Sunday, October 2, 2016

Two Voices and The Sigh of Peace...

M: Looks like I'm back again. Nothing else has worked. In fact, everything I have tried has failed miserably.

C: You can only avoid Truth for so long, simply because it is so compelling.

M: But why can't I fully and totally accept it? Why the need for all this work?

C: NO "work" is required and I have recommended that you need do nothing. Part of your mind recognizes the validity of this recommendation, but to the ego it is patently absurd. Yet, when the ego's voice is extinguished and God's voice is ALL you hear, you will fully understand that nothing needed to be done.

I ask that you be still and be guided. Nevertheless, you find it extremely difficult to be still a moment and simply breathe. In a dream where "doing" has replaced Being, much need be done.

M: How can I hear only God's voice?

C: Do NOT fear what he asks, because he asks you for nothing and gives you everything. Only the ego demands sacrifice and the "world" you made is testament to that demand.

Become acutely aware of the Two Voices and choose carefully which voice you listen to.

The first voice loudly demands sacrifice, while the second whispers softly that you, "think again." The first voice teaches fear of a tenuous future based on a shadowy past, while the second voice gently reminds you of a present peace. The first pontificates upon the consequences and rewards of your actions. The second assures you that everything has been done and now is time to rest...
And you will know by your response the voice you choose to follow. The first will evoke bodily tension and a swirling of chaotic and contradictory thoughts, while the second merely a smile and a quiet sigh of relief that, in this one instant, the Truth has been acknowledged and accepted.
M: I am very familiar with the chaotic thinking, but the sighs are few.

C: In your dream, the breath has always symbolized "life." Contrary to the deep inhalation of surprise, the quick breaths of fear and the low "rattle" of impending death, you give little recognition to the sighs of peace, because peace is alien in a dream of death. But, rest assured, you have experienced these moments, though you pay them no heed and, hence, no investment is provided. As with all forms of breathing, they are involuntary, but highly symbolic of the voice you choose as guide on your way home.


  1. So glad you are back! And yes, Truth is totally compelling.

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    Glad to be back. Hope to stay awhile...


  3. Thank you for returning. I missed you.

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    Strange...not exactly sure why I'm back, but feels good to be back.

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