Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Moments of Eternity Lost to Time...

M: How is it possible to hear God's voice all the time when the world constantly demands attention? I'd get fired from my job if all I thought about was God.

C: Note how you deleted "dream" and typed "world." The latter meant to obfuscate the former, even though the former is the Truth because there is no "world." Indeed, the dream demands attention, because it is your attention that sustains it. Hence, you cannot completely extract attention from the dream, but you can reframe that attention to include the Truth until eventually Truth encompasses ALL attention and the dream recedes ever farther into the periphery to eventually be no more.

This is a gradual revisioning of perception and relies on time for its intended purpose. However, the ego will use time for its purpose as well and that is to consistently demonstrate how you cannot awaken from the dream, thereby, ensuring it must be "real."

This revisioning process inevitably provokes your impatience and a repetitive reversal of allegiance from ME to the ego and back to ME. This has occurred numerous times since the idea of ME arose in your mind and each reversal to ME has been followed by the usual refrain of "Looks like I'm back again" after a period of suffering that you claim was "the worst ever."

M: Yup, that's me alright!

C: My allegiance is NOT reversible, as ONE with God I am imbued with infinite patience as are YOU when you choose to disengage from the chaotic patterns of the ego and choose to ally with Truth. Until then, revising perception to conform to truth will be a gradual process requiring you allow time be used for its intended purpose of awakening.

M: Easier said than done! Shutting the ego off seems literally impossible.

C: And every proclamation it makes reminds you of fear, and you do fear EVERYTHING, and it is this which you seem to project outward while, in fact, NOTHING has ever left your mind. You cannot master your fear, but you can attain mastery of LOVE and this is what you called on me to help you remember.

"Shutting the ego off" is an unlikely event for you and I would suggest you focus on turning the volume down and, contrary to your protests otherwise, you have made much progress in that endeavor.

M: I don't think I even know what "love" feels like in this reality, let alone the love of God that you constantly talk about. In retrospect, and based on what you teach, I don't think I've ever loved anyone or anything without some strand of ego investment involved.

C: You will know God's Love because you will feel instantly HEALED. Yet, for now these moments are infrequent and brief. Indeed, you have had many moments of healing, only to allow the ego possession and that moment of eternity was lost to time, but only while time is necessary.

The ego immediately seeks to wrap each healed moment in a cloak of fear, because this is the only time God speaks first and the ego, recognizing that it failed to be vigilant against such an instance, quickly intervenes, vowing to never again relax its grip on your mind. 

Make no mistake, the ego will seek to extract for itself every instant of healing you experience, because it fears nothing more than God's Love which contradicts everything the ego stands for and believes.

Yet, be joyful in knowing that there will be many Holy Instants in which God speaks first and in which the ego then seeks to distort the message. But with each instant, your allegiance to death and destruction weakens the loud senseless, static of fear until God's voice is all you hear.


  1. I'm reading I AM THAT again, and thought I'd share these quotes, as they seem to fit your latest post here nicely:

    It will happen as soon as you remove the obstacles - desire for the false and fear of the true

    You need not bring your dream to a definite conclusion, or make it noble, or happy, or beautiful;
    All you need is to realize that you are dreaming.

    Pleasure puts you to sleep
    Pain wakes you up
    If you don't want to suffer, don't go to sleep.

    Be aware of being conscious and seek the source of consciousness. That is all.


    1. Excellent quotes. Read that little old man's stuff yrs ago. Always liked his 'in your face' style.

      "All you need is to realize that you are dreaming."

      Nothing real can be threatened.
      Nothing unreal exists.

      Thanks Werner,

  2. Nothing real can be threatened.
    Nothing unreal exists.

    That's actually from A Course in Miracles, but one could, of course say, it's from the same source :)


  3. Indeed!

    The Universal Curriculum...