But first you must recognize that YOU are dreaming.

A separate and isolated “me” expects separate and isolated problems. Unfortunately, the desire to experience “me” requires all other experiences remain apart from that meaningless delusion, else it cannot stand and you would not recognize your separate “self” as you believe it must be. Yet, to join completely with any single experience is to bring the whole of Heaven rushing in to fill your mind. There is NOT a “self’ in this universe that could withstand such TRUTH and still believe itself continuing to “exist” as it does. This is what you await, simply because you do NOT like how you exist and I teach that you do NOT.

M: You’re telling me to get rid of my “self”?

C: What is its purpose? Do you yet know? What need do you have of it? Was it constructed merely to pass the time until time is no more? You cannot “rid” yourself of what has no basis in truth, simply because there is nothing there to expel. You can only see that it has NO basis, no reason for being, and adjust accordingly. This is what I teach.

Pay no heed to what it “feels,” because it is NOT you, but a dream of you. It will force its thoughts upon you, but do not accept them, for they are not yours and you do not want them. What need is there in listening to anything that demands you suffer from a lack of anything or that you are destined to remain isolated, afraid and utterly alone?

Laughter is a more appropriate response to delusional thought, because it demonstrates that you have found the dreamer and are no longer victim to dreaming. In that recognition you cannot but be overcome with laughter and Heaven will join in that infinite chorus.

God has filled your mind with all that is needed. You need be conscious of nothing else, because there is NOTHING else.

M: It helps me negotiate the world and other people in the world.

C: It teaches you to fear “the world and other people in the world,” because it believes you are only an effect and NOT cause. Effects must always be victim to causes. A part of your mind believes it has usurped ownership of the whole. Hence, it can only be an effect and your allegiance to this effect has made you victim to causes outside your control. Rent asunder this tenuous allegiance, for it is based solely and entirely on a lie.

Examine your “existence” and you will see it is defined by ongoing attempts to escape part of your mind, but it is that part that directs all attempts at escape. Not one experience it has allowed has given you the slightest taste of consistent joy or even the remotest semblance of enduring PEACE. Because of this, you do not love your thoughts and thus, invent new “ideas” as a means of pacifying what preceded and when those experiences fade, as they always do, you again become “bored” with the mind and quickly seek new diversions to escape what was relied on previously but now, only disappoints. Nevertheless, you consider the maintenance of insanity a constructive use of “thought.”

It is not the world you wish to escape. It is the mind that is not your home, because you have made it uninhabitable by joining with that which has NO purpose. Your hallucinations do not sustain you and only cause further confusion as each “thought” builds upon the hypocrisy of the previous, so as to contradict the next. You feel compelled to employ the mind in ways to hide from a TRUTH that only the WHOLE mind can show you, because IT knows nothing of parts. It should be obvious by now, there is NO truth in a “reality” only one part of your mind experiences, but you insist that this is ALL that you “see.”

Your mind is the only part of Creation that even dreaming cannot deny for long. Your mind IS the whole of Creation because it is the HOME of God. You cannot escape it, because it is what YOU are. You can be nothing more or less than what you ARE.

M: How can I not think of my “self”?

C: You have yet to think of yourself. Your entire life has been a constant struggle to avoid such an “idea” due to the fear it would provoke if TRUTH were known. You merely juggle concepts from moment to moment in an attempt to keep the imaginary edifice from crumbling to dust.

Knowledge of your CREATION is the most powerful thinking you could ever encounter and thoughts OF the world have NO power to provide you with even the barest idea of that eternity. The part of you that exists through delusion, seeks to avoid that IDEA at all costs, because it would literally spell its doom. You have NO idea of who or what “you” are and, until recently, you have had no intention of learning, except from the part that does not KNOW.

When you are ready I will teach you and you will understand that I AM.

M: I’m ready now.

C: Indeed, you have exhausted yourself once again. Everyone arrives at this place and most arrive many times but, like you, only turn back to start the lonely journey once again. A dream is home to a multitude of diverse pathways, all leading nowhere.

