Friday, February 22, 2013

The Dreamer is Separate from the Dream

M: It seems I get no break from repetitive problems.

C: Nor will you, as long as you look to parts of the dream for answers. Yet, you will continue to choose from what is offered until “choice” no longer matters. Then you will lay down your arms. For in a dream each choice requires defending its “reason.” Truth requires NO defense, because it transcends all reason. Until you understand this, you will defend your choices AS true and, one after another, they will crumble from the weight of their own emptiness.

M: So what then? I won’t make choices anymore?

C: Choices will be made, but “you” will NOT make them. They will unfold effortlessly from a “place” in you that has NO need to judge parts of the dream, KNOWING that none of it is true. You dream of those who have been to this “place,” if only briefly, and return to tell about it. You have given them the words to describe it, because you too believe it MUST exist. But you have allowed their descriptions to contradict and so, you are filled with doubt, mistrust and fear. But even in your doubt, you sense the truth that YOU do not belong here and from that one thought you have traveled very far indeed.

Dissolve the conditions that obstruct its coming. Otherwise, you will only become lost in the belief you have found a place that the dream describes, forgetting that ALL descriptions are your invention. As the world you see recedes from view, a new sight will fill your vision and you will SEE the way home. Your world will not disappear, but you will see it as never before. You need do nothing now, but allow it.

M: How do I allow it?

C: By understanding that you cannot obstruct it in any way. You are beginning to understand that there is no need to defend your choices.

M: But this means not standing up for what I value. So I should value nothing? This would make me a mindless robot!

C: You value only what the dream has taught, denying that you demand it FROM the dream and day by day your disillusionment is growing more apparent, but you believe there is no other choice. Your “life” has happened TO you. You resist recognizing that those controlled by a dream have NO control.

Surrender to the inescapable fact of dreaming and locate the dreamer.

M: But this would only be allowing myself to be controlled by the dream.

C: In the KNOWLEDGE that it is a dream, it can have NO control whatsoever. Make no mistake, this is all that need be known and, until this is KNOWN there can be no peace, How can a victim of NOTHING be at peace until realizing that which disturbs his peace is simply not there?

M: But this reality draws me in constantly. I cannot think along these lines when so many tasks need to be performed, so many things must be attended to.

C: To be victim to an imaginary world, truth must be absent from that world. But note how all your “trials and tribulations” must always bring you back to me. This means that there is some part of you that knows what is true and what is NOT. Therefore, do not look upon them as obstacles, but as reminders of what you really want.

M: If it’s my dream, then why have I no control over it?

C: See it as yours and it will unfold in any direction you choose. You are cause and not effect. Find the dreamer and know this is true.

M: That I cause this to myself is the hardest thing to accept. But then, if that is the truth, there is no need for me to get upset at what I experience. But why can’t I know the purpose behind what I dream?

C: Think of the dreams you experience now when you lie down to sleep. What purpose do they provide but symbolic representations of another world you believe is real, but only while sleeping. What happens in your nighttime dreams makes no difference to the world you know as real and believe you will experience upon awakening. The best you can ever do is attempt to define the symbols but their purpose will allude you because they have none.

You have spent a “lifetime” trying to make meaningful that which is only symbolic. The dream has NO purpose, except to teach you that you wish to wake.

M: So my current struggle is to teach me that I exist in a dream?

C: Have you not been here before?

M: Many times.

C: And each time your response is the same. Although specific variables seem different, your state of mind does not change and your fear will maintain this repetition invariably. However, you cannot change these conditions yourself. Only the dreamer can alter this pattern completely and for all eternity.

That which fears the dream cannot be the dreamer, but simply another part of the dream.

M: So I should just let go all fear?

C: Again, you cannot be free of fear, because you are a product of the dream and all your actions demonstrate that you are an effect and NOT cause. Find the dreamer and find the cause.

M: So I should just act as if the dream does not affect me?

C: Behind the mask the actor knows that the part he plays is not true. But he plays it well, knowing that he MUST eventually return to the state of mind that he KNOWS is natural to him. You do recognize the parts you play are not natural to you, but you still continue to believe that you have NO choice but to maintain what is unnatural. This demonstrates you know nothing but the parts you play and believe you have NO natural state for which to return. How could fear NOT enter into such a distorted belief system?

The dreamer has not left his natural state, but only dreams he is something else. Your forgetfulness is all we need remedy, because you do have a natural state and this was God’s gift to you.

M: How will locating the dreamer show me my natural state?

C: Locating the dreamer only allows you to KNOW the dream and to change it as a means to make ready what only God can reveal. God’s Revelation is not part of my teaching, but Salvation from the dream is why you have called on me and your Salvation involves nothing more than the end of all fear. When all fear has left you, you will be in an automatic state of readiness for Revelation. You must learn that you are not the dream, but the dreamer. Fear cannot be abolished IN a dream until the dreamer is found OUTSIDE the dream.

M: How will I know when I have found the dreamer?

C: There will be NO doubt. It is impossible to explain the unlimited to a mind limited to mistaking illusion for reality. There are those whom you know of who have found the dreamer, if for only a moment, and have expressed awe and wonder of that moment. Yet, they return to the expectations of your dream and, hence, have not awakened to their natural state. The only difference in this case is that the dream is yours and they only serve to prove this to you. This insures the certainty that YOU will awaken, because there is no one else.

M: The ego will never allow me to experience this.

C: Just as everything in its world was made to be destroyed, so too must it suffer that same fate. Yet, because you believe it is “you,” you are fooled into believing that fate awaits you and everything you experience as an ego must conform to that one and only message. What experience have you ever encountered that does not inform of death in some way? What experience lives on exactly as it was born and yet never dies?

Although the ego has attempted to make a mockery of ME, by distorting every message I have offered, it cannot completely deny my voice and the fact that your desire to listen grows with intensity. Such is the tension you now feel on a daily basis for as I come closer, it increases its attacks on you. It demands you look outward for relief from inner suffering. But you are pulling away in the gradual realization that the ego offers nothing that would sustain your joy, but gives only death.

Your desire to experience the world as an ego is receding, while the desire to experience God’s will intensifies. It is inevitable that one day you will experience this and only this. Have faith that this is true and recognize you are most assuredly on that path because you are not an ego. You are not a defeated self, roaming aimlessly in a barren desert of fear.

For now, this seems to come in tiny offerings, with only a return to tension and disappointment. But recognize in your pain is the key to salvation as it indicates your approach to freedom. Recognize it as a sign that we are joining as ONE.