Friday, December 23, 2016

A Tapestry of Fluctuating Illusions...

M: I sat with my mother last week at the hospital. She's very old and in alot of pain. I recall her saying, "people don't understand that dying is hard work." That really stuck with me...

C: In a dream of death, what other purpose is there, but to achieve that goal?

Dying IS hard work, but all the separated ones are proficient in achieving that goal. Allegiance to the ego seems to insure the goal will be attained for this is what IT shows you and what you choose to SEE everywhere you look, demanding you accept its goal as your own.

Why choose death when eternal life is your inheritance, meaning you CANNOT die? Why would your Creator, the Creator of your mind and not "bodies," give you eternal life, only to have you choose death over His gift? You merely waste time for there is NO choice to be made, since it has already been made for YOU. How could it NOT? Realize there is nothing more need be done and deeply rest in that simple acknowledgement, letting TRUTH naturally arise as it will and must.

M: How can I not see death?

C: The ego is NOT your friend. Do not honor what it demands you look upon. Let what IT shows you bring you peace instead of fear, in the UNDERSTANDING that it is ALL a dream. What you call "death" is nothing more than a tapestry of fluctuating illusions, appearing to capture attention only to fade and disappear, allowing another to arise in its place. What you give attention to IDENTIFIES what you BELIEVE and if you believe in death you will see it all around you. Illusions disappear, but they do NOT die.

M: So my mother is an "illusion"?

C: My brother, "you" are an illusion.

M: So I should not honor myself?

C: Honor the part that I show you, because it is the only REALITY that exists and, thankfully,  does NOT rely on "you" to be maintained.

M: Clearly, I see is what the ego shows me,  but you haven't shown me anything yet.

C: Nothing you see is "clear," but shrouded in death, which lingers around the fringes of every illusion you invest in as "truth." Within the ego's arsenal, death is the most valuable weapon of insuring your obedience. Note, how frequently it has been used of late and how you have become entranced by it. Your value of it can be measured simply by the level of FEAR it provokes, and you have been very fearful lately.

Have faith in me and you will SEE marvels beyond what "sight" can reveal. Reliance on sight clouds VISION and vision is always WITHIN and does NOT rely on sensation derived from "body parts" in a dream. Nevertheless, when the clouds of sight begin to dissolve, sight will be miraculously transformed until it is no longer necessary. 

Your faith in the ego is apparent from your behaviors, which arise from what you VALUE and, make no mistake, what you value you MUST see and react to AS you see it. The Law of Cause and Effect is as relevant on "earth" as it is in Heaven. Yet, in Heaven there can be only ONE cause, because everything is ONE, while in the dream there seem to be billions, resulting in fear and confusion.

The question of WHY, haunts the separated ones, because in all their searching they come NO closer to an answer, even though the answer is right before their eyes, but only when they choose to NO longer rely upon the eyes will the answer be clear. BECAUSE God could NOT create a meaningless world, nothing you see means anything.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Dream of Death...

M: I can see it's going to take decades to overcome all this ego conditioning, which results in knee jerk, automatic responses to just about everything I encounter. The judging is instantaneous.

C: Do NOT seek to mark progress by the ego's standards, demanding that you seek but never find, for in that you can never succeed and this is what constantly provokes impatience. Your most monumental successes have seemingly stalled your progress interminably, while what you conceive as abject failure has resulted in leaps and bounds of immeasurable progress.

When the goal is certain, time is inconsequential and is easily dismissed. Your complaints about the time this takes identifies your uncertainty of the goal. When the goal is certain time will cease to be a factor and you will marvel at the speed of your progress.

M: All this talk about the ego, I'm not even sure what an ego is.

C: The ego is simply a belief that events can happen outside your WILL. It is a belief that you are victim to a "world" outside your mind. The ego is the idolization of UNCERTAINTY, defining a world of "chance" in which random events seem to determine your DESTINY.

Very simply, the ego is a dream of death and nothing IN the dream can escape that goal. Although you seek to sculpt a life separate from the goal of death, allegiance to the ego makes that goal paramount above all others. 

Note the recurring dissonance that has mediated your entire life, as you vacillate between God's voice and the ego, never fully conforming to either. This is the definition of SUFFERING and the contracted state of your mind is the state of your "world," because it is NOT separate from YOU, existing entirely WITHIN your mind.

M: It's like I'm addicted to the ego. All day long I note how its cravings color my world and direct what I see and how I think. I try to disengage from the ego, but the pull is very strong.

C: Make no mistake, the alcoholic is NOT addicted to alcohol, but to the belief that he NEEDS alcohol to be "happy." You are addicted to the belief that you NEED the ego to be "happy." Yet, like the alcoholic, you have come no closer to that goal and, in fact, it is your movement farther away that has brought you to me.

My brother, you have grown very weary of your relapses into HELL in your continued acceptance of the ego's directive that HELL is healing. In your moments of clarity you DO realize that this world makes no sense and is entirely beyond REASON. What reason is there in the suffering endured from the moment of birth until the final breath becomes your only escape from a life of pain and torment? What is the reason for sickness and disease? What reason for poverty and starvation? What reason for the desolation of interminable war?

Yet, in your allegiance to what the ego PERCEIVES, you have agreed with IT that this "world" is a reasonable rendition of "truth," cascading you into a vortex of multiple LIES, each building upon the other, until TRUTH seems merely a miniscule beam of light shining through a tiny crack.

Even in the dream "you" complain that "truth" has been whittled down into specks of meaningless dust that blur your vision until you are eventually blinded by the lies through which you sculpt and structure your life, living in constant disappointment.

Awaken from your trance my brother, for you do this unto yourself. Seek NOT a hell of your making, because the kingdom of heaven is within you and thank the Father you did NOT make it REAL, for it was made for you to abide in perfect peace and happiness.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Duality of a Dream...

M: So you're saying that there is a deeper part of me that is dreaming this world. That means that this conversation is just another part of the dream. My body, the fingers that type, the eyes that see, this computer, this room, all of it are part of a dream.

C: No "experience" separate from God, could ever be True and, therefore, MUST be imagined as "true," and what is imagined can be easily forgotten, proving it invalid.

You are conflicted in what you want and, hence, conflict is what you imagine for yourself and that is what you experience. Yet, you continue to lament what you ask of the dream, denying that conflict has been requested and received as asked.

M: I find it hard to believe that this crapfest of a world is what I have asked for.

C: When you make choices from what the ego provides, why be angry with what is received? I simply teach to choose again and make the choice from a deeper part of YOU.

M: How will I know when I'm choosing from this "deeper part"?

C: A moment FREE from the constraints of dreaming cannot be described IN a dream except to say, there will be NO doubt that the right choice was made.

M: Until then I will continue to ask for crap and receive it?

C: If this is what you believe offered, then you will choose and receive as asked.

Ask and you shall receive is just as valid on "earth" as it is in Heaven. In Heaven you ASK for what is offered and you receive. ONLY Truth is offered because it is what you ASK. On earth you ASK for what is offered and you receive. ONLY lies are offered because it is what you ASK. ASK for nothing the ego offers and allow choice be made from a deeper part of yourself.

M: The Law of Attraction states that we can experience the reality we choose to experience.

C: In the desert you will see an oasis when dying of thirst, but the mirage disappears upon closer inspection. Nothing "here" has ever brought you ANY sustainable sense of happiness, relieved you of your burden nor made you feel at home, yet you continue to follow the ego's trail of tears expecting to find just that.

M: Well, I haven't been a billionaire yet, so how can I know that won't make me happy? Why don't I give myself that experience?

C: You could experience anything you choose in a dream, based on what you believe is offered. Yet, look closely at your "life," which seems to unfold through fluctuating levels of acceptance and rejection, culminating FROM the need to awaken against the desire to dream.

Opposing goals must always cast you on chaotic journeys, simply because you do NOT know what you want. Asking for what the ego offers competes with your request to KNOW the Truth and results in the mediocrity revealed TO you by the dream and that you, on a daily basis, bitterly complain as unfair. 

