Monday, October 17, 2016

Seek in Certainty and Ye Shall Find...

M: You say that I can choose the voice for Truth over the ego. Why do I not do that?

C: Your trust in the ego is dissipating, which is why you call on me, but you still do NOT fully trust me and this has generated a sense of cognitive dissonance or tension between two opposing choices. This is why you must continually edit these posts, seeking to differentiate between the ego's lies and my Truth. You will soon have no difficulty in dictating from my voice and editing will no longer be necessary.

As I have said before, in a dream, "learning" is the only purpose of "time" and this is your requirement, not God's. You could have the KNOWLEDGE of eternity in an instant if you so choose. Yet, your allegiance to the ego, although weakening, is still intact.

There will come a time when we will laugh together at how a "world" so senseless could have been believed as true.

M: But I feel I have no choice but to try and make sense of it.

C: You are beginning to conceive of this as an impossible task, which it undoubtedly is, and this is why you choose to call on me. I clearly see ALL of the dream as meaningless, while you continue the search for meaning in parts of the dream and every part has failed you because it is derived from the whole and the whole is entirely devoid of meaning.

Little brother, you are very weary of the search and I continually remind you that this search can have no end because what you seek is NOT outside you. The part of you that speaks to me KNOWS this with absolute certainty.

Dwell there...

M: All I need is a sign that what you teach is the truth.

C: I brought the dead to life and still you chose disbelief.

The ego is strong because you made it and you believe in what you make "real." The ego will not give you a sign of Truth because it stands for everything that opposes Truth. NOT one thing in your world stands for Truth, whether you judge it "good" or "evil," because the very act of judgment immediately condemns it ALL to a lie.

But as you see in, so will you see out and the "signs" are in your mind, should you choose to reveal them to yourself. I teach you to show yourself Truth, because you will NOT accept it any other way.

M: You keep dumping this on me, demanding that I have a choice between the ego or the truth. I want the truth, but that seems to elude me.

C: Consider more deeply what you ask for, because your request will never be denied and has never been denied and your world reflects back to you what you seek to find in it because it... is in you.

Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you. For everyone that asketh, receiveth and he that seeketh, findeth and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

M: But I don't want what I'm finding. I want the peace and joy you talk about.

C: Then ask for it.

M: I do, but I get the same crap all the time!

C: The ego thrives on complication and complexity making what is undeniably simplistic, completely intractable and confounding. If you seek peace through the ego you will always be confused and disappointed, because the cornerstone of its whole belief system is "seek, but do not find" and, make no mistake, what you will find is "the same crap all the time."

When was the last time you asked for peace and truly wanted what you asked for in the certain expectation that it was yours simply for the asking? Ask for peace and you shall receive, in the certainty it can be yours for the asking. 

You may think that you have asked for peace, but the fact that you do not NOW have it, determines that something else was desired. Some form of "peace" that the ego has warped and distorted, but that you accept as "truth," ask for, and receive exactly as you have asked.

The "peace" of the ego always involves some form of commitment to the body and that commitment is measured in pleasure or pain. In your dream, you are either moving toward pleasure or away from pain and this defines exactly what you seek and, hence, determines what you ask for. Pleasure and pain are of the body and the body is simply a delusional belief of what YOU are NOT. Do not seek peace from a delusion, because you will be sorely disappointed on a repetitive basis and this has been your experience and the exact reason you repetitively return to me. Do not request peace from a body, because its only purpose in a dream is to symbolize death and it has none other.

M: So, how should I seek peace?

C: In the absolute certainty that it is already yours and THIS is the key to salvation.

Little brother, you are suffocating in a sea of self doubt and confusion in all your attempts to extract Truth from what the dream teaches, because everything it teaches can be proven "right" or "wrong," based on fluctuating beliefs that change with the seasons or your nebulous mood states. Nothing in your world is anchored in certainty, but drifts aimlessly among rising and falling tides of doubt, disillusionment and fear.

It is NOT faith that will save you, but certainty. It is NOT the flimsy foundation of fluctuating beliefs that will bring you peace, but the abject certainty of Truth. Dwell there and feel the Truth rise up in you.

Seek in certainty and ye shall find...


  1. Certainty feels like a cherished dream while confussion is my daily bread and butter, but who knows, i feel i want to give His assurance the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Confusion is my world too and these posts drip with it. But there is the nagging suspicion that there must be a better way so, yes, I also give the "benefit of the doubt."

      Peace Lisi...

  2. If we just be able to remember that fluctuating beliefs are by definition false, peace would arrive sooner or better say, sooner we would recognize it is already there.