Monday, October 24, 2016

Bring it to the World...

M: Why even learn from you if waking is certain?

C: Believe for one instant that waking is certain and all learning will dissolve instantly. The ONLY certainty you do believe is DEATH and your entire mind has been hijacked by this LIE and you have dedicated your "life" to it. When you are CERTAIN there is NO death, life begins.

Make no mistake, a life dedicated to DEATH is the definition of HELL. Look closely at the contract you made with the ego to delay, but not escape, death. In this contract you agreed to pay homage to death through the suffering of a body that must be accepted as "you" in return for a fleeting constellation of magic moments that immediately become past residue to be "remembered," but NEVER again experienced, in which the body is expected, based on the terms of the contract, to wither in frailty to the ravages of "time." Every day you review the contract terms in recognition that the deadline for payment is rapidly approaching and DEATH is the reward for adhering to the terms. This is what you have agreed to and you will faithfully fulfill the terms of this contract, because you believe you are obligated and have NO CHOICE.

M: So how do I break this contract?

C: Prove to yourself that you are allied to my certainty, and not the ego's desire for death, by experiencing JOY in each and every moment. A JOY that is contingent on NOTHING your "world" gives or takes away, but entirely contingent on the certainty of God's REALITY, which never takes and ONLY gives eternally. In that JOY you will FORGIVE all that you have cursed with the PAST, by seeing only the absolute present in ALL you see and IN that will the dream begin to dissolve, being FULLY seen AS a dream.

M: So I should just feel joy for no reason?

C: For no reason that you would impose, for ALL your reasons have failed you and this is evident by your moods that fluctuate along a spectrum from abject misery to shallow moments of self satisfaction that you call "happiness" which quickly dissolve through the recognition that it cannot last, simply because it NEVER has.

M: I'm enduring physical pain, my mother's in the hospital and I have to go to a funeral over the weekend, not sure I can generate any unspecific joy right now.

C: You do WANT to experience joy, but you WANT it from the "world" and fail to understand that it must first be IN your mind to see it IN your "world."

Instead, you regularly curse your "world" with grievances and then hurl indignant complaints at it when it provides you what you gave it TO provide. Every thought that serves to attack what you made "real" reinforces your commitment to a HELL of your making. 

M: So you're saying that I should just feel joy no matter what is happening and the world will conform to my mind? That's insanity!

C: Yet, what the ego directs you see is perfectly normal to you and you find no insanity in a world that regularly pontificates the meaningfulness of life, yet destroys ALL life for reasons that make absolutely NO sense.

How can your life matter when all around you see proof that life is meaningless? What fulfillment is acquired through the senseless tasks engaged in simply to "make a living"? Does it NOT seem absurd that you have NO choice on the "time" of your birth and NONE in your death, yet you are expected to make profoundly momentous decisions in between and failure to do so indicts you as WRONG? Is it NOT strange that you live a short while consuming the "world" until the time comes for the world to consume you and this you call "the circle of life"? What LOVE could possibly be communicated through relationships founded on SACRIFICE and maintained by GUILT when the sacrifice is NOT deemed worthy enough?

This is the senseless world you have idolized as "truth" and that you find completely normal and ALL of it, down to the most minute detail, is entirely IN your mind and exists nowhere else but THERE and it is THERE that you must find JOY by giving it to yourself, because absolutely NOTHING in this world will save you, but your decision to accept the certainty of God's TRUTH...

...and bring it TO the world.

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  1. Just finish reading it once. But wanted to say, thank you. It is breathtaking. i have to read it again very calmy to begin to digest it. thanks.