You do ASK for the peace and joy of God's Truth, for this is why you call on me, but you also ASK for what the ego informs will bring happiness and, hence, your life unfolds as a fluctuating tapestry of competing goals, in which light and dark, good and bad, joy and suffering, seek to achieve superiority in YOUR mind. Is it any wonder you are so utterly confused? Is it any wonder you suffer from what you ask for, but ALWAYS receive as you have ASKED? There can be NO peace in a dream in which the desire to FORGET God is at war with the desire to REMEMBER.

The DUALITY of the dream is simply the result of your failure to choose between opposing beliefs, demanding your life unfold as a composite of competing experiences, REQUIRING acceptance AND rejection, happiness AND suffering, joy AND fear, peace AND war, love AND hate, life AND death, be your GUIDE. This is the definition of INSANITY that you have chosen to live by.

M: So I have to choose between what I know, and suffer through, and what you tell me will end my suffering?

C: The student must CHOOSE a teacher, else he will wander aimlessly on a fruitless journey to nowhere and, presently, this is what you have opted for.

Indeed, you have called on ME, but you have not yet dismissed the EGO and this needlessly wastes time. Although "time" sets no conditions on me because Truth is timeless, it is of the essence for you while believing you ARE a dream.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seek the Deeper Part of YOU...

M: I do recognize that the ego constantly seeks out what it can use for itself with every person and in every situation I encounter. Even though its demands irritate me, I can't seem to break free and doing so seems to require a great deal of conscious effort.

C: Currently, conscious effort does SEEM necessary because you believe your mind is condemned to a body.  However, you are becoming more aware of how the ego defends against Truth and this will aid in dissociating from it and, clearly, dissociation is the most effective strategy against LIES. Keep IN your mind the FACT that YOU gave it the power to MAKE you a body and, hence, ONLY you can dissociate from that CHOICE.

M: So how do I do that?

C: Simply overlook it, because it does NOT matter. Overlook everything the ego shows you, because NONE of it means anything at all. Forgive and hold NO grievances against your world and the ego will dissolve into nothingness. Look closely and note the strands of hate and fear that make up your "world," demanding grievances and complaints bind the strands into a tenuous fabric of multifaceted HELL. Yet, your complaints maintain the structure. Grieving an illusion is a fruitless endeavor, just as hating some parts of a dream is ridiculous.

M: So each time I complain about the weather I reinforce belief in a dream?

C: My teaching is simple and cannot be diluted or distorted. Forgive the world and reap the rewards because forgiveness immediately asserts that what the ego SEES has no effect and, thus, need NOT be considered at all. That which has no EFFECT can no longer be considered a CAUSE and, thus, easily ignored as inconsequential.

There is a deeper part of YOU that we are attempting to reach, because it is that part that decides on my guidance or the ego's. That part is of God and it is that part that is simply mistaken and need be corrected through REMEMBERING.

Nevertheless, to answer your question, the mistake NEVER happened and NO correction was needed. YOU are NOW with God and could never be without God and IN that is your Truth.

M: You're right. That doesn't make any sense.

C: Yet, there is a part of you that FEELS the Truth of this, but because that part has been silenced by the insanity of the ego's ranting, that part struggles to understand why it FEELS that what I teach is True. Although you lack the understanding, you do FEEL the truth of what I teach and it is this that brings you back to me each and every time.

Although you often find it difficult to believe that God exists, you are beginning to believe that this world cannot be TRUE and if it is not TRUE, then it cannot be REAL, since only that which is TRUE can be REAL. If the world is not TRUE, a feeling that grows with intensity each passing day, then you must ask yourself, who made it and lied to you about its cause? And who should you NOW trust to show you the Truth?

Little brother, you have lost all hope in this "world" to ever bring you PEACE. Many of the separated ones lose hope and fall into despair because they can see NO way out of HELL. You cannot change this world, but you can save it from itself because it exists nowhere else but IN your mind. Project not externally, but embrace internally ALL that arises IN your mind, through a forgiveness that holds no grievance against that which arises IN your mind, simply because it arises in YOUR mind and nowhere else. What you hate you make "real" and curse yourself with that hatred. Only when peace FILLS your mind will the world be filled with peace.

M: Isn't all interaction with the world through the ego?

C: Miraculous interaction is completely FREE of the ego and you will know when you have encountered a MIRACLE because it will have nothing to do with that which you have come to know as "you."

You have yet to encounter a MIRACLE, but it is certain you will and you will know immediately that it was not of "you," but of God.

M: Then there's nothing I can do to make it happen?

C: Step back and let a deeper part of you REMEMBER the Truth.

My brother, you will NEVER be happy in this "place," and everything you give unto yourself merely serves to prove this FACT alone. Each experience you determine as "good" merely reinforces the "bad" as an actuality, thereby, quickly diluting the "good." There can be NO peace within such opposing contradictions, and such is the chaos you "see" all around you.

M: What you ask is impossible. How can I not see the dual nature of reality? What other way of seeing is there that does not differentiate between good and bad?

C: See with your mind and not your eyes, because nothing is outside you.

Your fantasies of death are make believe and merely serve to prove that you are not born of God and death serves no other purpose than to IMAGINE separation from your SOURCE. You see death all around you, yet you cannot DIE because your mind is the source of ALL you behold and if you were to DIE, all death would DIE with you. Make no mistake, you will DIE to this world but not in the way you IMAGINE.

M: So you're saying the salvation of this world is entirely reliant on my mind and no one else?

C: There is "no one else." How could there be, when in a dream the only reality is the dreamer, because nothing IN a dream is real. You ARE the dreamer and in the Oneness of Creation, there is "no one else" but YOU.

This is why the chief task of the ego is to repetitively inform you of your insignificance and the standards of that insignificance are projected into the dream to prove the ego's "truth" and you believe what you "see," thereby, reducing yourself to insignificance. Yet, you believe that only the ego can protect you from what IT makes "real" by demanding you FEAR what you "see." This is the definition of MADNESS, believing fantasy has the capacity to hurt you by denying that YOU are its source.

M: I want to believe this is true, but every detail of my life demonstrates that it's false.

C: A deeper part of you is dreaming and it is that part that will awaken.

That part does not "believe" but KNOWS God, but for an instant has forgotten and has called on me to help it remember. These "talks" are part of that REMEMBERING and serve to remind YOU that the purpose of everything IN a dream is to awaken, because there is no other purpose to a dream. Allow the ego to choose SEEING and you will see opposing contradictions that promote the dream as "real." Give everything in a dream the purpose of Awakening and see it ALL miraculously transformed to provide that purpose, as you have asked.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

See it Everywhere You Look...

M: You teach these things I must do to awaken and then tell me I "need do nothing." That doesn't make sense.

C: Clearly, you have rejected the idea that nothing need be done, else you would no longer be dreaming that you are asking what need be done. I work within the constraints of your belief system and you do strongly believe something must be done. I am simply teaching, within the limits you have set, how to dissolve those limits so that you may SEE that nothing need be done, after which, teaching is NO longer necessary, because all is KNOWN.

It should be clear to you by now that the ego is filtering these discussions, seeking to insure that my message is aptly diluted with enough of ITS distortions to make my message seem confusing, contradictory and, hence, ridiculous. There are enough ego distortions in your "Bible" to make even the most astute student confounded and perplexed, even though there have been many throughout "history" who have sought to purify the message by extracting out ego distortions. Yet, they too became severely handicapped by their own ego projections.

Through the immense power of your MIND, you have constructed a seemingly impregnable wall against Truth through a momentary lapse of judgment that you could separate, and remain separate, from you SOURCE. Yet, the moment the error occurred it was corrected, since how could error exist in TRUTH?

M: To be quite honest, I really would like to get off this bus called "Life." I agree with you that I have become very "weary" of it all. But there's too many obligations and demands to just get off the bus right now.