However, some do finally recognize that, after many arduous years of preparation, what came before no longer works. They recognize there is another way and patiently wait to learn it. They are unconcerned with how long the wait, because they realize there is NO choice but to wait, as the knowledge they wish to receive is CERTAIN to be received. Many have waited years in the realization that not to wait is but to repeat what came before and follow the same worn out paths. But the answer they seek always comes.

If you continue choosing not to wait, then you rely on a “self” made from the past that must return to previous diversions and suffer through the same disappointments as you have done countless times before. Wait and let the truth be made available, but wait in the faith that its availability is CERTAIN.

M: So I should just think good thoughts and have better beliefs?

C: Not one idea you now “think” will show you the way home. However, contrary to the thoughts you idolize, and that consistently confuse you, you have had brief moments of recognition beyond the rules of dreaming. You are beginning NOT to care and, although this frightens you immensely, it is an unavoidable first step, because it will eventually give you the patience to wait for what is certain to come. Simply allow your fear to be replaced by certainty.

You cannot wake from a dream that you “care” to wake from when you have yet to see it AS a dream. This only supports your finding a path from what the dream provides and it is impossible for the dream to provide anything that negates dreaming. There is nothing in your “world” that can help you. Hence, no such choice need be made. To give up the “cares” of this world seems impossible to the dreamer who knows NOT that he dreams, because he continues to judge the parts while denying the whole. Hence, he can make NO such choice on his own, but must follow the guidance of one who knows it is only a dream. Awakening is of God, but first you must LEARN you are sleeping and this is what you have called on me to teach.

Trust now that everything you do IN your “world” proves that you are asleep. Each moment of ephemeral relief that some problem has been solved only maintains the dream. Each appearance that you choose as means to build on your happiness, each relationship coveted to extract "self" pleasure, only condemns you to a hell of your own making.

M: Why does this have to be so hard?

C: Can it be “hard” to know that nothing need be done? You know NOT what you do has been my only message. What difficulty lies in doing nothing and letting all be done for you? Clear understanding that nothing need be done, does not prescribe inactivity, but demonstrates that all activities are equal. If it is ALL a dream, what parts hold greater or less significance? In a dream, can murder be of more significance than a skinned knee? Is comforting a frightened child less a task than feeding a country of starving children?

The dreamer imagines levels and degrees and the value he places upon that order regulates and maintains the dream. However, every dreamer must awake and, although that is certain, it is not under his control. A dream cannot wake from itself. Yet, a dreamer can KNOW it is a dream and that knowledge radically alters the dream, because nothing it shows you can affect you any longer. A world without effects cannot be feared and when fear no longer exists to affect him, the part of the mind made entirely from fear dissolves into the whole from whence it was conjured up and the experience of wholeness will fulfill you. You were created whole and upon awakening you will return to what was never left.

M: What will believing it’s a dream do? I’ll still need to negotiate it and get things done. There will still be problems to solve.

C: Indeed, you have always experienced strain in your engagement with the world.

As you attempt to have faith in what I teach, the world teaches a different lesson, completely opposite in all ways. You have learned its lessons well. But what it teaches has not sustained you. Why else would you call on me and, make no mistake, I do not come unless called upon. There has always been a part of you that knows and that is where I AM.

Faith leads to belief and belief becomes KNOWLEDGE and knowledge is CERTAIN. Your understanding is growing, but your lack of faith impedes progress and causes unnecessary delays.

Nevertheless, TRUTH can only be inevitable because of its certainty.
The one purpose of your dream is to find the dreamer. To see the dreamer you must have faith that it is only a dream. I will show you the dreamer, but you must have the faith required to SEE.

Allow this to be a year of CERTAINTY.

Friday, December 7, 2012

You are First Cause

M: Why is it so hard to live what you teach?

C: You have yet to “live” and what I teach aims toward that purpose.

M: So if I’m not now “living” what is it that I now experience?

C: A dream of nothing.

M: This is the second time you have referred to my experiences as “nothing.” I certainly believe that I have experiences that relate to something. They feel real to me.

