Thursday, January 3, 2013

Suffering For My Love

M: So in this dream I give myself every experience?

C: Do you not sense a repetition to your suffering? Yet, surprisingly, you believe there is safety in repetition and so your dreams are repeat performances born of fear. Repetition born of fear can offer NO safety from the chaotic storms that seem to toss you about. It is only your fear that keeps you bound to the same chaotic patterns of safety that only replicates the fear from which the chaos originates.

Look to your relationships and recognize the same patterns repeated incessantly.  You carry past fears into your future, all the while demanding to experience "happiness." Fear clings to the past to give you a future you claim to NOT want, but receive as you ask. Obviously, this makes NO sense.

M: Death changes everything.

C: This would be true if only you had something for which to compare. But as of yet, death is what you expect and because of that LIFE eludes you. You wish to believe consciousness is evolving, but how can that which believes it dies possibly evolve? Rather, it merely repeats what it "remembers." No matter what it claims as "new," the end is always the same. Such is the insanity you profess as "truth."

A billion FORMS of death hide you from LIFE. You believe breathing proves you live. You have yet to understand that each breathe you take merely proves that you are dead, because CREATION has no such limits. However, this is beyond what I teach, and much more than you are capable of understanding. Make no mistake, your last breathe will not be in fear but indescribable joy. The simple fact, which you incessantly seek to compromise, is that as long as the mind is victim to the body, there can be NO joy because you are NOT free. However, with my help you can come very close after which, only God can provide.

M: Okay, so it’s a dream. But the dream always seems against me. Why is that?

C: You do not believe you are dreaming and so, you do not TRUST what you experience, even though what you experience is undeniably a product of your own MIND. To know you are dreaming is to TRUST what the dream provides. The dream is yours and, if dreams are OF the mind, why would you fear your own mind?

M: I don’t particularly like parts of this dream. Are you going to tell me that I have to like it to awaken?

C: Learn to TRUST what you make “real.” Why seek for a glorious future in a dream of hell? You hope heaven may one day be true, but you believe hell is an undeniable fact. In a dream, heaven is a construct no different from hell and the choice is yours.

M: You can’t possibly make me believe that hell is what I want. That this is what I ask for?

C: You believe you are expert at determining what you do NOT want, but have little idea as to what you DO want. The moment you think you have FOUND what you seek, doubt enters proving it is NOT for you. Nothing has ever sustained you for very long and consistent reliance on seeking what cannot be found in your world has preordained that nothing ever will. In a dream, pleasure is eventually accompanied by pain, simply because nothing lasts.

You do not trust others, your “self” or what that “self” wants and makes real by wanting.

You have little choice but to trust in something NOT of “you.” This seems to be the most difficult choice you MUST make and one that you are avoiding at all costs, because it is the ONLY choice you need EVER make again. You are fast approaching that decision and this seems to increase discomfort.

But can you not see the experiences you have allowed your “self” have only brought you closer to the choice you are certain to make? Can you not see that you do this to yourself and can you not see the reason why? Do not lament your past. It has only ever had one purpose.

M: Are you saying that I ask for this suffering to force myself to awaken?

C: Trust the purpose of what you make “real,” because everything has a purpose and dreaming can have only one purpose. You may determine that you do NOT want what you experience, but clearly, the purpose of a dream is to awaken and everything must conform to that purpose alone. In a dream, the purpose of what is NOT “real” is to show you what IS. Nothing in a dream is real.

M: So I’m giving myself suffering on purpose?

C: Trust in the means to an end. Realize the purpose of your suffering and suffer NO more.

M: But you said I should not trust in myself.

C: Do not trust that which is a construct of dreaming. Trust only in that which desires to awake from the dream of itself.

M: How can I tell the difference?

C: That which desires to awake, trusts the dream to teach it and does not suffer through what is symbolized, because symbols are NOT real. Your dream has this purpose. Trust in that purpose and see that purpose IN the dream.

M: So I should love my suffering? I should seek more suffering then?

C: You demand I suffered as a martyr and, although I could not give you the impossible, nevertheless, you worship me in that image still. But only in a dream could you see me, not as loving my suffering as means to an end, but suffering through pain and privation in my love for you.

This is completely absurd and can only be found in a dream in which absurdity is experienced as “reality.” For when I came to love my suffering, I suffered NO more, in the realization that suffering was impossible in a dream.

This is a fundamental FACT of every dream and clearly demonstrates WHO is dreaming.

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