C: You have yet to fully acknowledge WHERE the "bus" is taking you, because this, and only this, makes the ride unendurable when death is always the last stop. DEATH is the omnipresent theme of your dream and IT overshadows all your achievements, which must come to nothing when the reward is your demise and this can be the ONLY reward for choosing the ego as guide.

I provide an option IN the dream that is NOT founded BY the dream and does NOT require anything FROM the dream, simply because, in that choice, you see it AS a dream. What FEAR could imprison your mind when you KNOW that none of it is REAL? What worries could contain and paralyze your THINKING when you see it ALL as wispy clouds, easily brushed aside with a wave of your hand? What depression could burden you when the Light of Truth infuses your THINKING in which ALL thought serves to lift you out of hell and no other purpose than that is served? This is what I teach and nothing more than that need be KNOWN.

M: A part of me wants to follow you, but another part tells me that this is all silly and absurd and there are better things I could be doing with my time. Just knowing that there might be a better way makes me a bit depressed simply because I'm not there yet.

C: Be content with the FACT that you cannot but be in the right place at the right time, There are no random events in space and time, because God's strength is ALWAYS within you and could never leave you, even WHILE you dream. Because of this FACT, your awakening is absolutely assured because the power of God is absolute. How could it be otherwise?

The only purpose found in a dream is to awaken TO the knowledge that it was ALL simply a dream. Anything in a dream that does NOT serve that purpose is useless to YOU. The ego's only purpose is dreaming and everything GIVEN to it maintains that purpose. My purpose is to aid in your awakening and anything GIVEN to me serves that purpose. Make no mistake, the purpose you GIVE to what is SEEN always comes before the SEEING.

You will know your choice either through the MIRACLE or the SIN. The ego has assured you of your guilt by employing the sins of the past to uphold its indictment and this is what you will SEE. The miracle is completely empty of the past, assuring you of your total innocence and this is what you will SEE. Miracles are completely absent ego and infused only with Truth and this is what you will SEE. Sin is absent ALL Truth and infused with the ego's lies and this is what you will SEE. Sin is a lie that you will know through fear and that is what you will SEE. Miracles are completely free of all fear, known only through joy, and that is what you will SEE. The ego's lies are chaotically bewildering and that is what you will SEE. God's Truth is perfectly simple and that is what you will SEE.

What I teach is simple. SEE it everywhere you look...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Truth or the "Electric Bill"

M: How am I supposed to interact with a dream?

C: When you KNOW the dream AS a dream, how to interact will be obvious. Nevertheless, what you WISH to understand is how to interact with your "world" as IF it were a dream, when you believe it is NOT, and the most succinct answer is simply to NOT be victim to what you BELIEVE real.

M: So just "turn the other cheek" is what you're saying?

C: This message was misconstrued and asserts that you CAN be violated when violation is impossible in a dream and does NOT require you prove this through further violation. The "scriptures" of the ego seek to make dreams come true by diluting the TRUTH of God through the concept of "evil" which God knows NOT.

There is NO need to prepare for violation, because it is your preparation that predicts its coming, and demands you give yourself what you require be seen. Child of Truth, there is nothing IN your mind that can hurt you and everything is IN your mind, for where else could it be but in the mind that sees it and, by so doing, makes it "real."

I am in your mind and I am REAL, because YOU are in my mind and you are REAL and this REALITY makes us ONE and you long to experience that ONENESS with me in a world that JOINS us as ALL as ONE.

See that instead of the violation SEPARATION shows you...

M: I think I need something a little more concrete to believe that what you teach is true.

C: Would you even SEE it if I showed you? I could raise mountains into the sky and, through your alliance with the ego, you would merely prove it another incidence of "global warming." No, little brother, you declined MY miracles long ago and now you must give them TO yourself.

M: I have to perform miracles in order to prove that what you teach is true?

C: I teach that MIRACLES are yours to give, because what you teach is what you learn as TRUTH.

M: What possible miracle could I "give"?

C: An instant of eternity in "time."

M: Hate to let you down, but I'm not your miracle worker. I have too many problems in my life right now to entertain some hocus pocus ideas about "miracles."

C: You NEED do nothing, but merely step back and allow my guidance. I will direct you in everything you do, in every moment you do it. Your interference is NOT necessary because, of yourself, you know NOT what you do and you have admitted this TO yourself on countless occasions, but failed to heed the VOICE for Truth and gave the dream a purpose it could NOT fulfill simply because it has NO reality.

Do NOT ask for TRUTH from an illusion because you will  be sorely disappointed each and every time you do. And has this NOT been your experience? And has it NOT been the reason you turn to me? Teach TRUTH to the dream and learn it from yourself.

You are so deeply weary of this "place" and your exhaustion has now moved to the body in which pain and suffering has become a symbol of your deep sense of fatigue. Breathe a sigh of relief for nothing more is needed from you but the acknowledgement that your lonely journey has come to an end and you need seek the way no more, but need simply take my hand and let me show the way TO you.

M: But what if you forget to remind me to pay the electric bill?

C: If you could rest completely on my guidance, there would be NO "electric bill," nor would there be any of the meaningless absurdities the ego employs to secure your loyalty to its illusions. Until then you will rely on doing meaningless things to obtain useless objects to encounter vacuous experiences unto death, being the most meaningless of ALL your illusions. Even now the separated one's see this empty void all around them, but seek to replace with only more emptiness and still they remain separately unfulfilled and empty, simply because NO meaning can be found in a dream of separation.

Dreaming of SEPARATION engenders a multitude of seemingly intractable problems with a myriad of possible solutions when, in fact, there is only ONE problem requiring ONE solution and BOTH are IN your mind and nowhere else in your "universe" will they be found because YOUR mind made "time and space" real through which problems must occur. 

Nevertheless, the problem has already been solved and I would show you this if you give ALL your problems to me. Yet, withhold one, even the smallest, and all the others MUST remain with you as well, to demand the ego's solution be found outside you where it does NOT exist and, thus, you will continue to avoid TRUTH and worry about "electric bills."

The moment you forgot to LAUGH an unbelievable world of suffering and sorrow unfolded in your mind and the laughter shared with your Father was silenced. But fear not little brother, because the unbelievable lasted but the briefest sliver of a second and you are there NOW, joyously laughing with God at how something so patently INSANE could have ever been believed at all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Choice is Yours to Make...

M: If there is a better world than this, why can't you show it to me? Rather than to continue to drag all this out for so long.

C: You are in charge of "time," and the time it takes is up to you. Your ACCEPTANCE of Truth could take a moment or a million years.

The free-will granted you by Creation requires the CHOICE be yours. I wish to give it NOW, if you would but take it from me.

Nevertheless, I understand that you do NOT find this helpful, because you have yet to accept WHY you delay. Suffice it to say that for now, you are using "time" for its intended purpose and you are at this moment EXACTLY where you need to be in your learning.

Your anxiety and impatience are merely the ego's attempt to maintain your allegiance to its teaching that you are imprisoned in a body that will utilize "time" as a means of suffering unto death. This insane "life" premise is what you believe and, therefore, what you teach yourself by seeing it everywhere you look.

Because you have already AWAKENED, there can be NO events in "time" that have NOT been an integral part OF that AWAKENING. This means that there is no reason for impatience, since what you BELIEVE is delayed, has already happened instantaneously. Your learning is over, my work is DONE and fear is abolished from your mind for ALL eternity.

Believe in this, my brother, for the quickest way in "time" for you to experience the infinite peace and absolute joy of God is to accept the Truth that YOU have never been without it.

M: So, every event that has occurred in my life had to occur exactly as it did and will continue to do so until I realize I am already awakened? This makes no sense.

C: To the ego it is senseless, but a part of your mind recognizes the Truth in what I teach and it is that part you wish to make WHOLE again and every event in "time" serves to bring you closer to that WHOLENESS or farther away, based on the purpose you choose for it and, make no mistake, the purpose has been chosen BEFORE you see it, because it is purpose that brought IT to you in the WAY you see IT, the MOMENT it is seen.

M: The ego wants to be rich and famous, but I'm poor and anonymous so what's up with that?