C: You may choose to make “something” out of nothing, and this seems to be the case. However, what is becoming clear is that the experiences you refer to as “real” have always held an element of the imaginary for you. You have often felt as if you do NOT belong, as if you are not "here." This is because they are experiences of nothing that you have made into something. But this "something" has failed to fulfill you and, hence, you continually make more, in the belief that this cannot be all there is.

Time does NOT allow for experiences to be “real" as Creation is REAL. What comes from Creation is NOT limited by your expectations in “time” and therefore, cannot be "real" in the sense you define it. However, what you experience in "time" and demand as real, is a product of you and nothing else.

M: What about the love I feel for my children. Is that nothing?

C: It is "something" to you. With every concept of love that you invest in as “real,” there is also an experience of lack, that the experience could be much more than it is and, because this is what you believe, this is what you experience, a desire for more.

Every experience you encounter is always less than what it could be and there is always an underlying sense of lack and inadequacy. As long as you believe you are IN a world, your experiences will lack what the world lacks because the world has taught you what, and how, to experience nothing. You do believe that, although the world reflects your concepts of love, more is needed because love is always lacking. Every experience you believe "real" is never complete and is an experience that realizes a lack that is always seeking completion and, therefore, never fulfills.

There is a First Cause that teaches that IF any experience has within it a belief of incompletion, or a lack, and could in some way be greater or higher or more than what the experience allows, then that experience is of nothing. This is because the experience of Truth is complete and has no lack or need.

In a dream of lack, you are First Cause and you teach yourself.

This First Cause reflects Truth as first and only. In that ONE experience, no other need follow because the First is the beginning and the end, since what God makes First can have no other. To experience a First Cause means that no system of measurement need apply, as Truth encompasses all measures and therefore, cannot be measured in any way. To measure Truth is to believe there are levels and degrees to what is Created as ONE. Levels and degrees are relative to your mind, but they are not Truth, but merely reflect your desire to make "truth" conform to what you want.

I believe you will agree that every experience you seem to encounter is never an experience of the fullness that incorporates a union of every experience you have and could ever experience. Every experience you believe as “real,” seems to lack or fail to fulfill COMPLETELY.

This is a Test of Nothing and if there is something more that can be added, then clearly it is NOT Truth and therefore, it must be NOTHING. This is because what is NOT truth can BE nothing, since only Truth can ever BE.

M: It does seem that every experience I encounter has an aspect of it that demonstrates that it can be more than it is in that moment. Does this mean it should be discounted and ignored?

C: Once again, I teach that no experience be discounted, since why would you allow for experience that has no purpose. However, contrary to this question, “discounting” is exactly what you do, in the belief that your experience of a "world" is never enough and this is because the experience of “you” is always lacking if you are IN the world.

I guide you to an experience as FIRST CAUSE and in that, all is Truth and the world must conform. How could it NOT?

Through this experience, nothing more need be added since nothing more can be added to what is complete by all measures and is thus, immeasurable. If nothing more can be added in the moment, then clearly you are First Cause and the effect is of completion. An experience of "lack" denies the moment and instead worships the past. In the past there can never be a FIRST CAUSE, because there is always what came before and this must negate what is NOW and forever.

The love that you deeply long to experience is the love that has no "past" and therefore, need not change through a future. The love that you wish to experience is First Cause and always complete in that nothing is before or after, above or below, more or less than what is infinitely immeasurable. This love is not conditioned on “time” and is NOW and always.

M: These concepts you teach are beyond my ability to comprehend. So if I should not discount the love I now experience, what do I do with the experience I have?

C: Nothing need be done and in that understanding is an experience of completion and an experience that need seek out nothing more to be complete. This is the total joy that experiences the need for nothing and is not distracted by lack, or less than, because it is all of everything that could BE and IS. Refuse to deny that YOU are that experience and every experience you manufacture seeks that conclusion.

Love always and love completely, but do NOT pretend that what is NOT infinite and complete is in some way REAL. Realize that the love that the world has taught you, you do not want. When you no longer allow your experiences to teach you, you will allow the Truth to teach what you do want to experience.

You believe I speak in riddles, but the concepts that compose your beliefs are much more complex and confusing. I only speak to what you are and that part of YOU does listen.