Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Free Your Mind...

M: You state that I choose between the ego and truth. Who is this "I" that makes such a choice?

C: There is no such "I" that could make such a choice, except in a dream, because only in a dream could an "I" exist. Only in a dream are choices made by individual "thinkers," when in REALITY there is only ONE choice and you have already made it as ONE mind.

Eternity can NOT be understood in time. It makes absolutely no sense to a dreamer relying on symbols for truth. Yet, the dream symbols can be arranged so as to show the dreamer how to awake to eternity and that is exactly what you have called on me to do which, paradoxically, demonstrates that part of your mind KNOWS it is dreaming, for why else would you request my assistance?

There is a part of your mind that knows the difference between Truth and insanity and you have literally invented me to lead you back to Truth. I do that by demonstrating that you have never left and are there with ME as always.

M: I invented you??

C: The "world" is an invention of your mind, "externally" projected parts, with you dwelling "internally," instilling a deluded sense of separation between what is "inside" as opposed to what is "outside," even while it is still ALL within you. Within your mind is both question and answer. I merely serve as trusted adviser, because you do NOT trust yourself.

M: Why would I do this?

C: Because you dream of separation, such an understanding is alien to that which believes it is not ONE, but a weak and inadequate representation of the many. There is no "I" separate from the "world."

There are answers to all your questions. Yet, keep in mind, many of the answers will seem totally absurd to your current level of understanding. This has resulted in years of rejection and abandoning of what is taught, but from my vantage point "time" is inconsequential because my patience is infinite.

M: How do I make contact with the part of my mind that knows this is a dream.

C: Simply engage the world as if you were NOT an ego and see it through Truth, as it longs for that TRUTH above all else, because you long for it above all else. Above all else YOU want to see peace instead of this.

The world conforms to what the ego seeks and the ego seeks suffering and if you suffer you seek with the ego and not with me. Seek with me and prove to yourself that you are NOT an ego, but the loving Child of God. See the world through my eyes and see Truth not illusions, experience joy and not suffering.

M: I don't see how this is even possible since the ego is with me from the moment I wake to the moment I close my eyes to sleep and it even inhabits my dreams. Even now I must consider that the bills get paid, deadlines are met, tasks completed, dates remembered, on and on, there is no end to what I must think about completely opposite what you teach.

C: If you deeply analyse the trajectory of your life, you will see that most of it has happened completely absent any choice you could have made, in fact, most of it seems to have been thrust upon you rather than asked for, but rarely have you considered why this is so and you just accept it as fate, although with much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The ego requires that you suffer, but never enough that you would seek relief outside its control. What it fears more than anything is that you will one day discover it has no power over you and never did. Even in this moment, as you write these words, the ego is stirring in consternation that you may inadvertently stumble upon what could ultimately decimate it completely by fracturing the foundation of DEATH that holds you firmly in place through abject terror. Yet, there is also a calm excitement within you, gradually gathering in momentum, that the Truth of God is so near you could reach out and touch it.

If you are already AWAKE, and I assure you this MUST be true for in NO way could you separate from your Source, then every instant of the dream is exactly as it should be. There can be NO coincidences in a dream if Awakening is guaranteed by God.

M: So I need accept pain and suffering? I need to accept the death and destruction all around me?

C: Why else would you give it to yourself, for this is NOT God's world, but it is not your world either and this is exactly what you teach yourself in every experience you encounter.

M: Shit! That sucks. There's got to be a better way than that.

C: Hence, the reason you have called on me, because you cannot awaken through the projected purposes of the ego. What the ego defines, defines you, because you look inward before you project outward.

Note the scheming nature of ego sight in defining a purpose for each "body" you encounter, based entirely on external form and devoid of internal content. Everything in your "world" promotes the sharing of bodies in which no communication occurs and the mind is left to suffer in darkness.

To free your mind is to find no purpose in a body that you would use for your advantage, because only minds communicate and only when free of the body.

You have been amazingly vigilant toward the actions and behaviors of the body, in fact, the foundation of most of your thinking involves attention to the body, while the mind is left unprotected from the ego's claim that the mind is inconsequential to the needs of the body and, hence, must focus solely on those needs alone.

At present, you cannot ignore the needs of the body, but you can begin to pay greater heed to the needs of the mind and the mind NEEDS to be free of the body in order for you to UNDERSTAND your freedom is in, and of, the mind alone.


  1. Thank you. Really strong stuff, but at the same time very compelling. It sounds coherent that if we are going to undo something we must be its makers.

    1. Just started thinking that out of body experiences should help, and then you post this. Seems like nice synchronicity!

      "only minds communicate and only when free of the body"

      "the mind NEEDS to be free of the body in order for you to UNDERSTAND your freedom is in, and of, the mind alone"

      Definitely going to see if I can have me some OBEs!


    2. Always have OBE's with a friend...

      : )

  2. Okay, wanna meet up at the ISS?