C: YOU are not the ego and the part of you that KNOWS this also knows that dreaming of fame and fortune is just as illusory as anonymity and poverty. The purpose of a dream is to awake, not to establish standards for which to continue dreaming.

M: Are you saying that my dream is a combination of what the ego wants and what my true self wants and this is what I experience?

C: I teach that you have a choice between TWO voices. Hence, it would logically follow that there is a part of you that knows this Truth and it is that SELF we seek to reach, through all the ego's raucous shrieks and lamentations, and my job is merely to help you REMEMBER.

The ego has filled your "world" with proof of its "reality" and bid you look upon it ONLY, as a means of denying TRUTH. Although the ego does NOT know Truth, through its direction you have sought out and "found" indisputable theories to prove that you are NOT what you ARE, simply because IT is afraid of what YOU ARE. You have stacked belief upon belief of incredible notions, going back to "prehistory," proving that you have simply evolved to the deplorable state you now suffer THROUGH and must die OF. The ego has aided you in developing, with exacting precision, a form of mental magic that you call "reason," based solely on what your eyes and ears tell you, as a means of denying the TRUTH of your mind and so you have withered on the vine, my brother, but all the while there is a voice that quietly whispers... this NEED NOT BE.

Do not descend in despair of where you are in this MOMENT based on "values" taught by a dream, because you are right NOW where you need be and we are both listening together to the VOICE for Truth, slowly rising in crescendo. It is that part that knows that THIS CANNOT BE, that you are gradually turning to, simply because you once asked of your world, "how can this be?" And it was that very question, asked 30yrs ago in "time," that brought us together.

Even NOW the ego informs you of your GUILT in wasting time and that there are so many more important pursuits to be engaged, but NOT one of the ego's pursuits has ever provided you with the joy and peace you deeply desire. This is WHY, eventually, you ALWAYS turn to me...

...and I am ALWAYS here.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Bring it to the World...

M: Why even learn from you if waking is certain?

C: Believe for one instant that waking is certain and all learning will dissolve instantly. The ONLY certainty you do believe is DEATH and your entire mind has been hijacked by this LIE and you have dedicated your "life" to it. When you are CERTAIN there is NO death, life begins.

Make no mistake, a life dedicated to DEATH is the definition of HELL. Look closely at the contract you made with the ego to delay, but not escape, death. In this contract you agreed to pay homage to death through the suffering of a body that must be accepted as "you" in return for a fleeting constellation of magic moments that immediately become past residue to be "remembered," but NEVER again experienced, in which the body is expected, based on the terms of the contract, to wither in frailty to the ravages of "time." Every day you review the contract terms in recognition that the deadline for payment is rapidly approaching and DEATH is the reward for adhering to the terms. This is what you have agreed to and you will faithfully fulfill the terms of this contract, because you believe you are obligated and have NO CHOICE.

M: So how do I break this contract?

C: Prove to yourself that you are allied to my certainty, and not the ego's desire for death, by experiencing JOY in each and every moment. A JOY that is contingent on NOTHING your "world" gives or takes away, but entirely contingent on the certainty of God's REALITY, which never takes and ONLY gives eternally. In that JOY you will FORGIVE all that you have cursed with the PAST, by seeing only the absolute present in ALL you see and IN that will the dream begin to dissolve, being FULLY seen AS a dream.

M: So I should just feel joy for no reason?

C: For no reason that you would impose, for ALL your reasons have failed you and this is evident by your moods that fluctuate along a spectrum from abject misery to shallow moments of self satisfaction that you call "happiness" which quickly dissolve through the recognition that it cannot last, simply because it NEVER has.

M: I'm enduring physical pain, my mother's in the hospital and I have to go to a funeral over the weekend, not sure I can generate any unspecific joy right now.

C: You do WANT to experience joy, but you WANT it from the "world" and fail to understand that it must first be IN your mind to see it IN your "world."

Instead, you regularly curse your "world" with grievances and then hurl indignant complaints at it when it provides you what you gave it TO provide. Every thought that serves to attack what you made "real" reinforces your commitment to a HELL of your making. 

M: So you're saying that I should just feel joy no matter what is happening and the world will conform to my mind? That's insanity!

C: Yet, what the ego directs you see is perfectly normal to you and you find no insanity in a world that regularly pontificates the meaningfulness of life, yet destroys ALL life for reasons that make absolutely NO sense.

How can your life matter when all around you see proof that life is meaningless? What fulfillment is acquired through the senseless tasks engaged in simply to "make a living"? Does it NOT seem absurd that you have NO choice on the "time" of your birth and NONE in your death, yet you are expected to make profoundly momentous decisions in between and failure to do so indicts you as WRONG? Is it NOT strange that you live a short while consuming the "world" until the time comes for the world to consume you and this you call "the circle of life"? What LOVE could possibly be communicated through relationships founded on SACRIFICE and maintained by GUILT when the sacrifice is NOT deemed worthy enough?

This is the senseless world you have idolized as "truth" and that you find completely normal and ALL of it, down to the most minute detail, is entirely IN your mind and exists nowhere else but THERE and it is THERE that you must find JOY by giving it to yourself, because absolutely NOTHING in this world will save you, but your decision to accept the certainty of God's TRUTH...

...and bring it TO the world.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Power of Belief

M: I Suppose there are some things in my life that I don't want to give up because they're good.

C: What in your "life" gives consistent joy and does not also expose a dark side through the ego's use of perception? The ego will consistently provide erratic and often highly chaotic mood states based on guilt and employing judgment to determine the nature of WHAT is perceived and, hence, you will never really SEE what is there, just the ego's interpretation of what is there, which is always FALSE.

M: If this world is such a "dream," as you say, why can't I assert complete control over it?

C: You could easily control every part of the dream, as long as every part IS seen AS a dream. Yet, as you say, "there are some things in my life that I don't want to give up." These parts are the LOCK that requires a KEY.

My job has been to guide you to REALITY, because if you KNEW the Truth, you'd awaken instantly and NOT one part of a dream could CONTAIN you from your desire to be FREE. Whenever you see parts, you see with the ego, which applies a judgment on everything seen, demanding it be NOT what it IS. You could look upon the WHOLE whenever you choose, but you fear that seeing the WHOLE would sacrifice the parts idolized as truth and fear is always a strategy of the ego to maintain your alliance with its belief in death

M: But, once again, it's always my choice.

C: A choice already made.

M: But if I'm already awake, then why am I still dreaming?? This makes no sense!

C: Indeed, the question, properly stated, should be... "if I am are already awake, then WHO is it that is dreaming?" The answer is patently obvious.

M: No one...

C: That will be readily apparent soon, but your answer demonstrates great progress in your learning. For now you remain bound to delusional fixations because the power of BELIEF is a power inherited from your Source and, thus, beyond description through concepts that differentiate and judge, which is the ONLY purpose of language and that which makes teaching not impossible, but very slow and arduous due to your reliance on symbols to represent reality.

Through BELIEF you have the power to literally move mountains, which is obvious since you made them "real" in the first place and you BELIEVE very much in what you make "real." Nevertheless, even in a dream you provide many clues to the power of belief and the "placebo effect" is just one example, one which has completely confounded your "scientists," of the power of the mind to heal the body simply through the absolute power of BELIEF.

My brother, you have no IDEA of the power of your mind, because you have surrendered it to the ego's insignificance and inadequacy adopting littleness above grandeur and this BELIEF is demonstrated to yourself every day.

M: So if I just believe this does not exist, it will disappear?

C: Instantly.

M: I can change the dream by just believing I can?

C: It will immediately conform to the specifications you have IN mind because it never leaves your mind. Where else could it exist?

M: Then why don't I get what I ask for?

C: Because you have no comprehension of the power of BELIEF and the amount of vigilance required is more than you can currently provide. This makes you victim to mind wandering, which the ego takes full advantage of each and every time, engaging a duality of opposing ideas that serve to deny Truth. I ask that you increase vigilance against lies, making you more open to Truth.

