Sunday, October 30, 2016

See it Everywhere You Look...

M: You teach these things I must do to awaken and then tell me I "need do nothing." That doesn't make sense.

C: Clearly, you have rejected the idea that nothing need be done, else you would no longer be dreaming that you are asking what need be done. I work within the constraints of your belief system and you do strongly believe something must be done. I am simply teaching, within the limits you have set, how to dissolve those limits so that you may SEE that nothing need be done, after which, teaching is NO longer necessary, because all is KNOWN.

It should be clear to you by now that the ego is filtering these discussions, seeking to insure that my message is aptly diluted with enough of ITS distortions to make my message seem confusing, contradictory and, hence, ridiculous. There are enough ego distortions in your "Bible" to make even the most astute student confounded and perplexed, even though there have been many throughout "history" who have sought to purify the message by extracting out ego distortions. Yet, they too became severely handicapped by their own ego projections.

Through the immense power of your MIND, you have constructed a seemingly impregnable wall against Truth through a momentary lapse of judgment that you could separate, and remain separate, from you SOURCE. Yet, the moment the error occurred it was corrected, since how could error exist in TRUTH?

M: To be quite honest, I really would like to get off this bus called "Life." I agree with you that I have become very "weary" of it all. But there's too many obligations and demands to just get off the bus right now.

C: You have yet to fully acknowledge WHERE the "bus" is taking you, because this, and only this, makes the ride unendurable when death is always the last stop. DEATH is the omnipresent theme of your dream and IT overshadows all your achievements, which must come to nothing when the reward is your demise and this can be the ONLY reward for choosing the ego as guide.

I provide an option IN the dream that is NOT founded BY the dream and does NOT require anything FROM the dream, simply because, in that choice, you see it AS a dream. What FEAR could imprison your mind when you KNOW that none of it is REAL? What worries could contain and paralyze your THINKING when you see it ALL as wispy clouds, easily brushed aside with a wave of your hand? What depression could burden you when the Light of Truth infuses your THINKING in which ALL thought serves to lift you out of hell and no other purpose than that is served? This is what I teach and nothing more than that need be KNOWN.

M: A part of me wants to follow you, but another part tells me that this is all silly and absurd and there are better things I could be doing with my time. Just knowing that there might be a better way makes me a bit depressed simply because I'm not there yet.

C: Be content with the FACT that you cannot but be in the right place at the right time, There are no random events in space and time, because God's strength is ALWAYS within you and could never leave you, even WHILE you dream. Because of this FACT, your awakening is absolutely assured because the power of God is absolute. How could it be otherwise?

The only purpose found in a dream is to awaken TO the knowledge that it was ALL simply a dream. Anything in a dream that does NOT serve that purpose is useless to YOU. The ego's only purpose is dreaming and everything GIVEN to it maintains that purpose. My purpose is to aid in your awakening and anything GIVEN to me serves that purpose. Make no mistake, the purpose you GIVE to what is SEEN always comes before the SEEING.

You will know your choice either through the MIRACLE or the SIN. The ego has assured you of your guilt by employing the sins of the past to uphold its indictment and this is what you will SEE. The miracle is completely empty of the past, assuring you of your total innocence and this is what you will SEE. Miracles are completely absent ego and infused only with Truth and this is what you will SEE. Sin is absent ALL Truth and infused with the ego's lies and this is what you will SEE. Sin is a lie that you will know through fear and that is what you will SEE. Miracles are completely free of all fear, known only through joy, and that is what you will SEE. The ego's lies are chaotically bewildering and that is what you will SEE. God's Truth is perfectly simple and that is what you will SEE.

What I teach is simple. SEE it everywhere you look...


  1. "What prevents you from knowing yourself as all and beyond all,
    is the mind based on memory.
    It has power over you as long as you trust it.
    Don’t struggle with it; just disregard it.
    Deprived of attention, it will slow down and
    reveal the mechanism of its working.
    Once you know its nature and purpose,
    you will not allow it to create imaginary problems."

    ~Nisargadatta Maharaj

  2. i have been reading this post everyday during the last week. It made me feel at the same time anxious and comforted, and just now i discovered that from this: "Be content with the FACT that you cannot but be in the right place at the right time". And this: "The only purpose found in a dream is to awaken TO knowledge that it was ALL simply a dream." my comfort came.