Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Power of Belief

M: I Suppose there are some things in my life that I don't want to give up because they're good.

C: What in your "life" gives consistent joy and does not also expose a dark side through the ego's use of perception? The ego will consistently provide erratic and often highly chaotic mood states based on guilt and employing judgment to determine the nature of WHAT is perceived and, hence, you will never really SEE what is there, just the ego's interpretation of what is there, which is always FALSE.

M: If this world is such a "dream," as you say, why can't I assert complete control over it?

C: You could easily control every part of the dream, as long as every part IS seen AS a dream. Yet, as you say, "there are some things in my life that I don't want to give up." These parts are the LOCK that requires a KEY.

My job has been to guide you to REALITY, because if you KNEW the Truth, you'd awaken instantly and NOT one part of a dream could CONTAIN you from your desire to be FREE. Whenever you see parts, you see with the ego, which applies a judgment on everything seen, demanding it be NOT what it IS. You could look upon the WHOLE whenever you choose, but you fear that seeing the WHOLE would sacrifice the parts idolized as truth and fear is always a strategy of the ego to maintain your alliance with its belief in death

M: But, once again, it's always my choice.

C: A choice already made.

M: But if I'm already awake, then why am I still dreaming?? This makes no sense!

C: Indeed, the question, properly stated, should be... "if I am are already awake, then WHO is it that is dreaming?" The answer is patently obvious.

M: No one...

C: That will be readily apparent soon, but your answer demonstrates great progress in your learning. For now you remain bound to delusional fixations because the power of BELIEF is a power inherited from your Source and, thus, beyond description through concepts that differentiate and judge, which is the ONLY purpose of language and that which makes teaching not impossible, but very slow and arduous due to your reliance on symbols to represent reality.

Through BELIEF you have the power to literally move mountains, which is obvious since you made them "real" in the first place and you BELIEVE very much in what you make "real." Nevertheless, even in a dream you provide many clues to the power of belief and the "placebo effect" is just one example, one which has completely confounded your "scientists," of the power of the mind to heal the body simply through the absolute power of BELIEF.

My brother, you have no IDEA of the power of your mind, because you have surrendered it to the ego's insignificance and inadequacy adopting littleness above grandeur and this BELIEF is demonstrated to yourself every day.

M: So if I just believe this does not exist, it will disappear?

C: Instantly.

M: I can change the dream by just believing I can?

C: It will immediately conform to the specifications you have IN mind because it never leaves your mind. Where else could it exist?

M: Then why don't I get what I ask for?

C: Because you have no comprehension of the power of BELIEF and the amount of vigilance required is more than you can currently provide. This makes you victim to mind wandering, which the ego takes full advantage of each and every time, engaging a duality of opposing ideas that serve to deny Truth. I ask that you increase vigilance against lies, making you more open to Truth.

You will always get what you ask for, but do you BELIEVE you will receive? Any doubt as to the certainty of receiving must entail delay, for you will literally block reception. 

M: I thought I "need do nothing"?

C: Indeed, but you clearly do not BELIEVE this as of yet and I must work with your demand for action, which is a requirement of the ego that you have adopted for yourself.

My brother you have absolutely no faith in your SELF, because your SELF is unknown to "you," but it is the part that you did NOT make and has NO connection to dreaming. This part of YOU rests in perfect peace and has NO knowledge of dreams made "real." It suffers NOT from petty anxieties about useless activities that lead to NOTHING. It requires NO conditions for which to extend perfect LOVE to all it sees. This SELF is never sad, depressed or lonely, because it is fully joined with all CREATION and experiences NO lack or scarcity, because its abundance is infinite. 

I recognize that this is beyond your current comprehension for now, but I will occasionally provide reminders that serve to stir a deeper place in your mind. A place that has brought you to me, though you still struggle to understand WHY. The answers are WITHIN you and I will help you to reach them, for you have called on me for one task only.

To help you remember...


  1. "To help you remember..." thanks for this. I have read it 3 or 4 times. Lots of things to think about. This is a most important one: "there are some things in my life that I don't want to give up." These parts are the LOCK that requires a KEY.

    These last posts are really helping me in a lot of ways. Thanks again.

    1. He does seem to have a way with words...

      : )