You will always get what you ask for, but do you BELIEVE you will receive? Any doubt as to the certainty of receiving must entail delay, for you will literally block reception. 

M: I thought I "need do nothing"?

C: Indeed, but you clearly do not BELIEVE this as of yet and I must work with your demand for action, which is a requirement of the ego that you have adopted for yourself.

My brother you have absolutely no faith in your SELF, because your SELF is unknown to "you," but it is the part that you did NOT make and has NO connection to dreaming. This part of YOU rests in perfect peace and has NO knowledge of dreams made "real." It suffers NOT from petty anxieties about useless activities that lead to NOTHING. It requires NO conditions for which to extend perfect LOVE to all it sees. This SELF is never sad, depressed or lonely, because it is fully joined with all CREATION and experiences NO lack or scarcity, because its abundance is infinite. 

I recognize that this is beyond your current comprehension for now, but I will occasionally provide reminders that serve to stir a deeper place in your mind. A place that has brought you to me, though you still struggle to understand WHY. The answers are WITHIN you and I will help you to reach them, for you have called on me for one task only.

To help you remember...

Friday, October 21, 2016

The Peeling Back of Perception...

M: All I want to know is how to change this dream, since you say it's of my own making. How do I make it better?

C: Decide you NO longer want what the ego provides.

M: So, no more sex, drugs and rock and roll?

C: Have they brought you peace or joy? The ego will always have you surrender infinite peace for moments of fleeting pleasure, but you will pay a steep price and you often have and each time you return to me.

It is not what you give yourself in a dream, but the PURPOSE you assign to what is provided. Obviously, the only PURPOSE of a dream is to wake from it and what you give unto yourself NOT assigned that PURPOSE will keep you imprisoned in a dream and your "world" has become a place of bondage in which FREEDOM is entirely absent.

The purpose you have superimposed upon every "person" in your dream has ultimately defined YOU. This, and this alone, has determined the joy of freedom versus the chains of bondage. Judge not lest ye be judged was the simplest way of saying that you do this TO yourself. Yet, you have persisted in rejecting the simplicity of Truth for the convoluted absurdities through which the ego defines your "world."

Nothing leaves your mind. There is NO "world" external to it. You give to yourself what you believe you deserve. You DO believe a Son of God deserves Grandeur, but you also believe a prisoner of the ego deserves death and your world will always reflect the CHOICE you have made.

M: I just can't grasp the idea that everything in this world is in my mind and not out there in the world.

C: I KNOW it as Truth, but you must prove it to yourself and you will do this through the "senses" and "see" it for yourself, for but only that will disentangle your THOUGHTS from the illusion of a body and what IT informs you is "real."

M: How can I use the senses to tell me it's not real when the senses are a part of the illusion?

C: The part of your mind that has KNOWLEDGE of Truth has been silenced by the part that relies on perception in alliance with the ego that directs what is perceived. Yet, you will literally alter perception to awaken the KNOWLEDGE that will no longer rely on perception, but on the Voice for God which will lead you to AWAKENING.

M: Sounds nice, but a little outside my realm of expertise.

C: Fortunately, it does NOT rely on "you" for much at all, other than the little willingness required to begin. However, note the subtle shift in perception you experienced yesterday. For the first time, since we have talked, you made a conscious effort to perceive without the ego's directives and you noted a quiet turning away from the ego's distractions, which allowed you to be more attentive to the needs of others and you did this even though you were experiencing physical pain.

It is only through a peeling back of perception that the Truth will rush forward to fill the void. Your reliance on perception to "see" Truth has been held hostage by the ego and its reliance on fear to maintain control through illusion. The little willingness to recognize this is all that is needed.

Eventually, recognizing the lies of the ego will be inside your "realm of expertise," and you will provide them as much attention as you do the buzzing of a house fly, until eventually Truth fills your mind and perception fades like fog on a windy morning.

M: It's hard to discern when I'm perceiving with ego or with you.

C: When you fully perceive with me you will have an experience of needing to do nothing, because nothing need be done. Yet, at present, I am asking for your conscious intention to see things differently. Note what the ego demands you "see" and simply dismiss it by allowing me to show you the Truth in what you see.

Be NOT concerned with the mechanics of what I teach, for it is wholly beyond your capacity to understand when the mind is clouded by the delusion of past and future fears. Simply recognize that your salvation from HELL relies exclusively on your dissociation from the ego, because the ego is HELL personified.

M: I'm afraid that, as opposed to yesterday, today was all ego, all the time. As much as I tried to engage a little willingness, the ego took center stage and ruled the show.

C: Look to your mood to identify what you perceive WITH, the ego or Truth. The ego projects grievance and attack upon ALL it sees, while Truth simply overlooks with forgiveness and moves peacefully through a dream of HELL allowing the parts of the dream to be gently touched with the joy of HEAVEN.

Heaven and hell are both in your mind, because EVERYTHING is within you and NOTHING can exist free of that Truth. Yet, EVERYTHING that is within you is within God and NOTHING that exists CAN exist free of that Truth. What God does NOT think can NOT exist and God has no knowledge of your dream. He only knows that for an instant you fell asleep and dreamed of a time and place that could NOT exist and in that instant you were gently awakened to the astounding Truth that it NEVER happened.

Recognize by your moods who you ally with in perceiving the contents of your mind and transform that "world" into Heaven. There is NO suffering in Heaven only exquisite peace and infinite joy. Look on what you have made with the Joy of Heaven and be free of the hell you made "real." See without attack and grieve nothing you have made and allow forgiveness to show you Truth

Little brother, you know NOT what you DO, because what you DO could never have been DONE. Look through my eyes and see this "place" dissolve into thin air to reveal wonders beyond your imagination because what you have imagined is a dream of nowhere in which nothing exists.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Free Your Mind...

M: You state that I choose between the ego and truth. Who is this "I" that makes such a choice?

C: There is no such "I" that could make such a choice, except in a dream, because only in a dream could an "I" exist. Only in a dream are choices made by individual "thinkers," when in REALITY there is only ONE choice and you have already made it as ONE mind.

Eternity can NOT be understood in time. It makes absolutely no sense to a dreamer relying on symbols for truth. Yet, the dream symbols can be arranged so as to show the dreamer how to awake to eternity and that is exactly what you have called on me to do which, paradoxically, demonstrates that part of your mind KNOWS it is dreaming, for why else would you request my assistance?

There is a part of your mind that knows the difference between Truth and insanity and you have literally invented me to lead you back to Truth. I do that by demonstrating that you have never left and are there with ME as always.

M: I invented you??

C: The "world" is an invention of your mind, "externally" projected parts, with you dwelling "internally," instilling a deluded sense of separation between what is "inside" as opposed to what is "outside," even while it is still ALL within you. Within your mind is both question and answer. I merely serve as trusted adviser, because you do NOT trust yourself.

M: Why would I do this?

C: Because you dream of separation, such an understanding is alien to that which believes it is not ONE, but a weak and inadequate representation of the many. There is no "I" separate from the "world."

There are answers to all your questions. Yet, keep in mind, many of the answers will seem totally absurd to your current level of understanding. This has resulted in years of rejection and abandoning of what is taught, but from my vantage point "time" is inconsequential because my patience is infinite.

M: How do I make contact with the part of my mind that knows this is a dream.

C: Simply engage the world as if you were NOT an ego and see it through Truth, as it longs for that TRUTH above all else, because you long for it above all else. Above all else YOU want to see peace instead of this.

The world conforms to what the ego seeks and the ego seeks suffering and if you suffer you seek with the ego and not with me. Seek with me and prove to yourself that you are NOT an ego, but the loving Child of God. See the world through my eyes and see Truth not illusions, experience joy and not suffering.

M: I don't see how this is even possible since the ego is with me from the moment I wake to the moment I close my eyes to sleep and it even inhabits my dreams. Even now I must consider that the bills get paid, deadlines are met, tasks completed, dates remembered, on and on, there is no end to what I must think about completely opposite what you teach.

