Thursday, October 6, 2016

Your Range of Suffering

(This post was completed in 2007, left in draft and not published. It does seem I was alot more obnoxious and demanding back then)

M: You say that you could show me a “better world.” Unfortunately, things are pretty bad right now and it seems the entire world is gradually getting worse. A lot of people are going to be suffering soon.

C: You expect some degree of suffering each day and, therefore, you have made yourself quite tolerant of it. However, because suffering is accepted as an absolute and indisputable “fact,” you seek to manage it by assigning "degrees" to your suffering. This is because in your world suffering has a “range” of magnitude, from least to the maximal.

The problem with this range is that you see maximal suffering as “death,” even though you have no personal experience of death. Nevertheless, for you death is the ultimate suffering. Yet, surprisingly you also consider it as an end to suffering. Such confusion means that there are times when you believe it should be desired and times when it must be avoided at all costs. You would do well to examine these compromises since they make up your "world."

Obviously, accurately redefining death would collapse your range of suffering and this is why I demonstrated that you cannot die.

M: If I lose my job and my house I would suffer. Death has nothing to do with this fact.

C: On the contrary, your belief in death is why you suffer, although this belief in NO way impedes the Truth, but it does make it seem as though the Truth is absent from your "world." Death is feared more than anything your mind can comprehend and all suffering is rated by your proximity to that end. Loss of money and possessions is merely a lesser end of that spectrum.

If you continue to ally your "self" with parts of your world you will continue to suffer, since Truth is whole and unavailable in part.

M: Yea, well, I can only look after my small part of the planet. I don’t want anybody to suffer, but I have no control over other people. I am barely making ends meet now.

C: You are not a part of Creation, but the whole of it. It does not exist without you, nor you without it. As I have stated many times before, you have the power to end suffering once and for all if you so choose.

M: Sorry, but I can’t accept this idea that there is no “world” and that I simply made it all up. That’s called “solipsism,” which means that my 'self' is the only thing that can be known.

C: I teach that you have NO "self" and therefore, what you "know" is nothing. What “philosophy” in your world teaches this? What philosophy teaches that you know nothing, because this is exactly what I teach?
However, to further your learning, the “nothing” you insist on “knowing” must be used effectively in order to know what is beyond it. Otherwise, you will continue to rely on what you “know” and thus learn nothing and this would result in your continued reliance on your range of suffering. When, in fact, all you suffer from is the strange belief that you do NOT know Truth.
M: Is that some kind of riddle?

C: I merely teach that your “world’ is nothing. Believe in this and end all suffering, because your suffering is a "riddle" you cannot solve by your "self."

M: That’s nonsense! How can I possibly believe that the world is nothing? So I should just forget about all the pain and injustice in the world and act as if it’s nothing?

C: If you choose not to “forget,” then you will apply meaning where none exists and nothing will rule your mind. This application of meaning is based on past learning and since nothing you have learned is “knowledge,” suffering is all you know.

The question you wish to ask is, when will you know the end of suffering?

Knowledge saves, but what you “know” simply confirms and insures your suffering unto death.
There is meaning to be found, but you will not discover it based on what you know because what you know attests to nothing. The “nonsense” is in your mind and therefore, so is the senseless ‘world” you experience. Nothing in your world makes sense and all your attempts to make it so merely delay Truth and perpetuate suffering.
You have had moments in which the meaningless of your “world” was experienced with vivid clarity. Yet, fear will always obstruct your realizing this fact completely. Therefore, YOU rejected the experience completely and renewed your search for salvation from the meaningless that YOU made real. Truth is ALL OR NOTHING and there can be NO “range.” However, the suffering you experience, based on the fear you have learned, has a full range of magnitude and therefore cannot be True.
Yet, keep in mind that it was just such an experience that brought us together, which proves that what you "know" can be used effectively, but you must learn how. This attests to what we can do together once your allegiance is corrected.

M: But what about everyone else?

C: All will join in your purpose of abolishing fear to end suffering, for it is theirs also. If you continue to consider these ideas from an ego, you will become impatient with what cannot be understood. Only a separated frame of reference could ask such a question and this means the answer will be unacceptable and, hence, rejected.

Nevertheless, in answer to your question, there are no “others,” only perfect unity within the ONENESS that in this reality you refer to as God.

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