Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Choice is Yours to Make...

M: If there is a better world than this, why can't you show it to me? Rather than to continue to drag all this out for so long.

C: You are in charge of "time," and the time it takes is up to you. Your ACCEPTANCE of Truth could take a moment or a million years.

The free-will granted you by Creation requires the CHOICE be yours. I wish to give it NOW, if you would but take it from me.

Nevertheless, I understand that you do NOT find this helpful, because you have yet to accept WHY you delay. Suffice it to say that for now, you are using "time" for its intended purpose and you are at this moment EXACTLY where you need to be in your learning.

Your anxiety and impatience are merely the ego's attempt to maintain your allegiance to its teaching that you are imprisoned in a body that will utilize "time" as a means of suffering unto death. This insane "life" premise is what you believe and, therefore, what you teach yourself by seeing it everywhere you look.

Because you have already AWAKENED, there can be NO events in "time" that have NOT been an integral part OF that AWAKENING. This means that there is no reason for impatience, since what you BELIEVE is delayed, has already happened instantaneously. Your learning is over, my work is DONE and fear is abolished from your mind for ALL eternity.

Believe in this, my brother, for the quickest way in "time" for you to experience the infinite peace and absolute joy of God is to accept the Truth that YOU have never been without it.

M: So, every event that has occurred in my life had to occur exactly as it did and will continue to do so until I realize I am already awakened? This makes no sense.

C: To the ego it is senseless, but a part of your mind recognizes the Truth in what I teach and it is that part you wish to make WHOLE again and every event in "time" serves to bring you closer to that WHOLENESS or farther away, based on the purpose you choose for it and, make no mistake, the purpose has been chosen BEFORE you see it, because it is purpose that brought IT to you in the WAY you see IT, the MOMENT it is seen.

M: The ego wants to be rich and famous, but I'm poor and anonymous so what's up with that?

C: YOU are not the ego and the part of you that KNOWS this also knows that dreaming of fame and fortune is just as illusory as anonymity and poverty. The purpose of a dream is to awake, not to establish standards for which to continue dreaming.

M: Are you saying that my dream is a combination of what the ego wants and what my true self wants and this is what I experience?

C: I teach that you have a choice between TWO voices. Hence, it would logically follow that there is a part of you that knows this Truth and it is that SELF we seek to reach, through all the ego's raucous shrieks and lamentations, and my job is merely to help you REMEMBER.

The ego has filled your "world" with proof of its "reality" and bid you look upon it ONLY, as a means of denying TRUTH. Although the ego does NOT know Truth, through its direction you have sought out and "found" indisputable theories to prove that you are NOT what you ARE, simply because IT is afraid of what YOU ARE. You have stacked belief upon belief of incredible notions, going back to "prehistory," proving that you have simply evolved to the deplorable state you now suffer THROUGH and must die OF. The ego has aided you in developing, with exacting precision, a form of mental magic that you call "reason," based solely on what your eyes and ears tell you, as a means of denying the TRUTH of your mind and so you have withered on the vine, my brother, but all the while there is a voice that quietly whispers... this NEED NOT BE.

Do not descend in despair of where you are in this MOMENT based on "values" taught by a dream, because you are right NOW where you need be and we are both listening together to the VOICE for Truth, slowly rising in crescendo. It is that part that knows that THIS CANNOT BE, that you are gradually turning to, simply because you once asked of your world, "how can this be?" And it was that very question, asked 30yrs ago in "time," that brought us together.

Even NOW the ego informs you of your GUILT in wasting time and that there are so many more important pursuits to be engaged, but NOT one of the ego's pursuits has ever provided you with the joy and peace you deeply desire. This is WHY, eventually, you ALWAYS turn to me...

...and I am ALWAYS here.


  1. A million years?

    OK, I admit, I didn't read the terms and conditions, where can I return the free-will, please?


    1. Ha!

      I'm told that in a dream, terms and conditions DO apply. But in Reality, free-will is unnecessary and easily returnable based on the "hassle free policy" of eternity.

      : )

  2. These last posts have been really helpful. I feel they put down very clear four very important things:
    1.- We need extreme vigilance
    2.- Extreme honesty
    3.- and trust, in order to be able to develop the
    4.- BELIEF that we can awake. Thanks :)

    1. This has been a sticking point for me in that the message "you need do nothing" conflicts with what you point out here.

      Having a discussion about that right now and should have something up soon.

      Thanks Lisi.