C: If you deeply analyse the trajectory of your life, you will see that most of it has happened completely absent any choice you could have made, in fact, most of it seems to have been thrust upon you rather than asked for, but rarely have you considered why this is so and you just accept it as fate, although with much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The ego requires that you suffer, but never enough that you would seek relief outside its control. What it fears more than anything is that you will one day discover it has no power over you and never did. Even in this moment, as you write these words, the ego is stirring in consternation that you may inadvertently stumble upon what could ultimately decimate it completely by fracturing the foundation of DEATH that holds you firmly in place through abject terror. Yet, there is also a calm excitement within you, gradually gathering in momentum, that the Truth of God is so near you could reach out and touch it.

If you are already AWAKE, and I assure you this MUST be true for in NO way could you separate from your Source, then every instant of the dream is exactly as it should be. There can be NO coincidences in a dream if Awakening is guaranteed by God.

M: So I need accept pain and suffering? I need to accept the death and destruction all around me?

C: Why else would you give it to yourself, for this is NOT God's world, but it is not your world either and this is exactly what you teach yourself in every experience you encounter.

M: Shit! That sucks. There's got to be a better way than that.

C: Hence, the reason you have called on me, because you cannot awaken through the projected purposes of the ego. What the ego defines, defines you, because you look inward before you project outward.

Note the scheming nature of ego sight in defining a purpose for each "body" you encounter, based entirely on external form and devoid of internal content. Everything in your "world" promotes the sharing of bodies in which no communication occurs and the mind is left to suffer in darkness.

To free your mind is to find no purpose in a body that you would use for your advantage, because only minds communicate and only when free of the body.

You have been amazingly vigilant toward the actions and behaviors of the body, in fact, the foundation of most of your thinking involves attention to the body, while the mind is left unprotected from the ego's claim that the mind is inconsequential to the needs of the body and, hence, must focus solely on those needs alone.

At present, you cannot ignore the needs of the body, but you can begin to pay greater heed to the needs of the mind and the mind NEEDS to be free of the body in order for you to UNDERSTAND your freedom is in, and of, the mind alone.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Seek in Certainty and Ye Shall Find...

M: You say that I can choose the voice for Truth over the ego. Why do I not do that?

C: Your trust in the ego is dissipating, which is why you call on me, but you still do NOT fully trust me and this has generated a sense of cognitive dissonance or tension between two opposing choices. This is why you must continually edit these posts, seeking to differentiate between the ego's lies and my Truth. You will soon have no difficulty in dictating from my voice and editing will no longer be necessary.

As I have said before, in a dream, "learning" is the only purpose of "time" and this is your requirement, not God's. You could have the KNOWLEDGE of eternity in an instant if you so choose. Yet, your allegiance to the ego, although weakening, is still intact.

There will come a time when we will laugh together at how a "world" so senseless could have been believed as true.

M: But I feel I have no choice but to try and make sense of it.

C: You are beginning to conceive of this as an impossible task, which it undoubtedly is, and this is why you choose to call on me. I clearly see ALL of the dream as meaningless, while you continue the search for meaning in parts of the dream and every part has failed you because it is derived from the whole and the whole is entirely devoid of meaning.

Little brother, you are very weary of the search and I continually remind you that this search can have no end because what you seek is NOT outside you. The part of you that speaks to me KNOWS this with absolute certainty.

Dwell there...

M: All I need is a sign that what you teach is the truth.

C: I brought the dead to life and still you chose disbelief.

The ego is strong because you made it and you believe in what you make "real." The ego will not give you a sign of Truth because it stands for everything that opposes Truth. NOT one thing in your world stands for Truth, whether you judge it "good" or "evil," because the very act of judgment immediately condemns it ALL to a lie.

But as you see in, so will you see out and the "signs" are in your mind, should you choose to reveal them to yourself. I teach you to show yourself Truth, because you will NOT accept it any other way.

M: You keep dumping this on me, demanding that I have a choice between the ego or the truth. I want the truth, but that seems to elude me.

C: Consider more deeply what you ask for, because your request will never be denied and has never been denied and your world reflects back to you what you seek to find in it because it... is in you.

Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth and he that seeketh, findeth and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

M: But I don't want what I'm finding. I want the peace and joy you talk about.

C: Then ask for it.

M: I do, but I get the same crap all the time!

C: The ego thrives on complication and complexity making what is undeniably simplistic, completely intractable and confounding. If you seek peace through the ego you will always be confused and disappointed, because the cornerstone of its whole belief system is "seek, but do not find" and, make no mistake, what you will find is "the same crap all the time."

When was the last time you asked for peace and truly wanted what you asked for in the certain expectation that it was yours simply for the asking? Ask for peace and you shall receive, in the certainty it can be yours for the asking. 

You may think that you have asked for peace, but the fact that you do not NOW have it, determines that something else was desired. Some form of "peace" that the ego has warped and distorted, but that you accept as "truth," ask for, and receive exactly as you have asked.

The "peace" of the ego always involves some form of commitment to the body and that commitment is measured in pleasure or pain. In your dream, you are either moving toward pleasure or away from pain and this defines exactly what you seek and, hence, determines what you ask for. Pleasure and pain are of the body and the body is simply a delusional belief of what YOU are NOT. Do not seek peace from a delusion, because you will be sorely disappointed on a repetitive basis and this has been your experience and the exact reason you repetitively return to me. Do not request peace from a body, because its only purpose in a dream is to symbolize death and it has none other.

M: So, how should I seek peace?

C: In the absolute certainty that it is already yours and THIS is the key to salvation.

Little brother, you are suffocating in a sea of self doubt and confusion in all your attempts to extract Truth from what the dream teaches, because everything it teaches can be proven "right" or "wrong," based on fluctuating beliefs that change with the seasons or your nebulous mood states. Nothing in your world is anchored in certainty, but drifts aimlessly among rising and falling tides of doubt, disillusionment and fear.

It is NOT faith that will save you, but certainty. It is NOT the flimsy foundation of fluctuating beliefs that will bring you peace, but the abject certainty of Truth. Dwell there and feel the Truth rise up in you.

Seek in certainty and ye shall find...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Be Still and Listen...

(Post was originally written in 2007. Nothing has been edited)

M: You have recommended in past talks that I need to “be still.” What exactly does this mean?

J: There is nothing “exact” in your world and this inconsistency frustrates you. Nevertheless, you continue to seek for “exactly” what will save you because you interpret this as an end to your suffering. My message is the means to that end. The problem is that you do not LISTEN, but LOOK to the world for salvation.

You talk to yourself everyday and the content and nature of that conversation determines the type of “day” you experience. Experience pain and discomfort and recognize that, in some way, this is the conversation you have engaged in. Experience joy and peace and there is NO doubt that you have talked yourself into it. You will determine the experience of every situation you encounter because you have determined it PRIOR to the encounter.

Thus, I have asked that you be still so that you can listen and this seems preposterous to you and thus, your suffering persists, as I persist in asking that you be still and listen. This is not recommended for the body, but for the mind, since clearly no division exists except IN the mind. But you are not ready to HEAR this, yet.

M: So, you're recommending that I meditate?

J: I am recommending that you be still and listen. However, the world has given that simple procedure many names. Nevertheless, the important point is that the message is learned through a process of listening.

M: You’re asking that I listen by sitting still and being quiet? That’s it??

J: You will soon be amazed at how you could have been so adverse to the simplicity of what is so consistently powerful only because of its abject simplicity.

The world you experience is nothing more than a dialogue with yourself. There are times when you identify intensely with this conversation and times when you do not and the “world” seems to happen almost without your knowledge. Either way, the world reflects this conversation because the world originates FROM IT. A conversation based on what the world values easily denies that you teach the world, but proclaim the "world" your teacher. There is nothing IN the world that was not first determined by YOU in the belief that it would serve your needs.

Recently, you have decided that what you have made does not serve you and this is only because you deny you are maker. You have called on me to intercede in that conversation and I come to all who ask. However, even though YOU have called me, you refuse to listen and then complain that nothing changes and each time I ask what it is that you want changed, you have a different answer. You then refuse to listen to the answers I provide, because you have determined, through your value system, that my answers are valueless.

