Saturday, October 15, 2016

Be Still and Listen...

(Post was originally written in 2007. Nothing has been edited)

M: You have recommended in past talks that I need to “be still.” What exactly does this mean?

J: There is nothing “exact” in your world and this inconsistency frustrates you. Nevertheless, you continue to seek for “exactly” what will save you because you interpret this as an end to your suffering. My message is the means to that end. The problem is that you do not LISTEN, but LOOK to the world for salvation.

You talk to yourself everyday and the content and nature of that conversation determines the type of “day” you experience. Experience pain and discomfort and recognize that, in some way, this is the conversation you have engaged in. Experience joy and peace and there is NO doubt that you have talked yourself into it. You will determine the experience of every situation you encounter because you have determined it PRIOR to the encounter.

Thus, I have asked that you be still so that you can listen and this seems preposterous to you and thus, your suffering persists, as I persist in asking that you be still and listen. This is not recommended for the body, but for the mind, since clearly no division exists except IN the mind. But you are not ready to HEAR this, yet.

M: So, you're recommending that I meditate?

J: I am recommending that you be still and listen. However, the world has given that simple procedure many names. Nevertheless, the important point is that the message is learned through a process of listening.

M: You’re asking that I listen by sitting still and being quiet? That’s it??

J: You will soon be amazed at how you could have been so adverse to the simplicity of what is so consistently powerful only because of its abject simplicity.

The world you experience is nothing more than a dialogue with yourself. There are times when you identify intensely with this conversation and times when you do not and the “world” seems to happen almost without your knowledge. Either way, the world reflects this conversation because the world originates FROM IT. A conversation based on what the world values easily denies that you teach the world, but proclaim the "world" your teacher. There is nothing IN the world that was not first determined by YOU in the belief that it would serve your needs.

Recently, you have decided that what you have made does not serve you and this is only because you deny you are maker. You have called on me to intercede in that conversation and I come to all who ask. However, even though YOU have called me, you refuse to listen and then complain that nothing changes and each time I ask what it is that you want changed, you have a different answer. You then refuse to listen to the answers I provide, because you have determined, through your value system, that my answers are valueless.

M: The answer you provide is always “me” and that my mind needs to change. I hear that, but I just can’t accept that this is completely true. Then I think, ‘okay, I have to change how I see the world,' but there must be more aspects to it then just my changing my mind about things. I just can’t believe it’s that simple. Religious and spiritual masters have spent lifetimes in getting answers to these questions and even when it seems they have an answer, nothing changes.

C: Nothing changes because their answer was for YOU.

Yet, you believe you are “below” what is taught and thus you give their words NO value. Listening is a function of your mind and does not require ears to hear. No sound waves need be processed, nor do lips move to form symbols spoken in an alien tongue requiring translation. The Truth is universally learned by all who listen and stillness is the only requirement.
The reason you do NOT listen is because you are so committed to insignificance and inadequacy and it is this belief that makes you “below,” or inadequate to receive, the Truth, even though you are distinctly aware of the Truth and desire it above all else. Healing this contradiction, since all suffering is nothing more than living through hypocrisy, requires that you know yourself beyond all the concepts you constructed in order to minimize your profound importance.
Why do you demand weakness represent you? I teach that you are more powerful than anything your mind has, as of yet, comprehended, and it is only your failure to accept what I teach that keeps you confused, weak and incomprehensible to yourself. The “power” I speak of is inherited from your Source.

The power you value and seek to possess only conforms to the world’s definition of power and is incomparable to your inheritance. Therefore, you have neither what the world teaches nor what I teach and this is because what the world teaches cannot save you and only causes you to idolize an evolving array of objects and concepts and this helps confirm your belief in "time." But what I teach demonstrates salvation as NOW, if you could only listen.

Nevertheless, you accept the world’s guidance, failing to recognize that you provide it to yourself through all your ceaseless conversations. Therefore, what you learned from the world is what you continue to teach and this leaves you as it always has, bereft of Truth and committed to suffering.
Be still and infinite power is yours because in that stillness you will understand that it has always been with you. How could it NOT?
The “conversation” that made the world a place of suffering and death can make joy and eternity instead. All you need do is change the dialogue from one of fear to one of perfect peace.
M: Ha! So all I need do is change the topic of the conversation?

C: Is that not why YOU have asked me to intercede with your thoughts and to correct the thinking that has always failed YOU?

M: I suppose I talk with you so that I can get guidance and direction on how to live.

C: Then why refuse to accept that very “guidance and direction” you, yourself, ask to receive. This is clearly a problem that you have been dealing with long before you consciously requested my guidance, since my words have always been available to you.
The more enduring problem is that this is NOT simply a matter of your refusing to accept my guidance, but that you have always distrusted your own. You doubt the truth of every thought you think, but follow that guidance nonetheless because you feel that NOT to rely on yourself is to become victim to the world. I teach that you could never be victim to the world, but you can be victim to yourself.
This is why the differentiation between my words and your own MUST be made. Until this occurs you will deny me as easily and effortlessly as you deny your “self.” You do believe a “self” exists, but you frequently despise that existence and if I am simply just another aspect of your “existence,” how can you NOT but despise me? Make no mistake, if you despise me, you despise your Creator and must live apart from Creation until the Truth is accepted.

The trinity was erroneously formulated to accept and glory in separation and NOT unify all perception. Therefore, all that you perceive gives you an experience of separation and loneliness. You attempt to overcome this loneliness by joining with parts of the whole, but in joining with parts you deny the whole and remain alone, together.

However, until you have advanced enough to converge all opposites we must remain separate and the only way that a clear demarcation can occur is in the stillness of thought. You can never stop “thinking,” since your world ultimately relies on your mind KNOWING a "world," but you can alter the dynamics of that “knowledge” through my direction. But only if you have faith that I am the ONE that provides that “guidance and direction” and this is only because you have no faith in your “self.”

Be of still mind and like the stillness of calm seas, allow yourself to be guided to shore. The storms that direct you leave you a castaway, growing ever fearful of rescue. Rescue is not possible during a storm, but is certain in calm waters. Yet, the storm is under your direction, not mine. I merely wait for calmer winds so that we may lift the sails together and find the safety of the shore.

Be still awhile and come home.


  1. wow, thank you. really thank you very much

  2. Man, this is so good, I may have to reread everything in the archive when I'm through with IAM THAT.

    Or maybe I'll just be still :)


  3. There is a palpable attraction/repulsion to these dialogues. My sense of self as the thing called Richard finds them literally nauseating, at other times they are very reassuring.
    Its a very odd place this world. Thanks again.

    1. Thanks Richard,

      I feel the same way...