Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Test of Perfect Peace

M: How do I deal with this disease?

C: See it differently.

M: Very hard to do when the body is wracked with pain.

C: In a dream state pain and suffering are indicative of fidelity to the ego. But the ego is merely a symbol of separation and has no relevance to Truth. If you perceive a "world" through the ego's symbols you can expect pain and suffering because it allies with NO other ideas and anytime you are not experiencing peace make no mistake, you are "seeing" from the ego and NOT Truth, relying on perception NOT knowledge, attracted to fear and repelled by love.

M: This constant need to "transcend the ego" is becoming frustrating, particularly when I really can't differentiate between ego and no-ego. How am I supposed to know the difference?

C: Anytime you are NOT wholly joyous and abiding in an experience of deep, unwavering peace, know that you have allied with the ego and its many symbols of fear. I do not ask that you transcend what you made "real," but that you transform it by seeing peace instead of fear. The power to choose Heaven over hell is in you and the choice is amazingly simple.

M: There are days I can barely leave the house, but you say I should be joyful about that.

C: You are confused in your belief that what is outside shapes what is inside, that the mind must conform to the dictates of an external "reality." I teach that what you believe is what you see and ONLY that is apparent to you in exact detail

You are afraid of your own mind and the ugly images it shows you, for the ego's "world" is ugly indeed. Hence, you desperately seek to protect yourself from what it shows, yet everything it shows was made real through self protection. 

There is nothing to protect from because there is nothing to fear in what you made "real" simply because you made it and what you made can be unmade through the direction of the Holy Spirit that is ALWAYS with you, waiting to shine away your imagined hell, simply because it is imaginary and NOT real.

The body is NOT your home and you have never felt at home there. It is the prison in which you dwell when you ally with an ego that demands you imagine a "world" of evidence against yourself, proving that you are weak and frail and must rely upon its decisions as opposed to the Peace of God. Yet, this can be completely dispelled in an instant when you simply choose to no longer listen, opening the door to Perfect Peace.

M: I can't recall a time when I felt at peace, let alone this perfect peace you speak of.

C: Because you believe you are a body, but you can remember that you are NOT and have never been and that memory is the Test of Perfect Peace. In one instant the whole of eternity will fill your mind and you will KNOW that you are ONLY a mind, created by God and always ONE with God.

If you are NOT experiencing Perfect Peace know that you are choosing to befriend a part of your mind that loathes you and wishes for your death. A part of your mind that imagines death and destruction as the only choice you can make. But there is another way of seeing your world and in that vision is your awakening to Truth.

Sad and frightened child, you have no comprehension of the power you hold in the remembrance of what you really are as Created by God and in that memory all past and future dissolves, because ONLY in a past and future is suffering made "real" in your mind. 

Yet, you can choose to see differently and in that choice is the Test of Perfect Peace, an instant you give to God by completely disengaging from the ego, because you want nothing the ego provides, clearly seeing in that moment, it provides nothing at all.

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