M: The answer you provide is always “me” and that my mind needs to change. I hear that, but I just can’t accept that this is completely true. Then I think, ‘okay, I have to change how I see the world,' but there must be more aspects to it then just my changing my mind about things. I just can’t believe it’s that simple. Religious and spiritual masters have spent lifetimes in getting answers to these questions and even when it seems they have an answer, nothing changes.

C: Nothing changes because their answer was for YOU.

Yet, you believe you are “below” what is taught and thus you give their words NO value. Listening is a function of your mind and does not require ears to hear. No sound waves need be processed, nor do lips move to form symbols spoken in an alien tongue requiring translation. The Truth is universally learned by all who listen and stillness is the only requirement.
The reason you do NOT listen is because you are so committed to insignificance and inadequacy and it is this belief that makes you “below,” or inadequate to receive, the Truth, even though you are distinctly aware of the Truth and desire it above all else. Healing this contradiction, since all suffering is nothing more than living through hypocrisy, requires that you know yourself beyond all the concepts you constructed in order to minimize your profound importance.
Why do you demand weakness represent you? I teach that you are more powerful than anything your mind has, as of yet, comprehended, and it is only your failure to accept what I teach that keeps you confused, weak and incomprehensible to yourself. The “power” I speak of is inherited from your Source.

The power you value and seek to possess only conforms to the world’s definition of power and is incomparable to your inheritance. Therefore, you have neither what the world teaches nor what I teach and this is because what the world teaches cannot save you and only causes you to idolize an evolving array of objects and concepts and this helps confirm your belief in "time." But what I teach demonstrates salvation as NOW, if you could only listen.

Nevertheless, you accept the world’s guidance, failing to recognize that you provide it to yourself through all your ceaseless conversations. Therefore, what you learned from the world is what you continue to teach and this leaves you as it always has, bereft of Truth and committed to suffering.
Be still and infinite power is yours because in that stillness you will understand that it has always been with you. How could it NOT?
The “conversation” that made the world a place of suffering and death can make joy and eternity instead. All you need do is change the dialogue from one of fear to one of perfect peace.
M: Ha! So all I need do is change the topic of the conversation?

C: Is that not why YOU have asked me to intercede with your thoughts and to correct the thinking that has always failed YOU?

M: I suppose I talk with you so that I can get guidance and direction on how to live.

C: Then why refuse to accept that very “guidance and direction” you, yourself, ask to receive. This is clearly a problem that you have been dealing with long before you consciously requested my guidance, since my words have always been available to you.
The more enduring problem is that this is NOT simply a matter of your refusing to accept my guidance, but that you have always distrusted your own. You doubt the truth of every thought you think, but follow that guidance nonetheless because you feel that NOT to rely on yourself is to become victim to the world. I teach that you could never be victim to the world, but you can be victim to yourself.
This is why the differentiation between my words and your own MUST be made. Until this occurs you will deny me as easily and effortlessly as you deny your “self.” You do believe a “self” exists, but you frequently despise that existence and if I am simply just another aspect of your “existence,” how can you NOT but despise me? Make no mistake, if you despise me, you despise your Creator and must live apart from Creation until the Truth is accepted.

The trinity was erroneously formulated to accept and glory in separation and NOT unify all perception. Therefore, all that you perceive gives you an experience of separation and loneliness. You attempt to overcome this loneliness by joining with parts of the whole, but in joining with parts you deny the whole and remain alone, together.

However, until you have advanced enough to converge all opposites we must remain separate and the only way that a clear demarcation can occur is in the stillness of thought. You can never stop “thinking,” since your world ultimately relies on your mind KNOWING a "world," but you can alter the dynamics of that “knowledge” through my direction. But only if you have faith that I am the ONE that provides that “guidance and direction” and this is only because you have no faith in your “self.”

Be of still mind and like the stillness of calm seas, allow yourself to be guided to shore. The storms that direct you leave you a castaway, growing ever fearful of rescue. Rescue is not possible during a storm, but is certain in calm waters. Yet, the storm is under your direction, not mine. I merely wait for calmer winds so that we may lift the sails together and find the safety of the shore.

Be still awhile and come home.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Test of Perfect Peace

M: How do I deal with this disease?

C: See it differently.

M: Very hard to do when the body is wracked with pain.

C: In a dream state pain and suffering are indicative of fidelity to the ego. But the ego is merely a symbol of separation and has no relevance to Truth. If you perceive a "world" through the ego's symbols you can expect pain and suffering because it allies with NO other ideas and anytime you are not experiencing peace make no mistake, you are "seeing" from the ego and NOT Truth, relying on perception NOT knowledge, attracted to fear and repelled by love.

M: This constant need to "transcend the ego" is becoming frustrating, particularly when I really can't differentiate between ego and no-ego. How am I supposed to know the difference?

C: Anytime you are NOT wholly joyous and abiding in an experience of deep, unwavering peace, know that you have allied with the ego and its many symbols of fear. I do not ask that you transcend what you made "real," but that you transform it by seeing peace instead of fear. The power to choose Heaven over hell is in you and the choice is amazingly simple.

M: There are days I can barely leave the house, but you say I should be joyful about that.

C: You are confused in your belief that what is outside shapes what is inside, that the mind must conform to the dictates of an external "reality." I teach that what you believe is what you see and ONLY that is apparent to you in exact detail

You are afraid of your own mind and the ugly images it shows you, for the ego's "world" is ugly indeed. Hence, you desperately seek to protect yourself from what it shows, yet everything it shows was made real through self protection. 

There is nothing to protect from because there is nothing to fear in what you made "real" simply because you made it and what you made can be unmade through the direction of the Holy Spirit that is ALWAYS with you, waiting to shine away your imagined hell, simply because it is imaginary and NOT real.

The body is NOT your home and you have never felt at home there. It is the prison in which you dwell when you ally with an ego that demands you imagine a "world" of evidence against yourself, proving that you are weak and frail and must rely upon its decisions as opposed to the Peace of God. Yet, this can be completely dispelled in an instant when you simply choose to no longer listen, opening the door to Perfect Peace.

M: I can't recall a time when I felt at peace, let alone this perfect peace you speak of.

C: Because you believe you are a body, but you can remember that you are NOT and have never been and that memory is the Test of Perfect Peace. In one instant the whole of eternity will fill your mind and you will KNOW that you are ONLY a mind, created by God and always ONE with God.

If you are NOT experiencing Perfect Peace know that you are choosing to befriend a part of your mind that loathes you and wishes for your death. A part of your mind that imagines death and destruction as the only choice you can make. But there is another way of seeing your world and in that vision is your awakening to Truth.

Sad and frightened child, you have no comprehension of the power you hold in the remembrance of what you really are as Created by God and in that memory all past and future dissolves, because ONLY in a past and future is suffering made "real" in your mind. 

Yet, you can choose to see differently and in that choice is the Test of Perfect Peace, an instant you give to God by completely disengaging from the ego, because you want nothing the ego provides, clearly seeing in that moment, it provides nothing at all.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Your Range of Suffering

(This post was completed in 2007, left in draft and not published. It does seem I was alot more obnoxious and demanding back then)

M: You say that you could show me a “better world.” Unfortunately, things are pretty bad right now and it seems the entire world is gradually getting worse. A lot of people are going to be suffering soon.

C: You expect some degree of suffering each day and, therefore, you have made yourself quite tolerant of it. However, because suffering is accepted as an absolute and indisputable “fact,” you seek to manage it by assigning "degrees" to your suffering. This is because in your world suffering has a “range” of magnitude, from least to the maximal.

The problem with this range is that you see maximal suffering as “death,” even though you have no personal experience of death. Nevertheless, for you death is the ultimate suffering. Yet, surprisingly you also consider it as an end to suffering. Such confusion means that there are times when you believe it should be desired and times when it must be avoided at all costs. You would do well to examine these compromises since they make up your "world."

