Thursday, October 27, 2016

Truth or the "Electric Bill"

M: How am I supposed to interact with a dream?

C: When you KNOW the dream AS a dream, how to interact will be obvious. Nevertheless, what you WISH to understand is how to interact with your "world" as IF it were a dream, when you believe it is NOT, and the most succinct answer is simply to NOT be victim to what you BELIEVE real.

M: So just "turn the other cheek" is what you're saying?

C: This message was misconstrued and asserts that you CAN be violated when violation is impossible in a dream and does NOT require you prove this through further violation. The "scriptures" of the ego seek to make dreams come true by diluting the TRUTH of God through the concept of "evil" which God knows NOT.

There is NO need to prepare for violation, because it is your preparation that predicts its coming, and demands you give yourself what you require be seen. Child of Truth, there is nothing IN your mind that can hurt you and everything is IN your mind, for where else could it be but in the mind that sees it and, by so doing, makes it "real."

I am in your mind and I am REAL, because YOU are in my mind and you are REAL and this REALITY makes us ONE and you long to experience that ONENESS with me in a world that JOINS us as ALL as ONE.

See that instead of the violation SEPARATION shows you...

M: I think I need something a little more concrete to believe that what you teach is true.

C: Would you even SEE it if I showed you? I could raise mountains into the sky and, through your alliance with the ego, you would merely prove it another incidence of "global warming." No, little brother, you declined MY miracles long ago and now you must give them TO yourself.

M: I have to perform miracles in order to prove that what you teach is true?

C: I teach that MIRACLES are yours to give, because what you teach is what you learn as TRUTH.

M: What possible miracle could I "give"?

C: An instant of eternity in "time."

M: Hate to let you down, but I'm not your miracle worker. I have too many problems in my life right now to entertain some hocus pocus ideas about "miracles."

C: You NEED do nothing, but merely step back and allow my guidance. I will direct you in everything you do, in every moment you do it. Your interference is NOT necessary because, of yourself, you know NOT what you do and you have admitted this TO yourself on countless occasions, but failed to heed the VOICE for Truth and gave the dream a purpose it could NOT fulfill simply because it has NO reality.

Do NOT ask for TRUTH from an illusion because you will  be sorely disappointed each and every time you do. And has this NOT been your experience? And has it NOT been the reason you turn to me? Teach TRUTH to the dream and learn it from yourself.

You are so deeply weary of this "place" and your exhaustion has now moved to the body in which pain and suffering has become a symbol of your deep sense of fatigue. Breathe a sigh of relief for nothing more is needed from you but the acknowledgement that your lonely journey has come to an end and you need seek the way no more, but need simply take my hand and let me show the way TO you.

M: But what if you forget to remind me to pay the electric bill?

C: If you could rest completely on my guidance, there would be NO "electric bill," nor would there be any of the meaningless absurdities the ego employs to secure your loyalty to its illusions. Until then you will rely on doing meaningless things to obtain useless objects to encounter vacuous experiences unto death, being the most meaningless of ALL your illusions. Even now the separated one's see this empty void all around them, but seek to replace with only more emptiness and still they remain separately unfulfilled and empty, simply because NO meaning can be found in a dream of separation.

Dreaming of SEPARATION engenders a multitude of seemingly intractable problems with a myriad of possible solutions when, in fact, there is only ONE problem requiring ONE solution and BOTH are IN your mind and nowhere else in your "universe" will they be found because YOUR mind made "time and space" real through which problems must occur. 

Nevertheless, the problem has already been solved and I would show you this if you give ALL your problems to me. Yet, withhold one, even the smallest, and all the others MUST remain with you as well, to demand the ego's solution be found outside you where it does NOT exist and, thus, you will continue to avoid TRUTH and worry about "electric bills."

The moment you forgot to LAUGH an unbelievable world of suffering and sorrow unfolded in your mind and the laughter shared with your Father was silenced. But fear not little brother, because the unbelievable lasted but the briefest sliver of a second and you are there NOW, joyously laughing with God at how something so patently INSANE could have ever been believed at all.


  1. Why we are so stubborn to continue believing what is really insane? Why dont we just relinquish our need to understand and contro the events in our individual and collective lives? Why dont we just accept our life as it unfolds, and just let Him help us to see at it with peace?

    1. I imagine he would say, "there is no WE, only YOU."

    2. And he is right, but now "we" have to learn to BELIEVE it.