Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Duality of a Dream...

M: So you're saying that there is a deeper part of me that is dreaming this world. That means that this conversation is just another part of the dream. My body, the fingers that type, the eyes that see, this computer, this room, all of it are part of a dream.

C: No "experience" separate from God, could ever be True and, therefore, MUST be imagined as "true," and what is imagined can be easily forgotten, proving it invalid.

You are conflicted in what you want and, hence, conflict is what you imagine for yourself and that is what you experience. Yet, you continue to lament what you ask of the dream, denying that conflict has been requested and received as asked.

M: I find it hard to believe that this crapfest of a world is what I have asked for.

C: When you make choices from what the ego provides, why be angry with what is received? I simply teach to choose again and make the choice from a deeper part of YOU.

M: How will I know when I'm choosing from this "deeper part"?

C: A moment FREE from the constraints of dreaming cannot be described IN a dream except to say, there will be NO doubt that the right choice was made.

M: Until then I will continue to ask for crap and receive it?

C: If this is what you believe offered, then you will choose and receive as asked.

Ask and you shall receive is just as valid on "earth" as it is in Heaven. In Heaven you ASK for what is offered and you receive. ONLY Truth is offered because it is what you ASK. On earth you ASK for what is offered and you receive. ONLY lies are offered because it is what you ASK. ASK for nothing the ego offers and allow choice be made from a deeper part of yourself.

M: The Law of Attraction states that we can experience the reality we choose to experience.

C: In the desert you will see an oasis when dying of thirst, but the mirage disappears upon closer inspection. Nothing "here" has ever brought you ANY sustainable sense of happiness, relieved you of your burden nor made you feel at home, yet you continue to follow the ego's trail of tears expecting to find just that.

M: Well, I haven't been a billionaire yet, so how can I know that won't make me happy? Why don't I give myself that experience?

C: You could experience anything you choose in a dream, based on what you believe is offered. Yet, look closely at your "life," which seems to unfold through fluctuating levels of acceptance and rejection, culminating FROM the need to awaken against the desire to dream.

Opposing goals must always cast you on chaotic journeys, simply because you do NOT know what you want. Asking for what the ego offers competes with your request to KNOW the Truth and results in the mediocrity revealed TO you by the dream and that you, on a daily basis, bitterly complain as unfair. 

You do ASK for the peace and joy of God's Truth, for this is why you call on me, but you also ASK for what the ego informs will bring happiness and, hence, your life unfolds as a fluctuating tapestry of competing goals, in which light and dark, good and bad, joy and suffering, seek to achieve superiority in YOUR mind. Is it any wonder you are so utterly confused? Is it any wonder you suffer from what you ask for, but ALWAYS receive as you have ASKED? There can be NO peace in a dream in which the desire to FORGET God is at war with the desire to REMEMBER.

The DUALITY of the dream is simply the result of your failure to choose between opposing beliefs, demanding your life unfold as a composite of competing experiences, REQUIRING acceptance AND rejection, happiness AND suffering, joy AND fear, peace AND war, love AND hate, life AND death, be your GUIDE. This is the definition of INSANITY that you have chosen to live by.

M: So I have to choose between what I know, and suffer through, and what you tell me will end my suffering?

C: The student must CHOOSE a teacher, else he will wander aimlessly on a fruitless journey to nowhere and, presently, this is what you have opted for.

Indeed, you have called on ME, but you have not yet dismissed the EGO and this needlessly wastes time. Although "time" sets no conditions on me because Truth is timeless, it is of the essence for you while believing you ARE a dream.

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  1. I have reread all your all your posts from October and November, and certainly they are helping me lots. Thank you very much. I open the blog every day with the hope of a new one...but i will wait in patience. I have a lot to reread from de previous years :)