Obviously, accurately redefining death would collapse your range of suffering and this is why I demonstrated that you cannot die.

M: If I lose my job and my house I would suffer. Death has nothing to do with this fact.

C: On the contrary, your belief in death is why you suffer, although this belief in NO way impedes the Truth, but it does make it seem as though the Truth is absent from your "world." Death is feared more than anything your mind can comprehend and all suffering is rated by your proximity to that end. Loss of money and possessions is merely a lesser end of that spectrum.

If you continue to ally your "self" with parts of your world you will continue to suffer, since Truth is whole and unavailable in part.

M: Yea, well, I can only look after my small part of the planet. I don’t want anybody to suffer, but I have no control over other people. I am barely making ends meet now.

C: You are not a part of Creation, but the whole of it. It does not exist without you, nor you without it. As I have stated many times before, you have the power to end suffering once and for all if you so choose.

M: Sorry, but I can’t accept this idea that there is no “world” and that I simply made it all up. That’s called “solipsism,” which means that my 'self' is the only thing that can be known.

C: I teach that you have NO "self" and therefore, what you "know" is nothing. What “philosophy” in your world teaches this? What philosophy teaches that you know nothing, because this is exactly what I teach?
However, to further your learning, the “nothing” you insist on “knowing” must be used effectively in order to know what is beyond it. Otherwise, you will continue to rely on what you “know” and thus learn nothing and this would result in your continued reliance on your range of suffering. When, in fact, all you suffer from is the strange belief that you do NOT know Truth.
M: Is that some kind of riddle?

C: I merely teach that your “world’ is nothing. Believe in this and end all suffering, because your suffering is a "riddle" you cannot solve by your "self."

M: That’s nonsense! How can I possibly believe that the world is nothing? So I should just forget about all the pain and injustice in the world and act as if it’s nothing?

C: If you choose not to “forget,” then you will apply meaning where none exists and nothing will rule your mind. This application of meaning is based on past learning and since nothing you have learned is “knowledge,” suffering is all you know.

The question you wish to ask is, when will you know the end of suffering?

Knowledge saves, but what you “know” simply confirms and insures your suffering unto death.
There is meaning to be found, but you will not discover it based on what you know because what you know attests to nothing. The “nonsense” is in your mind and therefore, so is the senseless ‘world” you experience. Nothing in your world makes sense and all your attempts to make it so merely delay Truth and perpetuate suffering.
You have had moments in which the meaningless of your “world” was experienced with vivid clarity. Yet, fear will always obstruct your realizing this fact completely. Therefore, YOU rejected the experience completely and renewed your search for salvation from the meaningless that YOU made real. Truth is ALL OR NOTHING and there can be NO “range.” However, the suffering you experience, based on the fear you have learned, has a full range of magnitude and therefore cannot be True.
Yet, keep in mind that it was just such an experience that brought us together, which proves that what you "know" can be used effectively, but you must learn how. This attests to what we can do together once your allegiance is corrected.

M: But what about everyone else?

C: All will join in your purpose of abolishing fear to end suffering, for it is theirs also. If you continue to consider these ideas from an ego, you will become impatient with what cannot be understood. Only a separated frame of reference could ask such a question and this means the answer will be unacceptable and, hence, rejected.

Nevertheless, in answer to your question, there are no “others,” only perfect unity within the ONENESS that in this reality you refer to as God.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moments of Eternity Lost to Time...

M: How is it possible to hear God's voice all the time when the world constantly demands attention? I'd get fired from my job if all I thought about was God.

C: Note how you deleted "dream" and typed "world." The latter meant to obfuscate the former, even though the former is the Truth because there is no "world." Indeed, the dream demands attention, because it is your attention that sustains it. Hence, you cannot completely extract attention from the dream, but you can reframe that attention to include the Truth until eventually Truth encompasses ALL attention and the dream recedes ever farther into the periphery to eventually be no more.

This is a gradual revisioning of perception and relies on time for its intended purpose. However, the ego will use time for its purpose as well and that is to consistently demonstrate how you cannot awaken from the dream, thereby, ensuring it must be "real."

This revisioning process inevitably provokes your impatience and a repetitive reversal of allegiance from ME to the ego and back to ME. This has occurred numerous times since the idea of ME arose in your mind and each reversal to ME has been followed by the usual refrain of "Looks like I'm back again" after a period of suffering that you claim was "the worst ever."

M: Yup, that's me alright!

C: My allegiance is NOT reversible, as ONE with God I am imbued with infinite patience as are YOU when you choose to disengage from the chaotic patterns of the ego and choose to ally with Truth. Until then, revising perception to conform to truth will be a gradual process requiring you allow time be used for its intended purpose of awakening.

M: Easier said than done! Shutting the ego off seems literally impossible.

C: And every proclamation it makes reminds you of fear, and you do fear EVERYTHING, and it is this which you seem to project outward while, in fact, NOTHING has ever left your mind. You cannot master your fear, but you can attain mastery of LOVE and this is what you called on me to help you remember.

"Shutting the ego off" is an unlikely event for you and I would suggest you focus on turning the volume down and, contrary to your protests otherwise, you have made much progress in that endeavor.

M: I don't think I even know what "love" feels like in this reality, let alone the love of God that you constantly talk about. In retrospect, and based on what you teach, I don't think I've ever loved anyone or anything without some strand of ego investment involved.

C: You will know God's Love because you will feel instantly HEALED. Yet, for now these moments are infrequent and brief. Indeed, you have had many moments of healing, only to allow the ego possession and that moment of eternity was lost to time, but only while time is necessary.

The ego immediately seeks to wrap each healed moment in a cloak of fear, because this is the only time God speaks first and the ego, recognizing that it failed to be vigilant against such an instance, quickly intervenes, vowing to never again relax its grip on your mind. 

Make no mistake, the ego will seek to extract for itself every instant of healing you experience, because it fears nothing more than God's Love which contradicts everything the ego stands for and believes.

Yet, be joyful in knowing that there will be many Holy Instants in which God speaks first and in which the ego then seeks to distort the message. But with each instant, your allegiance to death and destruction weakens the loud senseless, static of fear until God's voice is all you hear.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Two Voices and The Sigh of Peace...

M: Looks like I'm back again. Nothing else has worked. In fact, everything I have tried has failed miserably.

C: You can only avoid Truth for so long, simply because it is so compelling.

M: But why can't I fully and totally accept it? Why the need for all this work?

C: NO "work" is required and I have recommended that you need do nothing. Part of your mind recognizes the validity of this recommendation, but to the ego it is patently absurd. Yet, when the ego's voice is extinguished and God's voice is ALL you hear, you will fully understand that nothing needed to be done.

I ask that you be still and be guided. Nevertheless, you find it extremely difficult to be still a moment and simply breathe. In a dream where "doing" has replaced Being, much need be done.

M: How can I hear only God's voice?

C: Do NOT fear what he asks, because he asks you for nothing and gives you everything. Only the ego demands sacrifice and the "world" you made is testament to that demand.

Become acutely aware of the Two Voices and choose carefully which voice you listen to.

The first voice loudly demands sacrifice, while the second whispers softly that you, "think again." The first voice teaches fear of a tenuous future based on a shadowy past, while the second voice gently reminds you of a present peace. The first pontificates upon the consequences and rewards of your actions. The second assures you that everything has been done and now is time to rest...
And you will know by your response the voice you choose to follow. The first will evoke bodily tension and a swirling of chaotic and contradictory thoughts, while the second merely a smile and a quiet sigh of relief that, in this one instant, the Truth has been acknowledged and accepted.
M: I am very familiar with the chaotic thinking, but the sighs are few.

C: In your dream, the breath has always symbolized "life." Contrary to the deep inhalation of surprise, the quick breaths of fear and the low "rattle" of impending death, you give little recognition to the sighs of peace, because peace is alien in a dream of death. But, rest assured, you have experienced these moments, though you pay them no heed and, hence, no investment is provided. As with all forms of breathing, they are involuntary, but highly symbolic of the voice you choose as guide on your way home.