Friday, October 21, 2016

The Peeling Back of Perception...

M: All I want to know is how to change this dream, since you say it's of my own making. How do I make it better?

C: Decide you NO longer want what the ego provides.

M: So, no more sex, drugs and rock and roll?

C: Have they brought you peace or joy? The ego will always have you surrender infinite peace for moments of fleeting pleasure, but you will pay a steep price and you often have and each time you return to me.

It is not what you give yourself in a dream, but the PURPOSE you assign to what is provided. Obviously, the only PURPOSE of a dream is to wake from it and what you give unto yourself NOT assigned that PURPOSE will keep you imprisoned in a dream and your "world" has become a place of bondage in which FREEDOM is entirely absent.

The purpose you have superimposed upon every "person" in your dream has ultimately defined YOU. This, and this alone, has determined the joy of freedom versus the chains of bondage. Judge not lest ye be judged was the simplest way of saying that you do this TO yourself. Yet, you have persisted in rejecting the simplicity of Truth for the convoluted absurdities through which the ego defines your "world."

Nothing leaves your mind. There is NO "world" external to it. You give to yourself what you believe you deserve. You DO believe a Son of God deserves Grandeur, but you also believe a prisoner of the ego deserves death and your world will always reflect the CHOICE you have made.

M: I just can't grasp the idea that everything in this world is in my mind and not out there in the world.

C: I KNOW it as Truth, but you must prove it to yourself and you will do this through the "senses" and "see" it for yourself, for but only that will disentangle your THOUGHTS from the illusion of a body and what IT informs you is "real."

M: How can I use the senses to tell me it's not real when the senses are a part of the illusion?

C: The part of your mind that has KNOWLEDGE of Truth has been silenced by the part that relies on perception in alliance with the ego that directs what is perceived. Yet, you will literally alter perception to awaken the KNOWLEDGE that will no longer rely on perception, but on the Voice for God which will lead you to AWAKENING.

M: Sounds nice, but a little outside my realm of expertise.

C: Fortunately, it does NOT rely on "you" for much at all, other than the little willingness required to begin. However, note the subtle shift in perception you experienced yesterday. For the first time, since we have talked, you made a conscious effort to perceive without the ego's directives and you noted a quiet turning away from the ego's distractions, which allowed you to be more attentive to the needs of others and you did this even though you were experiencing physical pain.

It is only through a peeling back of perception that the Truth will rush forward to fill the void. Your reliance on perception to "see" Truth has been held hostage by the ego and its reliance on fear to maintain control through illusion. The little willingness to recognize this is all that is needed.

Eventually, recognizing the lies of the ego will be inside your "realm of expertise," and you will provide them as much attention as you do the buzzing of a house fly, until eventually Truth fills your mind and perception fades like fog on a windy morning.

M: It's hard to discern when I'm perceiving with ego or with you.

C: When you fully perceive with me you will have an experience of needing to do nothing, because nothing need be done. Yet, at present, I am asking for your conscious intention to see things differently. Note what the ego demands you "see" and simply dismiss it by allowing me to show you the Truth in what you see.

Be NOT concerned with the mechanics of what I teach, for it is wholly beyond your capacity to understand when the mind is clouded by the delusion of past and future fears. Simply recognize that your salvation from HELL relies exclusively on your dissociation from the ego, because the ego is HELL personified.

M: I'm afraid that, as opposed to yesterday, today was all ego, all the time. As much as I tried to engage a little willingness, the ego took center stage and ruled the show.

C: Look to your mood to identify what you perceive WITH, the ego or Truth. The ego projects grievance and attack upon ALL it sees, while Truth simply overlooks with forgiveness and moves peacefully through a dream of HELL allowing the parts of the dream to be gently touched with the joy of HEAVEN.

Heaven and hell are both in your mind, because EVERYTHING is within you and NOTHING can exist free of that Truth. Yet, EVERYTHING that is within you is within God and NOTHING that exists CAN exist free of that Truth. What God does NOT think can NOT exist and God has no knowledge of your dream. He only knows that for an instant you fell asleep and dreamed of a time and place that could NOT exist and in that instant you were gently awakened to the astounding Truth that it NEVER happened.

Recognize by your moods who you ally with in perceiving the contents of your mind and transform that "world" into Heaven. There is NO suffering in Heaven only exquisite peace and infinite joy. Look on what you have made with the Joy of Heaven and be free of the hell you made "real." See without attack and grieve nothing you have made and allow forgiveness to show you Truth

Little brother, you know NOT what you DO, because what you DO could never have been DONE. Look through my eyes and see this "place" dissolve into thin air to reveal wonders beyond your imagination because what you have imagined is a dream of nowhere in which nothing exists.


  1. Thank you very much. I have read it three times and each time I read it I felt it more and more profoundly. This: "It is not what you give yourself in a dream, but the PURPOSE you assign to what is provided" is so important. It is in fact the key of everything. And the last paragraph made some tears to flow from my eyes. Thanks again.