Thursday, November 10, 2016

Seek the Deeper Part of YOU...

M: I do recognize that the ego constantly seeks out what it can use for itself with every person and in every situation I encounter. Even though its demands irritate me, I can't seem to break free and doing so seems to require a great deal of conscious effort.

C: Currently, conscious effort does SEEM necessary because you believe your mind is condemned to a body.  However, you are becoming more aware of how the ego defends against Truth and this will aid in dissociating from it and, clearly, dissociation is the most effective strategy against LIES. Keep IN your mind the FACT that YOU gave it the power to MAKE you a body and, hence, ONLY you can dissociate from that CHOICE.

M: So how do I do that?

C: Simply overlook it, because it does NOT matter. Overlook everything the ego shows you, because NONE of it means anything at all. Forgive and hold NO grievances against your world and the ego will dissolve into nothingness. Look closely and note the strands of hate and fear that make up your "world," demanding grievances and complaints bind the strands into a tenuous fabric of multifaceted HELL. Yet, your complaints maintain the structure. Grieving an illusion is a fruitless endeavor, just as hating some parts of a dream is ridiculous.

M: So each time I complain about the weather I reinforce belief in a dream?

C: My teaching is simple and cannot be diluted or distorted. Forgive the world and reap the rewards because forgiveness immediately asserts that what the ego SEES has no effect and, thus, need NOT be considered at all. That which has no EFFECT can no longer be considered a CAUSE and, thus, easily ignored as inconsequential.

There is a deeper part of YOU that we are attempting to reach, because it is that part that decides on my guidance or the ego's. That part is of God and it is that part that is simply mistaken and need be corrected through REMEMBERING.

Nevertheless, to answer your question, the mistake NEVER happened and NO correction was needed. YOU are NOW with God and could never be without God and IN that is your Truth.

M: You're right. That doesn't make any sense.

C: Yet, there is a part of you that FEELS the Truth of this, but because that part has been silenced by the insanity of the ego's ranting, that part struggles to understand why it FEELS that what I teach is True. Although you lack the understanding, you do FEEL the truth of what I teach and it is this that brings you back to me each and every time.

Although you often find it difficult to believe that God exists, you are beginning to believe that this world cannot be TRUE and if it is not TRUE, then it cannot be REAL, since only that which is TRUE can be REAL. If the world is not TRUE, a feeling that grows with intensity each passing day, then you must ask yourself, who made it and lied to you about its cause? And who should you NOW trust to show you the Truth?

Little brother, you have lost all hope in this "world" to ever bring you PEACE. Many of the separated ones lose hope and fall into despair because they can see NO way out of HELL. You cannot change this world, but you can save it from itself because it exists nowhere else but IN your mind. Project not externally, but embrace internally ALL that arises IN your mind, through a forgiveness that holds no grievance against that which arises IN your mind, simply because it arises in YOUR mind and nowhere else. What you hate you make "real" and curse yourself with that hatred. Only when peace FILLS your mind will the world be filled with peace.

M: Isn't all interaction with the world through the ego?

C: Miraculous interaction is completely FREE of the ego and you will know when you have encountered a MIRACLE because it will have nothing to do with that which you have come to know as "you."

You have yet to encounter a MIRACLE, but it is certain you will and you will know immediately that it was not of "you," but of God.

M: Then there's nothing I can do to make it happen?

C: Step back and let a deeper part of you REMEMBER the Truth.

My brother, you will NEVER be happy in this "place," and everything you give unto yourself merely serves to prove this FACT alone. Each experience you determine as "good" merely reinforces the "bad" as an actuality, thereby, quickly diluting the "good." There can be NO peace within such opposing contradictions, and such is the chaos you "see" all around you.

M: What you ask is impossible. How can I not see the dual nature of reality? What other way of seeing is there that does not differentiate between good and bad?

C: See with your mind and not your eyes, because nothing is outside you.

Your fantasies of death are make believe and merely serve to prove that you are not born of God and death serves no other purpose than to IMAGINE separation from your SOURCE. You see death all around you, yet you cannot DIE because your mind is the source of ALL you behold and if you were to DIE, all death would DIE with you. Make no mistake, you will DIE to this world but not in the way you IMAGINE.

M: So you're saying the salvation of this world is entirely reliant on my mind and no one else?

C: There is "no one else." How could there be, when in a dream the only reality is the dreamer, because nothing IN a dream is real. You ARE the dreamer and in the Oneness of Creation, there is "no one else" but YOU.

This is why the chief task of the ego is to repetitively inform you of your insignificance and the standards of that insignificance are projected into the dream to prove the ego's "truth" and you believe what you "see," thereby, reducing yourself to insignificance. Yet, you believe that only the ego can protect you from what IT makes "real" by demanding you FEAR what you "see." This is the definition of MADNESS, believing fantasy has the capacity to hurt you by denying that YOU are its source.

M: I want to believe this is true, but every detail of my life demonstrates that it's false.

C: A deeper part of you is dreaming and it is that part that will awaken.

That part does not "believe" but KNOWS God, but for an instant has forgotten and has called on me to help it remember. These "talks" are part of that REMEMBERING and serve to remind YOU that the purpose of everything IN a dream is to awaken, because there is no other purpose to a dream. Allow the ego to choose SEEING and you will see opposing contradictions that promote the dream as "real." Give everything in a dream the purpose of Awakening and see it ALL miraculously transformed to provide that purpose, as you have asked.


  1. 》what the ego SEES has no effect and, thus, need NOT be considered at all

    Love it, and I believe things are indeed finally falling into place

  2. In a nutshell:

    Joy is always with you
    But it's a lot easier to be seen
    When you're not afraid of what's going on
    And don't desire to change stuff

    So, relax, observe, allow.